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Betaout is an all-in-one E-commerce Marketing Automation Tool. Using the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and hyper-personalization, Betaout enables e-commerce marketers to automate customer engagement across multiple channels including Email, Mobile Push, On-site, Browser Push, SMS, Live Chat and tools such as Cart Recovery, Campaign Builder, Dashboard Builder, Promo code Manager and Facebook Re-targeting.
For an overview on the product features, please see below:
Product Features:

On-Site Marketing - Website engagement tools like pop-up, banner, sticky bar etc. as a channel to communicate with the visitors and users of a website.
Email Marketing - Email automation solution with rich features like real-time campaign insights, campaign builder, advanced targeting and more.
Web Push Notification - Browser Push Notifications capability to engage users while they're on their Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.
SMS Marketing - SMS marketing solution which helps business reach users on their mobile. Advanced features include SMS scheduling, real time tracking, broadcast messages, recurring messages and more.
Mobile Push Notification- Mobile Push functionality which allows businesses to send push notifications to users on their iOS and Android mobile phones.
Cart Recovery - A cart recovery solution to send campaigns based on different segments like 'Loyal Customers', 'Never Purchased', and properties like Cart Size, Cart Value, etc. to recover abandoned carts with ease.
Promo Code Management - Deliver unique promo-codes to each user across multiple channels. Real time promo code tracking functionality to get detailed insights of the performance
Customer Segmentation -  Allows real time segmentation based on their demographics, purchase, browsing behaviour, intent, social influence etc. and create highly personalised experience for them in real time.
Actionable Insights - Actionable insights for ecommerce which tells you exactly what needs to be done. Get a bird's eye view or drill down into every single channel and make decision easily.
Campaign Builder - An easy-to-use Campaign Editor which vastly eases creating designs for your various campaigns across channels. Create beautiful, device responsive designs with rich elements using the single click drag-and-drop tool in few minutes.
Dashboard Builder - Analytics module that helps you build charts and dashboards without the need to code. Drag and drop query builder helps you create charts and dashboards, group, share and download reports.
Live Chat - Live Chat functionality which comes with integrated e-commerce CRM to provide you with predictive customer engagement. Know better, sell more and increase customer satisfaction levels by responding to customer support tickets on the go.

About The Company
Betaout is an all-in-one E-commerce & B2C marketing software platform. It allows E-commerce companies to build user intelligence databases and provides tools to engage with users through email, on-site engagement, mobile push, live-chat, SMS, and through other channels. It enables E-commerce companies to increase conversions and personalize user engagement using real-time user persona and intent data.

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