10 Best Grammar Checker Apps & Tools in 2021: Ginger Grammarly Alternatives

| Created on June 5, 2020

Updated on January 27, 2021

Grammar check app


Grammar checker apps detect and rectify grammatical errors found in articles or essays. Cross platform support along with suggestions for drafting better write-ups are key features to be found in most English grammar check apps. You can easily check your assignments and documents for complicated sentences, vocabulary mistakes and spelling errors. Editing tools attached to grammar checker apps also prove useful in improving the writing style and its clarity.

Grammar checker app

List of Most Popular Grammar Checker Apps & Software

check for plag software

Punctuation issues, repetitions, complex words or overused sentences, use a grammar checker app for neat and qualitative write-ups.

Name of the App Pricing Free Version Apps  
Grammarly Check Online premium plan is for ₹2,250 per month.
Yearly subscription available for
₹ 11250.
Available     Android iOS  
Ginger Grammar Single license plan costs around ₹ 7,048. Plan for up to ten users available at
₹ 54,893.
Available   Android iOS
WhiteSmoke Web Plan– ₹ 377 per annum Monthly Plan– ₹ 502 per annum Business Plan– ₹ 867 per annum   Available   Online web version (free)
ProWritingAid Premium Plan– ₹ 4200 per annum Premium Plus Plan– ₹ 4900 per annum   Two-week free trial version   Web editor available for mobile devices
Hemingway Editor   Hemingway Editor is available for around ₹ 1500 Yes, free online web editor version is available   Free web version  
  GrammarCheck   GrammarCheck is a free grammar check app Available   Free online editor  
Reverso   Premium plans and their details can be availed by contacting the software vendor’s official website.   Free web-based version available   Android and iPhone/iPad  
After the Deadline   Free Available   Web-based (free)
GradeProof   Pro plan at ₹ 752 per month Available   iOS
Slick Write   Free Available   Web based
  • Grammarly Check

Best grammar check app

Grammarly Check is one of the best grammar check apps available today. The grammar checker app performs a quick check of all types of content to ensure an error free and concise writing experience. As an end user, you are assured of not just corrections that need to be done but logical reasons behind why those corrections or changes are important.

USP: The best online editor for fixing grammatical errors in articles and essays that are longer. Grammarly grammar checker app can also be integrated with social media accounts and text message services for a quick grammar check.


  • Quick selection of preferred English writing style
  • Personal dictionary for adding words
  • Easy checking of text copied from any other website
  • Sentence checker for removing punctuation errors
  • Spell-check
  • Correcting grammatical errors along with suggesting overused words, better alternatives, etc.

Features provided with the premium plan:

  • Plagiarism detection
  • Vocabulary enhancement corrections
  • Citation suggestions
  • Spelling and punctuation consistency check
  • Readability analysis
  • Formality level

Pricing: Grammarly online Premium plan is available for Rs 2250 per month. Yearly subscription for Grammarly premium can be availed at Rs 11250 if you opt for the Business plan mentioned on Techjockey.  

App Version: Android and iOS

Free Version: Yes

OS Support: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 along with the latest Microsoft Office versions.

Browser extensions: Chrome/Safari/Microsoft Edge/Firefox

  • Ginger Grammar

Grammar checking software

Correct grammatical errors in English write-ups with Ginger Grammar checker app. This grammar correction software is based on patent-pending technology for bringing accuracy and preciseness in your writings.

USP: Enable proofreading for any part of the text with one single click. You can also translate a text into a language of your choice. This grammar checker app offers translation service support in around forty languages.


  • Contextual spelling correction
  • Simultaneous error corrections
  • Suggestions for alternative sentences 
  • Misused words correction

Features available with the paid version:

  • Unlimited grammar checking
  • Text reader
  • Sentence rephrases
  • Error analysis
  • Practice on mistakes

Pricing:  Ginger software’s single license plan costs around Rs 7048 whereas plan for up to ten users is available at Rs 54893 on yearly basis on Techjockey.

