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Best Floor Plan Software in 2024

What is Floor Plan Software?

Laying out floor plans, whether for a home or a new office has never been so easy. You can use the best floor plan software solutions for visualising these layouts and that too in fully furnished surroundings. Designing new buildings or remodeling a home, professionals rely on house plan design soft Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Floor Plan Software

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Edraw Max

Edraw Max

Brand: EdrawSoft

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Edraw Max floor plan software offers 260+ different types of diagrams and a massive library consisting of 8500+ shapes and 50,000 vector symbols. You can... Read More About Edraw Max img

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Planner 5D

Planner 5D

Brand: Planner 5D

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Planner 5D is an easy to use home design software, with which you can create realistic interior and exterior designs in 3D and 2D modes. This 3D home desi... Read More About Planner 5D img

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Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D

Brand: eTeks

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Sweet Home 3D is an interior designing software, useful for the people who want to get their interiors designed in a quick and hassle-free manner. 28 type... Read More About Sweet Home 3D img

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Floor Planner

Floor Planner

Brand: Floorplanner

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Floor Planner is an accurate floor plan software, helping you to create real-looking, professional-level 2D and 3D designs in a hassle-free manner. The fl... Read More About Floor Planner img

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EasyHome HomeStyler

EasyHome HomeStyler

Brand: Beijing Easyhome


4.3 out of 5

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EasyHome HomeStyler is an intuitive interior design software that enables the effortless creation of stunning spaces, offering an extensive library of furn... Read More About EasyHome HomeStyler read review arrow




Brand: Infurnia Technologies

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Infurnia is a web-based comprehensive architecture and interior design software, housing a wide variety of design-related tools. From making designs for l... Read More About Infurnia img

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CSI Safe

CSI Safe

Brand: CSI Engineering

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CSI SAFE is a designing solution developed to help engineers draw floors and foundations quickly and effortlessly. You can frame layouts, lay designs, and... Read More About CSI Safe img

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Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator

Brand: FloorPlanCreator

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Floor Plan Creator is a cloud-based Floor plan software, with which designers can create detailed and precise floor plans for an office or home. They can... Read More About Floor Plan Creator img

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Social Tables

Social Tables

Brand: Cvent


4.7 out of 5

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Social Tables is a collaborative event management platform with automated diagrams, real-time collaboration, 3D walkthroughs, and seating charts.... Read More About Social Tables read review arrow


Last Updated on : 04 Jun, 2024

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Best Floor Plan Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Let’s look at the best 3D floor plan software: Sweet Home 3D - Available for free, the software runs on Windows, Linus, Solaris and Mac OS X DreamPlan Home Design Software - Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10; Mac OS X Virtual Architect Ultimate - Windows 7, 10, Vista Total 3D Landscape and Deck Premium - Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 7, 8 Turbo Floor Plan Home & Landscape Pro - Windows XP; Vista; 7;8

Floor plan creators free and paid help beginners and professionals prepare floor plans in 2D/3D formats. The best free floor plan software currently available are: Chief Architect Home Designer Homestyler Home Designer Suite HomeByMe ezblueprint Planner 5D

Those in the field of building and construction use this draw house plans app for developing preliminary designs and drafting their ideas for a house design process. These are easy to use drawing tools through which an end-user can create some amazing floor plans. Let us look at the best floor plan creators for PC: ConceptDraw Diagram Interior Design 3D Edraw Floor Plan Maker Cedreo IKEA Home Planner Lucidchart

The best floor plan creators for PC that are popularly used for home & office floor planning are: Ecdesign 3D Floor Plan and Room Design Software Visual Paradigm Online ArchiFacile Kozikaza

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Floor Plan Software Price List In India

Floor Plan Software Cost
Top Floor Plan Software Starting Price Rating
EasyHome HomeStyler $3.90 4.3
Social Tables$199.00 4.7

Buyer's Guide for Top Floor Plan Software

Found our list of Floor Plan Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Floor Plan Software?
  • Online Floorplanner Software Features
  • Importance of House Plan Software in Creating Home 3D Plan
  • Benefits of Using Floor Plan Online Creator for Home and Office
  • What are Some of the Best Floor Plan Makers Online

What is Floor Plan Software?

