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About Ellucian ERP system

With an Ellucian ERP system you gain a community where students get the services they demand, faculty facilitate teaching and learning in the classroom or online, and departmental staff have the information and support to be more effective.



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About Ellucian

The company provides technology solutions and services that remove barriers, helping higher education institutions achieve student success. It’s been the company's total focus for more than 40 years. Company's passion speaks for itself: today ellucian serve 2,500 institutions and 18 million students in 50 countries around the globe. The Ellucian values reflect the best of who company are today and what we hope to be in the future.
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Recruiting and admissions tools

Build stronger connections with prospects, from their first sparks of interest to the moment they receive their offer of admission. Engage with students with personalized, multi-channel communications. Make more informed decisions about your recruiting and admissions efforts. Track event attendance and integrate events calendar and social media software. Support financial aid planning, award packaging, and projected tuition discounts. View progress toward enrollment goals through reports, dashboards, and analytics.

Student enrollment and retention

Keep students engaged and committed to their goals. Help students and advisors plan and monitor progress with global registration models. Build a course registration plan from a student’s existing degree plan with Ellucian Degree Works. Make it easy to build schedules and register with an online system. Provide anywhere, anytime access to information with Ellucian Mobile.

Provide a comprehensive view to help advisors stay on top of attendance and grading and deliver communications that help students reach their goals. Give meaningful advice with robust academic planning tools and real-time counseling capabilities. Simplify transfers with an easy-to-navigate course catalog and degree-audit capabilities. Provide single-page access to the most critical data an advisor/mentor/tutor needs. Deliver grading tools that make it easy to post midterm, final, and incomplete grades. Maintain detailed, consistent, and accurate records to reduce financial risk and debt.

Automates critical student-related tasks with high-level, student-centered solutions. Assess and report on enrollment trends, academic progress, and retention. Create effective admissions campaigns and recruit prime prospective students with tailored communications. Track tuition bills and payments, housing assessments, and other fees. Handle web-based application processing. Manage course limits, prerequisites, and other rules for entry. Manage academic plans and conduct degree audits. Track and manage grades and transcripts. Access up-to-the-minute student account information. Research and resolve student transaction issues quickly.

Transform real-time data into meaningful information to help you identify trends, measure progress, and inform your decision making. Navigate quickly and easily using intuitive dashboards. Report against benchmark goals using real-time data. Achieve quick time-to-value with pre-formatted data blocks for student, advancement, finance, human resources, and financial aid data. Enable strategic decision making to improve performance across your institution.

Streamlines your accounting, operations, human resources, and compliance processes. Track accounting, payables, receivables, payroll, e-purchasing, and advanced financial reporting. Manage online employee and manager services, including timesheet entry and benefits management. Post student billing and cash receipts to the general ledger with wizard-assisted interface. Create PowerCampus™ charts of account synchronization. Automate gift creation for pledge fulfillment (within PowerCampus™ Advancement) based on payroll deductions. Synchronize data between employee records in PowerCampus™ Enterprise Reporting and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Automates the entire financial aid process, including need analysis calculations, awards, communications, and reporting. Dynamically track applications. Calculate student budgets. Perform need analysis. Manage and disperse funds. Package aid awards. Process federal Pell Grants.

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  • Admission Management
  • Inventory Mangement
  • Finance Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Transport Management
  • Exam Mangement
  • Timetabel Management
  • Homework Management
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Ellucian ERP system


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Ellucian ERP system

Q. What should I do if I forget my password?

By clicking the Forgotten Password link on the sign in page, you can request a Password Reset link be sent to you. Follow these steps: Enter your email address (must be the email address you registered with), or the username you set up when you registered. Click the Send Email button, and the reset password link will be sent to your email. The link will come from: Make sure this domain is not blocked by your system or not set to fall into your junk/spam folder.

Q. What is my username?

This is the username that you selected when you registered. It is also on the activation email you received from Okta after you created your account.

Q. What if I forget my username?

If you forget your username, please send an email to This will create a Case in the system, and the Ellucian ActionCenter can provide your username.

Q. Why does my username have

The is for system use only, because some directories require usernames to be in email format. You should not use that to access the Ellucian Hub. Just leave the off, and that is your username.

Q. Why am I locked out of my account?

The lockout occurs after multiple unsuccessful tries to log into the Ellucian Hub. In this case, please send an email to, and the Ellucian ActionCenter can generate a Reset Password link which will unlock your account when you activate the link.


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