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About ApartmentADDA

What is Apartment ADDA?

Apartment ADDA is a security management IT solution for gated communities. It is a one-stop solution for your community security needs, as it takes complete charge of the community’s safety right down to the household level. It offers numerous unconventional features to simplify daily chores.

Apartment ADDA enables a powerful security management system that ensures a resident authorizes every package, person, or vehicle entering the community; and it does so with a simple click that eases the procedure. Apartment Adda security app makes effective security measures look convenient.

Apartment ADDA apartment management software works through mobile too. It consolidates several household functions like paying electricity and water bills, book amenities, resolving issues, and staying up-to-date with the community.

Apartment ADDA also helps you study a new society and helps you optimize your needs for creation of parks, swimming pools playgrounds, et cetera.

Features of Apartment ADDA

Apartment ADDA provides a lot of features for the maintenance of a safe living society. Here are a few functions listed below that help you do so:

  1. Broadcasting: Apartment ADDA lets you broadcast all your messages to owners and tenants. You can organize work emergency drills, updates regarding upcoming celebrations. You can broadcast messages via SMS, email, and mobile app.
  2. Security Companies: Apartment ADDA security management services can be utilized by security companies to make their operations more effective. It allows your services to scale new height by introducing transparency in your workflows and optimizing your outputs at the same time.
  3. Visitor Management: Apartment ADDA provides a mobile app for smartphone users to make guest entries seamless. It cuts out the hassle of long waits and inquiries down to a single click. You can generate and send a six-digit passcode to your guests that they can enter to come and go quickly.
  4. Staff Management: You can keep a regular check on whether your domestic staff is arriving for their work regularly. You will receive a notification every time they enter the community and record their attendance on Apartment ADDA.
  5. Delivery Management: Apartment ADDA enables you to receive your deliveries without any inconvenience. You can ask neighbors or any other community members to accept the shipment for you; in case of your absence.  

Price of Apartment ADDA Security Management Software

Apartment ADDA is available in 4 different plans they are Starter, Essential, Standard Advanced. Apartment ADDA security management software prices vary on factors like size of the community among many others for every plan they provide. Please request a call, and our sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Apartment ADDA is available for all platforms i.e., windows, macOS, Android, iPhone.

Sold By : ApartmentAdda

Get ApartmentADDA support 19 Chatting right now

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ApartmentADDA Features

Maintain all your accounting details with regards to your community, as a property manager. Solve raised issues by home owners and tenants and ease your bookkeeping for it. 
Contact admin or property manager with available single one-on-one chat feature with ease. The software works effortlessly to solve all your problems.
Manage all your community documents like land acquisition papers, tenant verification documents, incoming, outgoing, all kinds of documents necessary for emergency verification.
Track expenses for the solution of all the issues raised. For example tenants complained about AC fixing. Property managers can easily track the expenses went for repairing and solve the issue.
Community make their special groups for their personal interests and share their own personal matters. It is a group chat feature.
Analyse your property and see which facilities are lacking and what are excess. This feature is mostly for community planners and designers who want to read and work on complex society designing projects.
Assess your assets and get a bird eye view on how to utilize them. Analyse how your current amenities are working and plan accordingly.
Community is provided forum to raise queries and let the property manager and get it resolved.

Get ApartmentADDA support19 Chatting right now

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ApartmentADDA Specifications


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ApartmentADDA FAQs

ADDA is available for both demo and trial. To avail any of the two, please request a call. Our sales expert team will get in touch with you.
ADDA works for all platforms. It works with no inconvenience for tablets and smartphones, for both Android and iPhone.
ADDA is used to project managers optimizing and working on community designing. It is primarily used by apartment owners, gated communities, and property owners.
ADDA is a web-based tool that works on browser.
ADDA is a cloud-based software that holds all your data on cloud. But it can also be deployed on premise on demand.
ADDA is a subscription-based software. Users have the choice to opt for yearly or monthly payment cycles.

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