App Version: Android and iOS

Free Version: Yes

OS Support: Windows and Mac

Browser extensions: Chrome and Safari

Best Grammar Check Apps & Tools for Professionals

Optimise the content for clarity, readability and consistency with best grammar checker apps. Pick any of the following grammar correction software for better results.

  • White Smoke

English grammar check app

Make use of WhiteSmoke grammar checking app for enhancing the quality of English articles in quick, easy steps. Take advantage of WhiteSmoke toolbar for translating a text into a language that the software supports. Currently, this English grammar check app supports around eighteen languages.

USP: Writing assistant available for those with dyslexia or writing difficulties. 


  • Free online dictionary
  • Style checker
  • Translator
  • Punctuation checker
  • Spelling corrector
  • Microsoft Outlook and Word integration

Features included in the paid version:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Integration with all writing platforms
  • One click proofreading support
  • Telephonic customer support
  • 3-Computer license

Pricing: WhiteSmoke grammar checker app’s free online version is available. There are three plans available- Web, Monthly and Business. Each plan costs Rs 377, Rs 502 and Rs 867 respectively.

App Version: Online web version (free)

Free Version: Yes(web-based support)

OS Support: Windows and Mac

Browser Extensions: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer

  • ProWritingAid

Free grammar check app

ProWritingAid grammar checking software offers readability improvement tools for a better writing experience to its users. The application also offers style suggestions through which you can easily improve the quality of your writing. On a trial basis, you can try ProWritingAid grammar checker free download option. 

USP: In-depth reports for write-ups you have submitted for proofreading. The grammar checker app looks for issues in any writing such as vagueness, repetitiveness, passive sentences and variations between sentences for improving the quality of your write-ups. 


  • Grammar checks
  • Contextual spelling corrections
  • Terminology checker
  • Entity spelling corrector

Features incorporated in the Premium plan:

  • Writers resource library
  • Plagiarism report
  • Permission to work with Markdown documents, Rich Text, Open Office and Scrivener projects.

Pricing: ProWritingAid has two plans available- Premium for Rs 4200 and Premium Plus for Rs 4900. Both the plans are on yearly basis at Techjockey.  

App Version: Web editor available for mobile devices.

Free Version: Two-week free trial available

OS Support: Windows and Mac

Browser extensions: Chrome, Firefox and Safari

  • Hemingway Editor

Grammar correction software

Draft concise writing proposals and articles with one of the best grammar correction software, Hemingway Editor. This grammar checker app is easy to use, as all you have to do is paste the content in the application and start editing right away. 

USP: You can use different type of colour coding to highlight the type of errors. For instance, colour yellow, which is for correcting common errors or long sentences; red colour for removing complicated sentences; purple colour for putting in use shorter words; blue for removing weakening phrases, and green to edit passive sentences.

Features mostly available in paid plan:

  • Prose formatting
  • Colour highlights for indicating errors
  • One click integration with Medium and WordPress
  • HTML formatting and links
  • Easy text import from Word documents
  • Export into PDF, Text or MS Word
  • Automated readability index
  • Text formatting
  • Integrated with WordPress & Medium for content publishing.

Pricing: Hemingway Editor is available for around Rs 1500. 

App Version: Free web version

Free Version: Yes, free online web editor version is available.

OS Support: Windows and MacOSX

Browser extensions:Chrome, Firefox & Safari

  • GrammarCheck

Grammar checker free download

Write clear concise copies of essays and articles by reducing the possibility of all kinds of grammatical errors with GrammarCheck. The online web version of the grammar correction software highlights the errors in a text. End users can click on those highlighted words/sentences for seeing the correct alternatives.

USP: This grammar checker app provides a free check button that immediately identifies grammatical errors in a text. There is a deep check button for detecting complicated but difficult to notice errors as dangling modifiers, run-on sentences, etc. 


  • Style suggestions
  • Grammar corrections
  • Wording alternatives
  • Spell check

Pricing: GrammarCheck is a free grammar check app.

App Version: Free online editor for the web app

Free Version: Online free web editing functionality available for free of cost.

