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Web Access Management Software

What is Web Access Management Software?

Web access management software, also known as WAM, is a security solution that controls and manages user access to web applications and resources. Think of it as a bouncer at a VIP club, but for the digital world. It verifies who you are, checks your credentials, and grants access based on your authorized permissions. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 3 Web Access Management Software in 2024

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  • top product arrowNeustar Webmetrics
  • top product arrowJahia Digital Experience Platform

Best Web Access Management Software

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LoginRadius is a complete Web Access Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web Access Management Software for has a... Read More About LoginRadius img

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Neustar Webmetrics

Neustar Webmetrics

Brand: Neustar

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Neustar Webmetrics Web Performance Monitoring is protecting Your Web metric Presence. When your corporate web properties can’t be accessed or load sl... Read More About Neustar Webmetrics img

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Jahia Digital Experience Platform

Jahia Digital Experience Platform

Brand: JAHIA

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Jahia Digital Experience Platform is a complete Web Access Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web Access Managem... Read More About Jahia Digital Experience Platform img

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Last Updated on : 27 May, 2024

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Best Web Access Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Web browsers are software tools that allow users to view and interact with internet-based information. Whether it's viewing websites, streaming videos, or accessing online services, web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge serve as the gateway to the World Wide Web.

WAM, or Web Access Management, is a crucial process for authenticating user identities and controlling access to web-based resources. It ensures that only authorized individuals can access web servers and secure servers by managing authentication through policy-based authorizations. WAM regulates access to web resources with enhanced security, and provides audit and reporting services for web-based applications.

Buyer's Guide for Top Web Access Management Software

Found our list of Web Access Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Web Access Management Software?
  • Who Uses Web Access Management Software?
  • Why Use Web Access Management Software?
  • Key Features of Web Access Management Software
  • Benefits of Web Access Management Software
  • Top Web Access Management Software Comparison
  • Factors to Consider When Selecting Web Access Management Software

What is Web Access Management Software?

Web access management software, in simple terms, is a tool that helps in managing ‘who can access what’ on the internet. This digital gatekeeper regulates who can enter websites and online platforms. Its primary function is authentication, verifying users' identities before granting them access to certain parts of a website or online platform. It functions similarly to presenting identification at a venue entrance to verify eligibility for entry.

Think about all the different websites and online services you use every day – from social media platforms to online shopping sites. Each of them has its own set of rules about who can see what and do what. Web access management software helps website owners enforce these rules by controlling who can access their platforms and what they can do once they're in.

For instance, consider the importance of restricting access to authorized individuals when logging into a bank account online. If you're logging into your bank account online, you want to make sure that only you – or someone authorized by you – can access your financial information. Web access management tools ensure this by asking for your username and password, and sometimes even additional security measures like fingerprint scans or verification codes sent to your phone.

Beyond security, it enhances user experience by streamlining access. Many users struggle to remember numerous passwords for different sites. Web based access control systems can help with that too, by enabling features like single sign-on (SSO), where you only need one set of login credentials to access multiple sites.

Who Uses Web Access Management Software?

Web based access control software is used across diverse industries for managing access to online resources and ensuring data security. One group that commonly relies on this software includes businesses and organizations looking to safeguard their online resources and maintain control over who can access them.

Additionally, companies with complex IT infrastructures and multiple online platforms often turn to web access management software to simplify user authentication and ensure data security. This includes sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce, finance and more, where protecting sensitive information is crucial.

Moreover, government agencies and educational institutions also use web based access control software to regulate access to their online systems and resources. By implementing such software, these entities can enforce security policies, manage user identities, and monitor user activities effectively.

Why Use Web Access Management Software?

Businesses and organizations opt for web access management software for a number of reasons. Firstly, in today's digital landscape, where online resources are integral to daily operations, safeguarding these resources is essential. Web access management software serves as a critical security tool, allowing businesses to control access to sensitive information and services.

As the use of web resources continues to expand, managing access becomes increasingly important. Web access management tools provide robust authentication and authorization systems that effectively prevent unauthorized access while allowing legitimate users to access necessary resources and services.

Moreover, web access management software simplifies access management across different web domains. By implementing features like federated identities and single sign-on (SSO), businesses can seamlessly integrate access to various web resources while upholding security standards. This centralized method increases user experience while also bolstering security. Instead of managing multiple credentials for different platforms, users can access all required resources through a single, user-friendly interface.

