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  1. What is Groundwater Modeling Software?
  2. Who Uses Groundwater Modeling Software?
  3. Common Features of Groundwater Modeling Solution
  4. Benefits of Using Groundwater Modeling Software
  5. How Does Groundwater Contamination Modeling Software Help

What is Groundwater Modeling Software?

Groundwater modeling software helps engineers create realistic computer-based 2D, 3D, and mathematical models of groundwater and hydrogeological systems. The models created through this solution help in simulating various groundwater processes, measuring the working of aquifer, identifying issues with current groundwater models, and more.

With this solution, they can track the water flow, contaminants, heat flow, groundwater age, etc.

Who Uses Groundwater Modeling Software?

  • Mining and Metals: These industries use groundwater modeling software to improve their water mining strategy.
  • Civil Engineering: It ensures safe operations of dams, construction sites, tunnels, etc.
  • Geothermal Energy: Optimizes various geothermal installations in a particular area and measures its impact on the ground aquifer.
  • Environmental Services Providers: It helps them to optimize the water supply and minimize the contamination of water.

Common Features of Groundwater Modeling Solution

  • 3D Modeling: You can easily create multiple 3D groundwater models with different mathematical and other geometrical tools.
  • Media Representation: Easily recognize various water flow paths' faults and fractures that might result of mining through media representation.
  • Geological Model Integration: Create different types of geological models and easily integrate them with this solution.
  • Soil Parameterization: Present various soils materials in the ground via various unsaturated water flow models including Van Genuchten and Brooks Corey.
  • Viscosity and Density effects: Analyze conductive and dispersive heat transport to temperature-specific fluid density and viscosity in geothermal water reservoirs.
  • Contaminant Lifetime Expectancy: Use several age methods like the radiocarbon dating to measure the life expectancy of contaminants and the necessary time to reach water outlets.
  • Capture Zone delineation: Appropriately present capture zones in different 2D and 3D models emanated by water supply wells to conduct in-depth risk assessment.
  • Reactive Transport Engine: Easily check the effect of pesticides, fertilizers, or various products transported to the ground water systems.

Benefits of Using Groundwater Modeling Software

There are multiple benefits of using groundwater modeling software such as:

  • Better Mining Water Strategy: It helps in improving the mining strategies by simulating groundwater flow in porous materials and creating unsaturated-flow situations models. You can easily present saturation and infiltration procedures in underground mines and open pits.
  • Reduce Geotechnical Seepage and Infiltrations: It helps calculate unsaturated-flow procedures to know about seepage areas and examine saturation changes in dam and levee substances.
  • Easily Examine Ground Freezing: Allows creating ground freezing designs to get the realistic view of ground freezing in tunnel construction and underground projects through GMS. It also enables engineers to check hydraulic properties of soil.
  • Better Geothermal Energy Installations: Recognize better locations for injection wells for an improved borehole drilling by developing 3D models. This will help you in understanding all the fractures and faults present in geological settings and predict the efficiency of geothermal installation.
  • Safe and Enough Water Supply: By creating groundwater models, you can easily check for the risk of saltwater intrusion in aquifers and recognize the groundwater abstraction areas. It also helps get an estimate for water levels and optimize Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) scenarios easily. This will help you in ensuring a safe and pure water supply for users.
  • Protect Groundwater Quality: Easily simulate the impact of any used land on the groundwater quality. It will help identify the potential effects of industrial solvent, agricultural, or pharmaceuticals on wells and related water bodies. You can also create models to know the efficacy of techniques to ensure pure water supply.
  • Check the Impact on the Aquifer: You can easily identify the thermal impact on any aquifer and learn about the potential problem areas between the current and future geothermal installations.

How Does Groundwater Contamination Modeling Software Help

  • Land area interactions: Helps you to easily examine below the land area interactions by studying underground structures, tunnels, excavations, etc.
  • Water Quality Issues: It helps in identifying water quality issues in groundwater and formulating strategies to reduce them.
  • Ground Subsidence: Check for ground subsidence and forecast the pumping rates and stability issues for geotechnical and mining programs.
  • Examination: Examine a variety of hydrogeologic and geological settings before setting up any geological plant.
  • Water Flow: Easily check the amount of water flowing into all aquifers and locating the source of it.
  • Tailing Storage Facilities: Check the hydraulic performance of various tailings storage facilities and forecast the contaminants’ effects through transport engines.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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Aquaveo GMS

Aquaveo GMS

By Aquaveo

4.1 (1 reviews) Write a Review

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Aquaveo GMS is one of the most widely used groundwater modeling software that has been carefully designed to maintain da... Read More About Aquaveo GMS




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Feflow is an all-in-one Groundwater Modeling Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Base... Read More About Feflow

Waterloo Hydrologic

Waterloo Hydrologic

By Waterloo Hydrogeologic

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Price On Request

Waterloo Hydrologic is an all-in-one Groundwater Modeling Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies.... Read More About Waterloo Hydrologic

GuardCenter Info

GuardCenter Info

By Guard Center

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Price On Request

GuardCenter Info is an all-in-one Groundwater Modeling Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. Thi... Read More About GuardCenter Info

Last Updated on : 02 Jun, 2023

What is Groundwater Modeling Software?

Groundwater Modeling Software (GMS) is a water modeling application which is used for building and simulating groundwater models. It facilitates 2D and 3D geostatistics, stratigraphic modeling and a unique conceptual model approach.

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FAQs About Groundwater Modeling Software

What is GMS software used for?

GMS software is used to create 2D and 3D models of groundwater systems to gain a better understanding of underground water levels, simulate underground processes, check issues with the existing groundwater models, etc.

What are some of the best GMS software?

There are different types of GMS software to do groundwater modeling. Some of the best ones are Aquaveo GMS, Waterloo Hydrologic, Feflow, GuardCenter Info, etc.

Which type of software is used for groundwater modeling?

There are multiple software options for groundwater modeling, such as GEOVIA Surpac, Dips, EX3, Surfer, etc.

What is numerical groundwater Modelling?

Numerical groundwater modelling is the mathematical representation of various groundwater and hydrogeological systems. These types of models can be easily created through GMS software.

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