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About Abitzu Spa & Salon Software

What is Abitzu?

Abitzu is a software developed for Spa and Salon owners to streamline their daily operations. The software allows users to transfer their operations online and work seamlessly. This spa and salon management software can be integrated with your website and social media portals to collect appointments. Abitzu generates periodic reminders for the customers to increase the rate of conversion. The software also allows spa and salon owners to conduct feedback for all the services they provide and integrate it with their online portals to reflect on Google searches. 

Abitzu Spa and Salon software facilitate the consistent growth of the business owners along with a higher visibility rate on online searches. It also helps in better management of the workforce and overseeing their expertise. 

Why Spa and Salon owners use Abitzu? 

Abitzu Spa and Salon software allow business owners to build their brand image for better viewability and interaction with their customers. This spa and salon software offers detailed performance management of every individual employee in the spa and salon parlor. It allows business owners to assess the spaces where employees can improve for better customer service. Abitzu also allows spa and salon to create a price list for all the packages and services they provide in real-time. This price enlisting facilitates better customer communication and higher customer engagement. 

What Features does Abitzu Spa and Salon Software Offer? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Abitzu: 

  1. User dashboard
  2. Online appointment 
  3. Product and service enlisting 
  4. Loyalty program and reward points 
  5. Prepaid plans 
  6. Packages 
  7. Discounts 
  8. Workflow analytics 
  9. Inventory 

What is the price of Abitzu? 

The price of Abitzu Spa and Salon Software varies based on customer requirements. Please request a call for further inquiries. 

Sold By : Abitzu Software

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Abitzu Spa & Salon Software Features

The software provides a mobile application for both Android and iPhone platforms to manage the daily workflow. 
This spa and salon software helps business owners in efficient staff handling and task assignment.
Abitzu has an in-built work calendar that allows business owners to schedule their meetings. 
Business owners can get access to detailed workflow reports related to the customer satisfaction, employee performance, etc. 
This software allows spa and salon owners to take reviews from their customers in real-time. 
Abitzu provides POS services for quick checkout and faster billing. 
 Business owners can check the performance of their spa and salon centres from the dashboard. It helps them stay updated with all the information of their operation. 
The software allows business owners to calculate their taxes efficiently and include it in their bills. 
Abitzu spa and salon software can be integrated with biometric devices to collect attendance of the entire workforce.
Spa and salon owners can create a customer profile for recurring customers and reward them with discounts and attractive offers.
Salon and Spa operators can provide a digital wallet for their customers and attach it with their membership accounts for efficient handling. 
Businesses can manage their inventory with the help of this software. They can create a master sheet of all the products used and track its usage on daily basis to cut the excesses.
Abitzu facilitates the generation of membership programs for recurring customers to ensure a consistent footfall. 
The software also offers a payroll function to handle the employee management side of workflow.
 Create a work environment to reward outperforming employees according to their productivity through incentive module. 
This spa and salon management software generates referral links for customers to attract new customers. 
Abitzu helps receive service feedback from customers to enhance daily operations. 

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Abitzu Spa & Salon Software Specifications


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Abitzu Spa & Salon Software FAQs

The software allows users to create customized mobile application for personalized businesses.
Abitzu supports all type of salons, it includes hair salons, spas, nail art studios, etc.
Yes, this spa and salon management software allows you to operate multiple branches with a single license.
Abitzu is available for online demo at Techjockey. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.
Abitzu spa and salon management software uses cloud-based data storage services.

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