Best AI Video Generators in 2023

AI Video Generators are advanced software systems that leverage artificial intelligence to create video content automatically. They utilize deep learning algorithms to generate realistic videos from text inputs or other data sources. It revolutionizes content creation in various industries. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best AI Video Generators

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Pictory AI

Pictory AI

Brand: Pictory AI


4.8 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Pictory AI is an advanced Image-to-Text artificial intelligence software that transforms your visual content into engaging, captivating, and shareable stor... Read More About Pictory AI read review arrow


Steve AI

Steve AI

Brand: Animaker

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Steve AI Video Making Software is an intuitive and powerful tool that effortlessly transforms your ideas into stunning videos, offering a vast library of c... Read More About Steve AI read review arrow




Brand: Lively

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Lively is an e-commerce software that enables efficient engagement with customers through live video shopping experiences.... Read More About Lively read review arrow




Brand: Colossyan

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... Read More About Colossyan img




Brand: Synthesia

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... Read More About Synthesia img


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Elai Video Making Software: Create stunning videos effortlessly with its intuitive interface, extensive library of customizable templates, and powerful edi... Read More About Elai read review arrow


Genmo AI

Genmo AI

Brand: Genmo

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Genmo AI Video Generator Software effortlessly transforms text into captivating video content, revolutionizing your storytelling capabilities with stunning... Read More About Genmo AI read review arrow




Brand: Kapwing

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Kapwing is an online video editing software to create professional-quality videos. It is an amazing platform for creating online video content. Users can... Read More About Kapwing img


AI Studios

AI Studios

Brand: Deepbrain AI

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AI Studios Video Making Software will help you create professional videos effortlessly with AI-powered tools that enhance your footage quality.... Read More About AI Studios read review arrow


Rizzle AI

Rizzle AI

Brand: Rizzle

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... Read More About Rizzle AI img

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Last Updated on : 29 Nov, 2023

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Best AI Video Generators FAQ’s

Software questions,

Some of the most popular AI video generators are Pictory, Synthesia, Synthesis and InVideo.

There are many AI video generators like Pictory, InVideo and Deepbrain AI that can convert texts to videos based on advanced AI algorithms.

Some of the best free AI video generators are Kapwing AI, Synthesia  and FlexClip. These tools can create free AI videos by simply converting texts to visual content.

Synthesia STUDIO, Kapwing, and ClipCHAMP can be used to create AI video and edit them based on simple text inputs.

With the help of the best AI video generator, people can easily create AI generated video from text in seconds. Login to any AI video generator, input resources into the software, preview the video and edit it, then export it into different formats to share across multiple channels.

AI Video Generators Reviews


Pictory AI


“We can easily convert blog post into video with minimal efforts and makes video making task a calk walk”

- Nitesh Dowlagar

See all Pictory AI reviewsimg

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Buyer's Guide for Top AI Video Generators

Found our list of AI Video Generators helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What are AI Video Generators?
  • How Can I Use AI Video Generators/How Does AI Video Generators Work?
  • Why Use AI Video Generators?
  • How Much Does AI Video Generators Cost?
  • Key Features of AI Video Generators
  • Benefits of Using AI Video Generators
  • Top AI Video Generators Along with Their Features & Pricing
  • How to Choose the Best AI Video Generator?

What are AI Video Generators?

AI video generator is a standalone or web-based software that is used by video creators and marketers for AI video creation even without any experience in video editing. With AI video generator, you can become more productive and create ‘n’ number of videos in seconds. This software includes tools for green screen making, video elements erasing, and the creation of video scripts directly from any blog post or URL.

How Can I Use AI Video Generators/How Does AI Video Generators Work?

Most AI video generators are based on the text-to-video conversion process where you just have to enter text prompts and the tool will convert the text into video. Such tools create videos from scratch based on your text inputs and the advanced AI algorithms. Along with text-to-video conversion, AI video creator also take existing materials and footage for video creation.

Why Use AI Video Generators?

AI video generators are popularly used to create dynamic and engaging videos quickly by bringing together different audio and video elements. Based on text-to-video algorithms, such tools can create videos of all types ranging from visual effects to animation, deepfakes, and human-like simulations. AI video generation platforms require minimal human intervention and fasten the visual content creation process for content creators and marketers across different industries.

How Much Does AI Video Generators Cost?

AI video creators are revolutionizing the visual content production process for the masses with many intuitive and user-friendly tools. You no longer have to spend days creating a video. By shelling out as low as $5 on average per month, you can convert any existing footage of texts into videos. Most of these AI video creation software are web-based and require monthly payments ranging from $5 to $40.

Key Features of AI Video Generators

AI video generator from text offers features like text-to-video conversion, video editing, subtitles creation, video resizing, AI script assistant, video summarization and video highlights. Let’s understand these features in detail.

