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About HD School

What is Hyperdrive HD School?

HD School is school management software by Hyperdrive, which can be used for managing daily activities of schools, institutes and training centers. It allows educational institutes manage difficult tasks such as:

  1. Fee structures
  2. Student records
  3. Library subscriptions and book listing
  4. Attendance recording
  5. Timetable generation, and much more.

The school management software also helps educational institutes efficiently keep track of their inventory items for different departments and monitor them closely. Institute staff can create batches of students and allot them specific tags such as class, section and course tags as per the operational requirements. This school management software offers an intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to use for the staff present. Setting up setup fee structure and classifying recurring (like tuition) and non-recurring items (like books and school uniforms) is also simplified.

Portal for teaching staff in Hyperdrive HD School

Hyperdrive HD School offers a separate portal for teaching staff to keep let them track of their activities. It provides them with all the information they need right at their fingertips for managing student’s assignments and timetables. It works as a personal digital itinerary for the teaching staff that sends automatic reminders to students for their homework and assignment. Hyperdrive HD School also allows them to conduct attendance, day-wise and class wise. All these are necessities that help educators prepare assessments regarding a student’s progress, behaviour and improving academic performance.

What are the features offered by Hyperdrive HD School Management System?

Here is a quick rundown of all the important features offered by Hyperdrive HD School:

  1. Payroll management
  2. Day wise and class wise attendance management
  3. Timetable
  4. Library management
  5. Homework and assignment tracker
  6. Fee supervision
  7. Robust reporting

What is the price of Hyperdrive HD School Management Software?

The price of Hyperdrive HD School starts from Rs. 13,000/-. Please request a call for more information.

Sold By : HyperDrive

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HD School Features

The software enables its users to categorize the fee structure of their school. The staff can collect fees in cash, NEFT, cheque or cards. They can also penalize in case of late submission.
The software uses single license for managing numerous branches of an educational institute.
Educational instates can manage all the student related issues such as fee collection, exam results, report card and more.
The software can be used by both academic and non-academic staff to manage their daily work.
The services and tools provided by the software are completely in compliance with the rules and regulations of legal entities.
Educational institutes can use this software to efficiently digitize the admission process especially sorting the forms used in admission process.
This school management software tracks student and teacher attendance using two criteria- daily attendance and class wise attendance.
With the help of this solution, teaching staff can pre-plan all the topics that they are going to cover in an academic year.
Institutes can use this software for creating and distributing an examination schedule for a specific academic period.
This module is specifically designed for teachers to maintain the track record of all the homework and assignments on regular basis.
The software offers features to manage all the library related activities efficiently. Librarians can enlist all the books, dailies, weeklies, etc. that the institute has subscribed for. It also helps the library staff to oversee the student book subscriptions.
Hyperdrive HD School offers a separate parent portal to streamline communication channel between parents and teaching/non-teaching staff.
Educational institutes with their in-house stores can use this software to manage all POS-related activities.
Hyperdrive HD School helps its users manage all the finance and accounting tasks to track the profits, expenditures as well as revenue.
Institutes can use this software to manage their classrooms economically and efficiently. It allows them to divide students into different batches based on class and section for accurate seating arrangement.
HR teams can use Hyperdrive HD School to calculate and deliver the salaries of the entire staff seamlessly.
The software helps in generating comprehensive reports to evaluate the performance of teachers, students, and other staff members as per their respective work profiles and intended objectives.
This school management software supports email and text messaging feature as a means to communicate school notices/announcements to the parents.
The parent portal is protected with the help of a parent login id. It is protected by a password only known to the parent, which they can change easily.
Hyperdrive HD School allows its users to keep track of the fees that are collected from their students. It sends an alert in case of late payments.
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HD School FAQs

A. Customers can get real-time help with tutorials and get in-depth information regarding how to use this software.
A. Yes, Hyperdrive HD School has an in-built payment gateway, which supports all types of digital payment methods
A. Hyperdrive HD School can work with almost every printer available in the market. You can even use a barcode printer for store management.
A. No, Hyperdrive HD School does not sell hardware. For hardware recommendations, please request a call from Techjockey.
A. Techjockey offers a demo for Hyperdrive HD School. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.

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