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Datamatics TruBI

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About Datamatics TruBI

What is Datamatics TruBI?

Datamatics TruBI is a top of the line business intelligence software. It assists in visualization of reports through various bar graphs, pie charts, etc. The software allows users to manage large volumes of data and leverage it for higher organizational output. Datamatics TruBI allows companies to identify the pain points of operations and create solutions for improvement. The software works for organizations of all sizes, TruBI supports operations from small organizations with 50 employees to large enterprises. This business analytics software streamlines all applications under one platform for ironclad monitoring and analysing threats. 

Datamatics TruBI works on API integration which makes it susceptible for online attacks; to counter that it offers enhanced security features. It provides a centralized and customizable role-based security module to make sure that only authorized users can view their data. The hybrid architecture of Datamatics TruBI betters the performance which results in quicker analysis and faster generation of insights. 

Features of Datamatics TruBI: 

Here is list of features offered by Datamatics TruBI: 

  1. Cloud ready architecture
  2. Personalized Dashboard 
  3. Enterprise grade reporting 
  4. Smart query builder 
  5. Publishing dashboard 
  6. Scheduler 
  7. Multi-dimensional view 
  8. Data filters 
  9. Sharing and collaboration through development dashboard 
  10. Interactive dashboard for result generation 

Reasons to choose Datamatics TruBI 

Here are a few reasons as to why organizations choose Datamatics TruBI over other business analytics software: 

  1. Centralized management of business operations through a single platform
  2. Enhanced security measures introduced for operational safety 
  3. Connects different types of data sources to facilitate highly productive workspace
  4. Enterprise scalability through SaaS model 

What is the price of Datamatics TruBI? 

The price of Datamatics TruBI varies based on customizations required by the user. Please request a call and state your requirements, our sales personnel will contact you with the best price quotations. 

Sold By : Datamatics

Get Datamatics TruBI support 37 Chatting right now

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Datamatics TruBI Features

Datamatics TruBI uses a hybrid storage option where it uses an intelligent combination of cloud and on-premise data saving options. 
Business analytics software provides numerous dashboards for users to customize their reports and share it with the stakeholders effortlessly. 
It generates comprehensive reports about business operations in the form of bar graphs, pie charts, etc.
Users can schedule their report delivery to stakeholders smartly. 
Datamatics TruBI enables users to drag and drop report feature to generate multi-dimensional view of the reports. 
The software allows data sharing and collaboration across teams to publish their analysis. It enables them to analyse, annotate, and manage editing history of reports.  
This business analytics software offers one of the easiest UI for end users to learn and operate the software. 
Datamatics TruBI provides centralized access to all the applications used in the organization. 
The software seamlessly integrates with ongoing APIs of the organization seamlessly. 

Get Datamatics TruBI support37 Chatting right now

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Datamatics TruBI Specifications


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Datamatics TruBI FAQs

A. Datamatics TruBI is available for demo before purchase Techjockey. Please request a call.
A. No, Datamatics TruBI is not available for mobile phones.
A. Datamatics TruBI is a close source software.
A. Datamatics TruBI is a web-based software that is accessed through web browsers. It supports chrome, Firefox, and Safari for best results.

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