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About BIMcloud

What is BIMcloud?

BIMcloud is a project designing solution, enabling successful collaboration and exchange of project-related ideas among members belonging to a remote team. Teams can plan a project, handle large files, check on the progress and get it done in a hassle-free manner. BIMcloud as a service supports both online and offline work. 

Once a connection is lost, members can continue their work with the reserved elements, they can upload all the newly made changes when the connection gets re-established. Most importantly, admins get to assign restrictions on team members based on their hierarchy level within the team. Each member has a particular role within a project. Admins can also create view only roles to showcase the progress of a project to their clients. The inbuilt team messenger boosts up the communication level among the team members to a large extent. 

How to create an item related Tag in BIMcloud?

  1. Step1. Open My Tags page 
  2. Step2. Click on the +sign or select the Create Tag command.
  3. Step3. Enter the tag name, each tag must have a unique name.
  4. Step4. Click on the color button and select a color to use it on the tag. 

Pricing of BIMcloud

BIMcloud pricing is available on request. You can request us for a callback to get all the necessary details.   

Compatible Platforms for BIMcloud

BIMcloud is compatible with Windows 10 and MacOS 10.14 Mojave. 

Benefits of BIMcloud

  1. Activities Panel: The activities panel lists down all the projects, users, groups, servers and related folders associated with a project. Users can also set in multiple filters based on the contents they are searching for, within the panel.
  2. Intuitive Notifications Dashboard: Users can find out all system-related notifications within a single interface. They can also filter them out as per their requirements. Some notifications get deleted after a certain time period while others need to be deleted in a manual process.  
  3. Delta Server Technology: The advanced Delta Server Technology used by the software reduces the amount of traffic within its user’s network, facilitating instant and reliable exchange of data among members of a particular team. 
  4. Teamwork Messaging: Any team member can select a particular element, write a comment on it and forward it to get reviewed by other members. The software sends in a popup notification to the receiver of the message. The member can click on the message and zoom in to view the context in detail. 
  5. Robust System Architecture: The robust system architecture used by the software ensures the integrity of its user’s project at all levels. Any type of error and data malfunctions within the projects gets detected and blocked in real-time.  
  6. Multi-Language Support: International Business houses can use local languages in each branch. Employees can change the working language of their own branch, as per their preference without affecting the entire language setup of the company.

Sold By : GraphiSoft

Get BIMcloud support 15 Chatting right now

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BIMcloud Features

BIMcloud offers a wide variety of team collaboration tools and robust system architecture, ensuring model based team collaboration among big business firms.
Team members, project managers and clients can review a project, access project activities list, access the permitted fields of a project and perform their part within it.
Admins can define the access levels of their team members to prevent unwanted modifications or damage within the project they are working on.
The role management feature of BIMcloud allows the admins to assign different permissions to the members within a team based on the tasks assigned to them.
With BIMcloud, users get access to automated server backups. Users can also use BIMcloud manager to set up a backup schedule as per their business needs.
Users can operate large projects and facilitate enhanced communication among their team members in an efficient manner. There is no limit on the project and team size.
BIMcloud as a service uses the standard Http protocol for all project-related communication, ensuring complete safety from unauthorized third parties.  
The advanced network diagnostic tool can detect the current status of a server and can also fix all the connectivity issues in real-time.

Get BIMcloud support15 Chatting right now

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BIMcloud Specifications


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BIMcloud FAQs

The access panel has three types of view modes: ? Compact View ? Summarize by users ? Permissions Viewas well as data recovery options. It is meant to provide optimum data security to all its users.
BIMcloud supports multiple project formats like BCF, PDF and IFC.
Yes, you can ask for an online demo of BIMcloud, do mention a fixed date and time in your demo request.
The BIMcloud system requirements are: ? RAM: 8GB RAM ? Processor: 2 cores 64-bit processor. ? Hard Disk: 5GB out of the total available space for installation.
No, BIMcloud does not have a dedicated mobile app as of now.

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