  • Add Text on Video: With just a few clicks, you can add text on your videos to make it more descriptive.
  • Video Editor: Edit videos, merge and clip them, and add effects as per the interest of your target audience.
  • Add Subtitles: Add captions and subtitles to your videos with auto commands to make them more accessible.
  • Resize Video: Change the dimensions of your videos easily to fit in the size-related requirements of your website or different social media platforms.
  • Convert Video: With the help of a video AI generator, you can convert video files in different formats like JPG, GIF, MP3, and MP4 as per your requirement.
  • Meme Generator: Make memes and other short videos quickly with just a few clicks. Go with interesting meme templates or create them from scratch.
  • AI Script Assistant: Chat-GPT-like prompts are available to create video scripts in seconds in a custom manner.
  • Media Library: This AI-based video generator software provides access to millions of royalty-free video templates, images, shapes and icons.
  • Font Upload: You can import your own set of fonts as per your branding requirements to create customized videos for your target audience.
  • Import Files: This allows you to import PowerPoints, soundtracks, and many more elements to make your video more engaging.
  • Commenting: You can also add comments and share feedback while editing a video to have the scope of improvement.
  • Summarize Long Videos: This software can summarize long videos into short content while including all the key points. Summarizing helps make videos more engaging and increases their views.
  • Create Video Highlights: It converts long videos into short video highlights like movie trailers, product pitches and sneak peeks to engage with viewers. This type of video is especially popular on social media platforms.
  • Convert Blog to Videos: This software can convert long blogs and articles into videos while retaining all their key points. This way, you can engage with all types of audiences, whether they like text-form of content or video content.
  • Transcribe Videos Automatically: You can convert different types of videos into text. This is especially useful in converting Zoom calls, video meetings and webinars into text after removing all the filler words.

Benefits of Using AI Video Generators

Here’re the pros of using AI video generators, which broadly classify into higher efficiency in creating quality videos and cost effectiveness.

  • Create Video Content Faster: AI subtitle generator ensures higher speed and efficiency in creating videos. These AI-enabled tools can create videos in seconds, right from script writing to video creation and final editing.
  • Language Localization: Most video generator AI also supports language localization so that you can create videos in different languages and overcome the geographic barrier.
  • Cost-Effective: Hiring dedicated video creators and editors would cost you much more than having a small team that generates videos using AI tools. Many AI video generators online offer free plans for beginners and even their premium plans are quite affordable for individual users.
  • Helps Overcome the Creative Block: Video ideation and script creation demand high creativity. And many video projects get delayed because of the video creator’s creative block. AI video generators don’t just help with video creation but also with ideation.
  • Search Optimization: Text-to-video AI generator create videos in a way that they rank high in video search results across different platforms. These tools use the right set of keywords to optimize your video content and derive higher marketing and branding outcomes.

Top AI Video Generators Along with Their Features & Pricing

Here’s the list of best AI text to video generator along with their features and pricing:

AI Video Generators Key Features Pricing
Pictory AI Video editing with text, Summarizing long videos, Creating video highlights Rs 1999 per month
Steve AI Summarize blog content, Convert blog to video, Easy customization of videos $20 per month
Synthesia 140+ AI avatars, 120+ accents and languages, 60+ video templates Rs 23988 per annum
Kapwing Creates captions & subtitles, Edit & resize videos, Meme generator & screen recorder Free plan | $16 per month for pro plan
Designs AI Colormatcher powered by AI, SVG vectors for free, Font pairer & calendar $29 per month
Elai AI avatars, Text to video conversion, PPT to video conversion $29 per month
Colossyan Converts PDFs and PPTs into videos, You can pick from multiple AI presenters, Auto translation of videos $30 per month

How to Choose the Best AI Video Generator?

The best AI video generator will speed up your video creation process while ensuring outstanding quality. From script creation to the final video editing, every process is automated to save your time. You will also get many pre-built video templates and advanced video editing tools to ensure the desired video quality.

Here are the factors to consider when selecting the best AI video generator:

  • High-Quality Video: AI video generation software should let you export videos that can run efficiently on both small and large screens. The video quality of AI video generators mostly ranges between 720p and 4k with varying aspect ratios.
  • Simple Interface & Ease of Use: How quickly can you add content or export videos? How easy is it to customize videos? These are a few important questions to consider.
  • Unique Functionalities: Check if the AI video generator you choose allows you to add zing to your videos. It must increase the video production quality with its unique functionalities.
  • Type of AI Video Generator: You can choose from different types of AI video generators like text-to-video apps, AI-enabled video editors and video productivity apps. While text-to-video apps use your text prompts to generate videos, video editors speed up the video editing process. Productivity apps for videos are often used to create content for diverse marketing platforms.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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