Key Features of Web Access Management Software

Here are some common features of Web Access Management Software;

  • User Authentication and Authorization: Web based access control system focuses on verifying the identities of users attempting to access web applications and determining their access privileges based on predefined rules. This ensures that certain data or features in an application may only be accessed by those who are authorized. Authentication methods may include passwords, security tokens, biometric verification, and more.
  • Streamlined User Experience with Single Sign-On (SSO): Single Sign-On (SSO) feature is incorporated into many Web Access Management solutions, which streamlines the login process by enabling users to access various apps or services with a single set of credentials. This lowers the possibility of password fatigue and related security flaws while simultaneously improving user ease.
  • Enhanced Security through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): To bolster security, Web Access Management Software often integrates Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA provides an additional layer of security by forcing users to submit multiple verification factors, such as anything they can remember as their password, something they own like a mobile phone, or an indication of who they are like their biometric data. This makes unauthorized access even more difficult.
  • Monitoring and Logging: Web based access control software requires effective monitoring and tracking of user actions. These capabilities enable the detection of abnormal or suspicious behavior patterns, facilitating the timely identification and mitigation of potential security threats. Keeping extensive logs of user interactions can help businesses improve their safety measures and guarantee regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Web Access Management Software

Web based access control system offers a number of benefits;

  1. Better User Experience: Web access management tools eliminate the frustration of waiting for help desk support as it gives the workforce direct access to systems and databases using features like single sign-on (SSO). Through this businesses can boost productivity regardless of location or device.
  2. Saves Administration Time: Efficiently manage user access, privileged groups, and access settings, streamlining processes such as user registration, application procedures, and access customization to align swiftly with organizational needs.
  3. Simplifies Processes for Security Teams: Reduce the burden on security teams by automating access provisioning based on predefined roles, significantly reducing onboarding and offboarding times while ensuring compliance and security.
  4. Improves Overall Security Posture: With web based access control system users can enhance security measures with granular control over access rights. This helps them to fortify your defense against evolving threats with the implementation of two-step verification, password policies, and multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  5. Maintains Regulatory Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements effortlessly by tracking user credential usage, ensuring data security, privacy, and protection during compliance audits, and providing insights into access activities as mandated by regulations.
  6. Reduces IT Costs: Web Access Management Software drastically decreases help desk calls and associated expenses related to password resets, redirecting resources towards high-priority tasks and strategic initiatives. This maximizes operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Top Web Access Management Software Comparison

Find below a comparison table of top Web Access Management Software along with other crucial details;

Top 10 Web Access Management Software Comparison
Softwares Features Web Access Management Software Pricing
Symantec SiteMinder Identity Federation, Policy Management, Social Sign On Price On Request
Oracle Access Management Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Identity context, Dynamic authentication, Content-aware authorization Price On Request
SailPoint Identity Platform Password Database, Security Auditing, Multiple User Accounts, Audit Trail Price On Request
F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) Secure API authentication, Modern authentication, Dynamic split tunneling, Central management and deployment Price On Request
Pathlock Active Directory Integration, IT Risk Management, Secure Login, Vulnerability Scanning Price On Request
Evidian Audit Management, Risk Assessment, Unified Directory, Biometrics Price On Request
Entrust GetAccess Access Controls/Permissions, IP Restriction, Policy Management, Remote Access/Control Starts at $2/user/month
AccessMatrix Single sign-on (SSO), Web access management, Federated single sign-on (SSO), Social network login Price On Request
Google Cloud Identity Access Management, Multiple Authentication Methods Free
IBM Security Verify Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Passwordless Authentication, Risk-Based Authentication, Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR), Single Sign On Price On Request

Factors to Consider When Selecting Web Access Management Software

Access control companies typically provide a range of solutions, including both hardware and software options. When considering access control software, it's essential to prioritize certain features for enhanced security and efficiency. These include;

  • Safety Considerations: Safety is very crucial when selecting access control software. Look for solutions that offer robust security features such as event filtering, reporting, and reliable lockdown capabilities to safeguard sensitive data and resources.
  • Essential Features: Determining the effectiveness of web access management software depends on the features offered by the chosen platform. Seek platforms with user-friendly dashboards accessible across devices, remote management capabilities, and the ability to create access groups with time-based restrictions. Additionally, prioritize software that facilitates seamless integration with existing systems and offers tailored development options to meet specific business needs.
  • Deployment Flexibility: Deployment flexibility is another critical factor to consider. Choose a solution that aligns with your organization's infrastructure, whether it's cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid, to ensure smooth implementation and management.
  • API Integrations: API integrations are essential for interoperability with other software tools. Opt for access control software that seamlessly integrates with your single sign-on (SSO) provider, CRM system, data management platform, and other management software. This integration streamlines workflows, reduces manual overhead, and enhances overall efficiency.
  • Scalability Factors: Scalability is key for future-proofing your investment. Select web access management software that can accommodate your business's growth trajectory, offering scalability without compromising performance or security.

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