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ArcGIS Desktop Basic

Sold by : Esri India Technologies Ltd


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About ArcGIS Desktop Basic

What is ArcGIS Desktop Basic?

ArcGIS Desktop Basic is the keystone product of the ArcGIS platform for geographic information system professionals. It enables you to create, examine, supervise, and share geo-data with your collaborators to make effective, informed, and intelligent decisions. ArcGIS Desktop Basic allows you to produce and manage unique maps equipped with data.

ArcGIS Desktop Basic lets you analyze the existing data provided in the maps and enables you to add your observed data to enrich the maps with more information. ArcGIS Desktop Basic helps you conceptualize your area and makes you aware of all the nitty-gritty details that are overlooked while studying geography. It empowers you to make effective change and tangible value in your organization; ArcGIS Desktop Basic is an excellent tool for geo-data handling organizations.

Features of ArcGIS Desktop Basic

ArcGIS Desktop Basic is a great tool for geo-data and demography surveying organizations. Here are a few features listed below for your acquaintance:

  1. Map Creation: Produce maps of the areas you are managing and get interactive details of it. Add images and data to the maps from your observation and online sources to enrich them with more information. Get access to basic spatial examining tools for overlay, proximity, summary, and many more. With ArcGIS Desktop Basic at your helm, push your limits to reach higher levels of success.
  2. Multiuser Editing: ArcGIS Desktop Basic offers access to a complete GIS data editing system. Field teams can disperse into smaller units and simultaneously input data with no inconveniences. Users can add a historical snapshot of the observed data and automate quality control. From an organizational point of view, it helps you to oversee your workflows and job targets seamlessly.
  3. Advanced Analysis: Provide your organization with high-end GIS software that offers an advanced analysis of data. Put your field teams’ observation to test with the advanced GIS data analysis and modeling feature in ArcGIS Desktop Basic. Its cutting-edge cartography features help you to produce publication-quality data maps. You can store all your observations in the extensive database management of ArcGIS Desktop Basic.

Price of ArcGIS Desktop Basic

ArcGIS Desktop Basic is available in three different plans. They are

  1. ArcGIS Desktop Extensions Upgrade
  2. ArcGIS Desktop Basic Upgrade
  3. ArcGIS Desktop Advanced Upgrade

The prices of every plan vary on several factors such as size of operations, deployment type, etc.

Sold By : Esri India Technologies Ltd

Get ArcGIS Desktop Basic support 37 Chatting right now

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ArcGIS Desktop Basic Features

Share your maps with your peers and targeted audience with ArcGIS Desktop Basic’s social media plugins.
ArcGIS Desktop Basic offers you with an air-tight security feature that gives you a valid individual single sign on feature.
 Integrate ArcGIS Desktop Basic with your day-to-day APIs. It is a great tool to add to your organization’s productivity as it provides a wide range of devices and features.
Getaway with all your cables and work with comprehensive GIS software that is entirely wireless. Your field team can achieve targets quickly and more efficiently.
Get an enhanced system to report your observations and share it with all the members of your team in one go. Put your observations to test with ArcGIS Desktop Basic analysis tools.
 ArcGIS Desktop Basic is available as a mobile app for both android and iPhone users.
ArcGIS Desktop Basic now supports multiple languages to work across the board efficiently and effectively.
 Check your users’ performances through the analysis tools embedded in ArcGIS Desktop Basic.
ArcGIS Desktop Basic offers you plugins and widget tools to publish your maps at the social media sites without any annoyance.
Track your daily work with the GPS tracker to keep a day-to-day update of the areas covered.

Get ArcGIS Desktop Basic support37 Chatting right now

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ArcGIS Desktop Basic Specifications


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ArcGIS Desktop Basic FAQs

A. ArcGIS for Desktop consists of several integrated applications, including ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox, ArcScene, ArcGlobe, and ArcGIS Pro. ... ArcMap is the application used to view, edit and query geospatial data, and create maps.
A. GIS software lets you produce maps and other graphic displays of geographic information for analysis and presentation. With these capabilities a GIS is a valuable tool to visualize spatial data or to build decision support systems for use in your organization.
A. Here are minimum hardware requirements for ArcGIS Desktop Basic: 1. Processor: 2.2 GHz, Hyper-threading or multi-core recommended 2. Platform: x86 or x64 with SSE2 extensions 3. RAM: 2GB Minimum 4. Display: 24-bit color depth 5. Screen Resolution: 1024*768 (96 dpi) 6. Disk Space: 1.6 GB ArcGIS Engine creates cache files when used; additional disk space may be required. 7. Video/Graphics Adapter: 64 MB RAM minimum; 256 MB RAM or higher recommended. NVIDIA, ATI, and Intel chipsets supported. 24-bit capable graphics accelerator OpenGL version 2.0 runtime minimum is required, and Shader Model 3.0 or higher is recommended.
A. ArcGIS Desktop Basic is predominantly used by meteorological department, surveying agencies, and organizations that involve heavily in demography studies.
A. ArcGIS Desktop Basic is available for both Android and iPhone users. The app can be found on the app store of your respective mobile phones.
A. Yes, ArcGIS Desktop Basic is available for demo. Please request a call and our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
A. ArcGIS Desktop Basic is an on-premise software that works completely online as well as offline. It saves data in your system, shares the necessary data with your collaborators automatically.

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