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About GoBrunch

What is GoBrunch?

GoBrunch is a cloud-based webinar software and virtual classroom platform for marketers, companies, educators and instructors. Users get to plan and schedule live webinar sessions, virtual training and online classes in a hassle-free manner. The software allows its users to add multiple viewers in their webinar sessions as per their business needs. They can share their computer screens, upload topic related e-brochures and invite other speakers in the middle of a live session, to make it more interactive as well as informative. Most importantly, the software allows its users to record live webinars and then download the file in their system. 

How can users expand their business network using GoBrunch?

GoBrunch hosts a wide variety of tools and features that helps its users to expand their business network in real-time. The in-house community feature of the software allows users to make friends and keep them posted about upcoming events and webinar sessions at regular intervals. Networking features of the webinar software further allows users to receive and send invitations for live sessions in a hassle freeway. This increases the visibility of their brand and also helps them in lead generation. Further, users can also promote their business by sending customized invitations to potential attendees.

Pricing of GoBrunch Webinar Software

The pricing of GoBrunch can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the customer. In case you want to use the software, send us a callback request. We also offer help for license renewal. 

Compatible Platforms for GoBrunch Virtual Classroom Software

GoBrunch is a web-based software that can be accessed from multiple devices.

Benefits of using GoBrunch Webinar & Virtual Classroom Solution?

  1. User Friendly: GoBrunch virtual clasroom software features a friendly user interface, enabling its users to plan and host live webinar sessions with ease.
  2. Knowledge Showcase: GoBrunch offers a wide variety of advanced tools and services, enabling users to feature their live webinar sessions on its ‘Knowledge Showcase’ section in an efficient manner.  
  3. Easy Upload: Users get to transform their webinar into an informative live session by uploading topic relevant e-brochures and other supporting documents inside the event. The participants can download them and view them in order to get a more clear idea about the topic being discussed.
  4. Community: Users can send and receive friend requests from other members of GoBrunch. They can also share thoughts and keep other members updated about upcoming events in real-time.

Sold By : GoBrunch

Get GoBrunch support 25 Chatting right now

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GoBrunch Features

By using GoBrunch, users can host live sessions from their browser. They can share their own computer screens or invite presenters as per their convenience.
GoBrunch is a cloud-based webinar software that allows users to plan and start virtual meetings in just three clicks.
With the help of the ‘BrunchSpots’ feature of the software, guests can interact with each other in real-time. This makes them feel as if they are attending a real event.
GoBrunch features a wide variety of room layouts, enabling its users to choose the place to host webinars. They can also choose the number of attendees as per their business requirements.
Users can pre-schedule webinars and set reminders about events which are sent both to the user as well as their clients.
This webinar software features a wide variety of tools and services in order to offer the best breakout session to people participating in a webinar.
Users get to communicate with potential webinar attendees by creating customized landing pages and sending in invitations to clients via email.

Get GoBrunch support25 Chatting right now

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GoBrunch Specifications


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GoBrunch FAQs

A. Yes! You can host webinars in private mode. You have to generate a password and send it to your clients or attendees whom you expect to join.
A. The BrunchSpots feature of the software enables interactions between different users. With the BrunchSpots feature, users can take part in the webinar organised by another user.
A. Yes! Techjockey provides online demos for Go Brunch. To help users have a better grasp of its features.
A. The networking feature of the software, enables its users to accept inhouse invitations for live webinars from other users. This helps increase their visibility and make strong connections with multiple users.
A. GoBrunch does not have a mobile app as of yet.

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