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About Bill It

What is Bill It?

Bill It one of the best salon and spa management software designed to cater the needs of Indian markets. Developed by MarkS ReTech, the software assists in streamlining all salon management tasks through a single platform. It allows spa and salon owners to keep a track of their inventory intelligently. It enables them to keep a watchful eye on the inventory and its usage and set online notifications for low stock to replenish it in due time. 

The software also assists in efficient management of expenses in real-time. It accurately accommodates for payroll, asset management, and other expenditures in the expense sheet. This data is further used for the generation of the balance sheets for clear visibility of finances. 

Bill It is a must-have software for beauticians as it automates their daily tasks with respect to employee management. It automatically records their daily attendance and helps parlour owners to assess the performance of their workforce in real-time. 

Why salons use Bill It over other billing solutions? 

Bill It software assists users to function through multiple checkout points in real-time. The software is scalable, and users can expand their operations with the software seamlessly. Salon owners can create customized fields to add more employees, inventory, etc.  Bill It is designed with the comprehension of all the business requirements of a salon or spa owner. It allows business owners to create membership programs and virtual wallets to ensure that they have a standard customer base that visit them regularly. 

What are the features of Bill It? 

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Bill It: 

  1. Price plan setup and customization
  2. Billing and invoicing 
  3. Employee training modules through SOPs 
  4. Employee management 
  5. Payroll
  6. Inventory management 
  7. Expense tracking 
  8. Financial management 
  9. Multiple checkout counter. 

What is the price of Bill It?

The price of the Bill It varies based on customer requirements. Please request a call and get an accurate price quotation. 


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Bill It Features

 Bill it has an easy to use interface that allows users to get acquainted with the software in no time. This also facilitates spa owners to deploy the software quickly in their daily workflow. 
The software offers multiple checkout points for users to manage large scale operations with heavy customer footfall.  
 Salon owners can manage their inventory efficiently and track the usage of goods on a regular basis. Salon owners can even set low-stock alerts to avoid stockout situations. 
Bill It facilitates efficient tracking of expenditures on various aspects such as electricity and water bill, payroll, inventory purchase, etc. and records it in the expense sheet. 
The software provides complete visibility into all the transactions in real-time.  
Bill It salon and spa management software allows business owners to assess the performance of every employee through various means. It enables them to identify their pros and cons and weak points to focus on.  
Salon owners can efficiently maintain their sales record and track its growth over a given period. 
Bill It allows users to integrate the software with their online outlets to take appointments through internet.
Salon owners can initiate loyalty membership programs for customers and provide them with discount points to ensure that they visit the salon repeatedly. 

Get Bill It support13 Chatting right now

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Bill It Specifications


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Bill It FAQs

Bill It is available for a demo before purchase for interested buyers. Please request a call in real-time.
This spa and salon management software saves all the data on cloud-based system.
Bill It allows users to create unlimited customized fields for making entries in finance, services, inventory, and several other sections.
Currently, there are no mobile applications available for smart phones.
Bill It is a fully GST compliant system and allows users to manage tax calculation and GST requirements efficiently.

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