Laying out floor plans, whether for a home or a new office has never been so easy. You can use the best floor plan software solutions for visualising these layouts and that too in fully furnished surroundings. Designing new buildings or remodeling a home, professionals rely on house plan design software's convex tool support, photorealistic renderings, furniture catalogues and other such architectural capabilities for picture-perfect living spaces.

Customizing wall colors, changing the flooring, or doing other modifications to catch a bird’s eye view of the redesigned space, everything is possible with the house plan software. Floor and house plan software supports a 2D/3D floor plan for a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire remodeled area.

Online Floorplanner Software Features

For more detailed floor plans, you can use the best house plan online creators for photorealistic 3D/2D renderings in high definition mode. In fact, many young professionals and newcomers in the field use floor planner software for sharing newly created designs with the outside world. The key features of the floor plan software are:

Space information

Information regarding space is required for proper floor planning. A house plan drawing software provides information through pop-ups for accessing the information as occupancy status, location, photos of the room and IT amenities. Just a single click is enough to get access to such details with house plan online free or paid software.

Directory integration

Office spaces require floor planning and equally important is information about people who work or sit in those spaces. Different departments collaborate with each other for their requirements and the interior space must be designed in a way that there is a free flow of information.

Colour cues

Many businesses function in an agile work environment, which gives that very business flexibility in terms of using a given space. Floor plan maker online free and paid is a useful tool thus for such work situations where areas are allotted to different people on an everyday basis. Different colors are used to show vacant, occupied and unoccupied statuses so that a worker can accordingly decide her or his next move.

Sensor integration

Sensor integration support is a powerful feature of best free floor plan software as well as paid ones. Sometimes it may so happen that the schedule would show a room as booked whereas it may not be so. Floor plan online free and paid uses sensor integration technology to inform not just whether the room is booked but also about vacant spaces otherwise available.

Desk booking

Now that sensor integration helped you find out whether space is booked or not, try using the software for planning your next movie that is booking the available vacant facility. Desk booking integration technicality within floor plan software lets you book directly space or any other available seating area quickly and conveniently.

Pre-designed floor samples

House plan online free and paid offers a collection of programs depicting how a furnished house would look once constructed. These programs help designers and floor planners visualize how the final design would finally look like. For instance, from a furnished multistory house drawing, you can pick a wall and move it in another direction to make the room look small or bigger. Add windows and even change the home decor to see the final structure of the house.

Floor plan import

Home plan software also supports a 3D floor plan. As you draw a room of your choice, add easily interior walls to see how this new room would look like. The software calculates dimensions in real-time to give you a fair idea about a room's width, the height of the wall, and the total floor area.

Designing tools

House plan online creator supports a range of designing solutions for drawing house plans. All you got to do is selecting the settings option to start planning immediately. Choose any balcony design, change measurements, and try different types of doors/windows using paid or free house plan software.

Virtual tour

Touring virtually would give you a glimpse of the outcome after which you can make modifications accordingly. The 3D format support lets a floor planner or house maker walk through the entire area to catch a glimpse of the new structure.

2D floor plans

Draw high quality and detailed floor plans using drag & drop tools offered by floor plan maker online. With the tool it becomes easy to check the placement of architectural objects in a living space for now you can easily drag windows, add walls, and attach doors. 2D support can further be used for developing black and white floor plans, standard floor plans as well as coloured ones.

Live 3D floor plans

With just the click of a button, you can take up a 3D walk through the property. This interactive 3D live support can be done in three interesting ways. One, flying over the floor plan to view how the new design looks. Second, walking around as if you are there in that room. Third, using an avatar to navigate through the area.

Total area measurement

Appropriate measurements are mandatory for drawing precise and neat floor plans. With a floor and house design software, it is easy to show measurements of a wall or a window, size of the room, etc. on the floor plan itself. Taking measurements is easy and the area can be calculated in square meters or square feet. Calculating the area for multiple floors is also easy with floor planning software.

