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Allplan Architecture

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about_details_pp About Allplan Architecture

Allplan Architecture 2018 is a universal BIM tool for building design and construction. Allplan Architecture is one of the best Designing Solution in India. Due to a direct connection to the cloud-based BIM platform, Allplan Software is a complete BIM solution (up to BIM level 3). You can work either completely in 3D or combined in 2D and 3D, which has advantages, especially in planning and implementation with Allplan Software. The particular strength of Allplan Architecture lies in the reliability and precision across all planning phases, especially in quantity takeoff. A large selection of interfaces, including IFC import and export, ensure a secure data exchange with planning partner.


about_specification_ppAllplan Architecture Specification

Organization Type :

  • SMEs

  • Mid Market

  • Enterprise

  • Govt

  • PSUs

  • Startups

  • Agencies
No. of Employees
  • 1-10
  • 11-15
  • 16-200
Platform :
  • win Windows
Deployment :
  • Web-BasedWeb-Based
Suitable For :
  • Architecture
  • English

about_features_ppAllplan Architecture Features

  • Design tools

    With the new actionbar in Allplan Architecture 2018, you will find the tools you need for your particular tasks via a series of ribbons. The actionbar is structured according to different roles and tasks so that function groups, such as modeling, drafting or visualization, are available to you. As in a clearly arranged toolbox, you will find all of the appropriate Allplan functions in the respective group and can get to the task at hand straight away.

  • sections and views

  • 3D Modelling

  • Advanced data export of BIM data

  • Efficient Information Management

  • Visualizations

about_faq_ppAllplan Architecture FAQs

Allplan Architecture is using since version 2016 a new protection system. Licensing is based on CodeMeter by Wibu Systems AG since then. You can no longer use Softlock or hardlock with Allplan Architecture 2016, Allplan 2019, etc. Allplan requires a Product Key. Using this key, you can activate your license online. The Product Key is a unique, 26-digit character string. You can use it to activate a license for Allplan. You can find your Product Key in Allplan Connect. Go to Note: The license is downwards compatible til version Allplan 2016 even if a higher version is displayed. You can activate a license while you are installing Allplan Architecture or after you have installed Allplan Architecture. By activating a license, you connect the license with the computer. As a result, you can start Allplan on this computer. The easiest and quickest way to activate a license is to do this online. In other words, the computer has Internet access. To activate the license during installation: Start Setup and follow the instructions displayed. In the 'Installation Option' dialog box, select the License activation option and click Next. Enter your Product Key. Click Activate license. To activate the license after installation: Open the 'License settings' dialog box: Services application -> Utilities -> License settings. Click License activation on the left. Enter your Product Key. Click Activate license.
Windows update corrupts Nemetschek Softlock License Manager. Fix Nemetschek Softlock License Manager as follows: You can download the current Softlock License Manager. Use the following FTP link: ftp://nemhotline:[email protected]/download/Allplan/2015/NemSLock/ Download the Nemetschek_Software_Lock.exe file. Execute the "Nemetschek Software Lock.exe" file and select "Fix program". After the installation of Allplan Architecture, you can open License Manager again (Services application -> Utilities -> License -> License Manager). Next, install the temporary license (*_psd.nslock): "Install - Install license" You can download the temporary license from Allplan Connect: Note: the status of the temporary license is set to "Expired". Next, create a new registration request. To generate a registration request, do the following: Open License Manager (Services application -> Utilities -> License -> License Manager). Select the license entry for your seat and click "Request license". Follow the instructions displayed on screen. Complete the form. Do not forget to enter your email address. Check that the Client ID and CD Key are correct.
To install this and future Allplan Architecture 2015 hotfixes using auto-update, you must update the installation service. Requirement: Allplan Architecture 2015-1-10 is installed. 1. You can find a batch file attached to this FAQ. Save and extract this file and execute it on every Allplan Architecture workstation (right-click this file -> select "Run as administrator" on the shortcut menu...). The batch file looks for the "InstallAULService.exe" file in the local PRG folder of the Allplan installation and runs it as the administrator. This updates the installation service. Be careful: this requires administrator privileges. If your e-mail program blocks this file, you can also download it from our FTP server. Enter the following address in WindowsExplorer (do not use Internet Explorer!): ftp://nemhotline:[email protected]/download/Allplan/2015/Hotfix/2015-1/UpdAUL.bat 2. Auto-update should now work as usual.
Back up all the projects beforehand! Do the following: Exit Allplan on all workstations. Only when working with Workgroup Manager: Log in as the Allplan administrator (sysadmin). Start the Services application. Only when working with Workgroup Manager: Make sure all the computers where projects are located are up and running. To check this, select: Services application -> Workgroup Manager -> Information -> Display Project List(the second column displays the computer where the project is located). Go to the computer where you want to convert the data and set the drawing file size to the maximum value: Services application->Service ->Hotline Tools->docsize ->512 (or 1024, if available) ->OK Note: After data conversion, you can set the drawing file size back to the initial value. Start converting the data (use the computer where you have changed the drawing file size): Services application ->Service ->Hotline Tools -> datwaprjs: convert data of all projects If you reply "Yes" at the following two prompts, the program will convert the data of all projects.
The easiest way to activate and return Allplan Architecture licenses is to do this online. In other words, the computer has Internet access. However, you can also activate Allplan Architecture on a computer without Internet access (offline licensing). Offline licensing is particularly useful if some Allplan computers in your office do not have Internet access and do not use a license server either. If the computer without Internet access and the computer with Internet access are neither close to each other (for example, the computer in the office has internet access, but the computer at home does not have internet access) nor connected with each other (for example, using LAN), offline activation is not very suitable, as you have to access both the computer with Internet access and the computer without Internet access. Requirements for activating a license offline: You have a valid Product Key. You have installed Allplan software on the computer without Internet access (for example, as a viewer). You have another computer with Internet access. Important: Activating a license offline involves two steps. In addition, you need to upload a receipt file so that you can return the license offline later. There are the following basic steps: Creating and uploading the license request file Downloading and importing the license update file Creating and uploading the receipt file The online computer uses the following web page:

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icon722 People added this product in their cart

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