OS Support: NA

Browser Extensions: NA

  • Reverso

grammar checking software

Reverso is one of the best grammar check apps used for improving vocabulary by conducting contextual translations of text. Aside from quick correction of grammatical errors, Reverso’s powerful linguistic search engine is full of reviewing materials, real life examples, etc. for undertaking review exercises of foreign languages.

USP: Those planning to learn foreign language can use Reverso grammar check app as it provides for pronunciation instructions, word meanings and translation support for around eleven different foreign languages. 


  • Real-time suggestions for improvement
  • Document and website translation
  • Search history
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Support available in around eleven languages

Features attached to the premium paid plan:

  • Ads remover
  • Context website

Pricing: Use Reverso as free grammar check app for web based editing. Premium plans and their details can be availed by contacting the software vendor’s official website.

App Version: Android and iPhone/iPad

Free Version: Web-based version is free

OS Support: Windows and Mac

Browser Extensions:Chrome, Firefox & Safari

Best Free Grammar Check Apps & Tools for Students

Quickly check for grammatical mistakes in your writing with any of the below paid and free grammar check apps. Create error free content and boost your confidence with thoroughly checked English content.

  • After the Deadline

Grammar checking app

Write qualitative articles and essays free of grammatical errors of any kind with this English grammar check app. The misused word detector is the key feature of the application that helps prevent any incorrect usage of words in writing.

USP: Add spell check button offered by After the Deadline grammar checking software into blog pages, forums, activity stream and profiles. The tool is best for undertaking proofreading exercises across all platforms.


  • Windows live writer
  • Contextual spell checks
  • Language style correction
  • Grammar checker
  • Command line tools

Pricing: After the Deadline grammar checker free download is available. You do not have to pay any registration charges.

App Version: Web-based (free)

Free Version: Web version is free of cost

OS Support: Mac and Windows

Browser Extensions: Firefox and Chrome

  • GradeProof

GradeProof grammar checker software helps improve quality of writing by proofreading them for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. Free version offers basic grammar check functionalities whereas the Pro version offers several advanced features.

USP: AI powered Eloquence engine for improving clarity and fluency in essays/write-ups. 


  • Custom dictionary
  • Spelling engine
  • Grammar corrector
  • Writing statistics

Features included in the Pro (paid) version:

  • Compression
  • Phrasing
  • Efficiency
  • Capitalisation
  • Word confusion

Pricing: Available as free grammar check app. Pro version plans start at around Rs 752/month. This Pro version is also available on trial basis for limited time.

App Version: iOS

Free Version: Yes

Platform Support:GradeProof for Word, Chrome &Google Docs

Browser Extensions: Chrome

  • Slick Write

Grammar checker app

Grammar checker app, Slick Write removes from written content grammatical mistakes and stylistic errors. In a competitive environment, use this grammar checker for neat and professional content in English language.

USP: Free web based version with editing and rephrasing text tools.


  • Quick lookup
  • Document statistics
  • Quick editing 
  • Associator for finding connections between words
  • Provides customizable feedback as per your writing style
  • Ensures content security & does not redistribute any document

Pricing: Slick Write is available as a free grammar checker app on web. 

App Version: Web based

Free Version: Yes

OS Support: Windows, Linux and Mac

Browser Extensions: Chrome and Firefox

How to Choose the Best Grammar Checker Software & Apps

Look for following features in grammar checker apps and tools to ensure that your writing work is duly improved and well appreciated for its preciseness. 

  • Quick proofreading for making content error free in less time.
  • Highlighter to showcase spelling and punctuation errors.
  • Plagiarism checker to avoid content being taken directly from another author or article.
  • Advanced style checker for removing complex sentences.
  • Attached dictionary to look for meaning and synonyms.
  • Multilingual support so that if required a writer can translate the document as well.


Improve the quality of all your writings with any of the above mentioned paid and free grammar checking software. Share your reviews and recommend these to others who too would want to benefit out of grammar and proofreading applications.



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