3D warehouse to add/replace materials

The 3D warehouse of house plan design software provides plenty of shapes and objects that are used for 3D modeling of house/floor plans. The tools inbuilt within the software can be used for customizing these. For instance, the push/pull technique can be applied using the pencil tool for changing the surface or thickness of walls, doors and windows. There is another tool called arc tool for making curved walls and doors. Stairs, fittings, fixtures and furniture too can be configured using these tools in the 3D warehouse.

Importance of House Plan Software in Creating Home 3D Plan

Floor/house plan design software helps meet everyone's interior designing/planning expectations irrespective of whether you are a young hobbyist or a professional designer. Sketch a new design for the building, create its blueprint, and upload it in the software to see if it meets other design requirements.

Interior design support

Critical constructive technicalities or minor interior details, house plan design 3D support functionality is here to assist you with each kind of detail. Walls, switches, curtains, plugs, doors, or lighting, the software makes the interior designing process a breeze. You can thus check each minute detail inside a house and see how the future house or floor would look like.

Importing a floor plan

Drawing a new room or renovating a house, house plan design software is your go-to answer for importing a scanned plan of the house into the drawing board. Once you import these house plans from the software, their layouts can be outlined with drawing tools. These are mostly used for decoration purposes and accessing the correct distance between walls, doors, cabinets and windows.

Magic layout

The magic layout feature is used to get a complete overview of home plan design in 3D format. What's more is there is a collection of 3D decorative items, which you can drag inside of a home space to see how the decorated room would look like. Move furniture items in 3D, adjust camera angles and change lighting, all with the support of magic layout option.


Wayfinding is an interesting feature of floor plan maker online. It helps you gather details about where a section is in a floor or building structure. This is possible because floor plan online applications are attached to company directories that help visualize specific sections such as restrooms, amenities, exit points and different departments easily. The feature is especially useful for large office workspaces where there are a multitude of departments.

Exporting a room plan

Not only there are numerous options for saving a floor or house plan in the format of your choice but also exporting those to internal 3D editors. Exporting helps you rework on coloring options and space zoning for moving rooms/symbols so that size as well as the distance between walls or other architectural objects can be easily altered.

Benefits of Using Floor Plan Online Creator for Home and Office

Professionals such as contractor, homeowners, remodelers and real estate agents rely on floor and house plan design software for developing a visual presentation of the recommended structure. Let us look at the benefits of using house and floor plan maker online tools:

Evaluating potential spaces

It doesn't take much of a science to understand how cramped seating spaces can affect productivity. But then too much of an unused space also costs companies a lot of money and resources. Floorplanning software helps make changes such as altering individual seating arrangements, stack planning and such measures to help trim down available unused areas. For individual houses, the software is a great instrument for landscaping, pool planning, etc.

Pre-set templates and home design symbols

With a good number of design symbols and templates, your job will be more streamlined and less stressful. These templates can further be personalized as per your convenience and design symbols easily dropped/stamped on house maps for wiring, fixture, furniture or plumbing.

Panoramic 360-degree views

A 360-degree pan view of the room or a panoramic 360-degree high-quality view of your floor/home plan design, the software does this all for you. Just a single capture of the entire room is enough to get this review in 360-degree.

Embed support for easy sharing

Designing house plans online is a creative way of completing the floor plan or house design process in an organized and hassle-free way. Isn't it amazing that the same can be used for online media? You will find house planners and professionals deploying paid/free house plan software for marketing, website, portfolios and presentations.

Access controls

Access and control integration is used for making teams across departments easy to navigate. For instance, you work on the fourth floor whereas the team you want to meet now has its badges restricted to the second, third or any other floor. In such a scenario, the best floor plan software would help this contacting process easily navigable irrespective of permissions available to move up and down the floor.

Realistic 3D renderings

Visualize both external and internal structures of a project for quickly rendering 3D or axonometric floor plans. These photorealistic renderings are used for professional purposes such as client presentations as well as customizable home decorations. There are also day and night views available for the same images.

