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About E-Kundali Professional 10

What is E-Kundali Professional 10?

E-Kundali Professional 10 is a 360-degree Vedic Horoscope software. It incorporates all the traditional Hindu styles of horoscopy. Astrologers can use it to address the queries of their clients on a day-to-day basis. The software gives astrologers a wide range of features to research in astromancy. 

E-Kundali Professional 10 offers a hands-on approach to various methods of astrology. E-Kundali Professional 10 is exceptional software that not only helps you save time but also boosts your output. It improvises your functions and helps you manage multiple kundlis in a day. The software is exceptionally designed to meet the expectations of your clients.

Who are the target users of E-Kundali Professional 10?

E-Kundali Professional 10 is mainly for astrologers for their daily work. Both individual and organizational astrologers can use this software to boost their productivity. It helps them address issues of their clients on a daily basis.

Benefits of E-Kundali Professional 10?

E-Kundali Professional 10 is an excellent software with numerous benefits; some are listed here for your convenience:

  1.   E-Kundali Professional 10 offers a wide range of features. It incorporates a vast variety of Vedic Astrology techniques. For example, Krishnamurthy, Jaimini, Lal Kitaab, and many others. 
  2.   It performs automated calculations for all the astrological needs and saves time. 
  3.   The software allows you to go paperless as it processes all the charts and details. It helps sort your work efficiently. 
  4. E-Kundali Professional 10 constitutes multiple horoscope methodology for traditional Vedic methods. 
  5.  Get access to different tools such as yearly ephemeris, baby names, and many other features. 
  6.    Astrologers can make particular astrological predictions — for example, planetary positions dispositions in tandem with Vedic principles. 

What is the price of E-Kundali Professional 10?

E-Kundali Professional 10 costs Rs. 12,500/-. It is a great price for the features and set of tools it offers. For further inquiries, please request a call and our sales team will get in touch with you as early as possible.

Sold By : Mindsutra Software

Get E-Kundali Professional 10 support 30 Chatting right now

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E-Kundali Professional 10 Features

Get access to kundli creating features that follow the principles that astrologers prefer. Astrologers can use several different methods, such as Krishnamurthy, Lal Kitaab, Jaimini, and many others. It analyses your bhavas and identifies your doshas to offer corrective measures. 
Create charts based on over 50 different attributes with E-Kundali Professional 10. Get a very perspective view of your horoscope charts on various characteristics of your life. 
The software enables you to print the results from the system as it is easily integrable with most regular printers available in the market. 
Design the software to give it a personalized and professional outlook of your organization. It also offers results with the name and logo of your organization. In addition to that, it also provides font options in different languages. Get creative and boost your visibility with its customized features. 
After the identification of your doshas, the system offers you with mantras that you can chant for the rectification of your Doshas
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Get E-Kundali Professional 10 support30 Chatting right now

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E-Kundali Professional 10 Specifications


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E-Kundali Professional 10 FAQs

Here are the mandatory system requirements for E-Kundali Professional 10: 1. Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 - 32 & 64 bit, 2. Minimum: 256 MB 3. RAM 100 MB HDD space
E-Kundali Professional 10 offers a multitude of features for astrologers. It includes Krishnamurthy Section, Lal Kitaab, Baby Names, Planetary positions dispositions, Tri Patki chakra, Varshphal, Dosha – Dasha identification, and many more. It is brimmed with the features concerning Vedic Astrology.
E-Kundali Professional 10 is available in multiple languages. It includes Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, Bengali, and Oriya. It also allows you to incorporate different fonts for the languages supported in the system.
E-Kundali Professional 10 is available for demo. Please request a call and provide your contact details. Our sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest possibility.
Yes, E-Kundali Professional 10 allows you to create birth natal charts. It strictly adheres to Vedic rules and provides 12 divisions in the birth chart. Every division indicates a part of your life.

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