What are Some of the Best Floor Plan Makers Online

You can prepare some real quick floor plans using the software's advanced 2D/3D drawing technology. It also helps visualize how decorative items would look in the new model along with drag and drop interface for checking plumbing, wiring, furniture, etc. Some of the best house plan software are:

SmartDraw Floor Plan

Draw amazing floor plans using the SmartDraw floor and home plan software. Use the application to draw floor designs from scratch or use professionally designed templates. This home plan design software also provides symbols for floor objects such as appliances, windows, and doors to help you get a complete visualization of the final interior.

Features of SmartDraw Interior Design Software:

  • Intelligent formatting
  • Multiple symbols and template support
  • Visio export and import
  • Open and save diagrams from different applications
  • Document control and retention
  • Team administrative controls
  • Accounts consolidation support

Pricing: The following are the paid support plans, which are priced monthly but billed annually.

  • Single user Rs 743
  • Multiple users Rs 444

SketchUp Floor Planner

Develop advanced 3D floor plan freely with SketchUp floor planning software. What makes the software unique is its ability to let you do the documenting part in 2D and generate final designs in 3D format. You can opt otherwise for paid plans for more photorealistic 3D renderings.

Features of SketchUp Personal & Professional plan:

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • 2D documentation
  • VR model viewing
  • Desktop client
  • High quality 3D renderings
  • Available on Chromebook or any device with internet connection
  • In-app lesson plans
  • 3D print support
  • File storage option on G drive or OneDrive

Pricing of SketchUp 3D floor plan software: The Personal plan starts at Rs 8892. It also has plans for professionals, higher education, etc.

RoomSketcher App

What makes RoomSketcher unique is its ability to offers to its end users the advantage of a 360-degree panoramic view of the room or a floor in one single click. Professionals and beginners use the software also for its photorealistic rendering capabilities in both webs as well as print format. You can download in multiple formats the 2D/3D images for scaling purposes.

Features of free RoomSketcher Floor Plan Maker:

  • Snapshots
  • Real products
  • Multi-platform & multi device support
  • Print floor plans to scale
  • Live 3D floor plans
  • Replace materials
  • Customising & branding floor plans
  • Blueprint drawings
  • Total area calculation and measuring tools

RoomSketcher price support: Pro plan is available at a cost of around Rs 7397. Another plan High-volume is also available. You may have to contact the software's official website for accessing price details of this plan.

Autodesk AutoCAD LT

AutoCAD LT 2D plan for house plan is used for making floor/house drawings in 2D format. Aside from a set of design, annotation and editing tools, the software also offers 2D geometry support for creating drawings. Professional interior designers depend on the software for its easy user interface and simple application support.

Features of AutoCAD LT:

  • Xref compare
  • Drawing history
  • Blocks palette
  • Quick measurements
  • DWG compare
  • Purge redesign

Price details AutoCAD: AutoCAD LT is available at a price of Rs 2460 on our website.


Develop accurate floor plans using Floorplanner's 2D floor plan drawing capabilities. Draw floor plans of your house or office floor and use the application's drag and drop interface to see how the design as well as measurements can be further customized. Designers, contractors, builders, etc. depending on the software for creating professional floor/house plans using this house planning software's simple web interface support.

Floorplanner key features:

  • 2D and 3D exports/renderings
  • Custom room type sets
  • Project presentations
  • User management and reports

Pricing information: The Basic plan is available at free of cost for individual users. For paid plans, the starting price is Rs 373 per month for individual users. There is a second plan designed for companies. It has Rs 4408 as its starting cost.


Planning to redesign a home or thinking about creating a new layout? Use PlanningWiz floor plan software for some amazing interior design presentations. You can sketch layouts using a furniture catalogue to ensure the final structure is as per you or client's preference. Furniture retailers or property managers use this platform for efficient space planning.

Key features of PlanningWiz:

  • Interior walkthrough
  • Data export and import
  • Graphical data presentation
  • CAD integration
  • Drafting/3D modeling

Pricing information: Two paid plans are available along with free trial support.

  • Grow for Rs 814 per month
  • Pro at Rs 1188

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