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Verse is a modern day e-mailing solution which help users collaborate and exchange information instantly and connect with people on the go. Backed by an intuitive email solution, it delivers a personalized experience using a modern, mobile and web-optimized interface. Users can use an analytic approach that helps users quickly find and act on important content and conversations. It also allows users to quickly post message content to their social network, saving time and effort. It is more streamlined, less cluttered helping prioritize what is needed using a quick-faceted search tool.

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About IBM India

International Business Machines Corporation (commonly referred to as IBM) is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation founded in 1911, with corporate headquarters in Armonk, New York.IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware, middleware and software, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

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IBM Verse

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IBM Verse




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Below are some frequently asked questions for IBM Verse

Q. Why do I see people in the top bar?

One of the main aspects of IBM Verse that sets it apart is that it lets you have, within easy reach, all the things that are important to you. People are a big part of this idea.

Q. How do I use business cards to see my colleagues' information with IBM Verse?

IBM Verse business cards keep all the necessary personal information for your contacts within easy reach, while at the same time taking it one step further. In Verse, the business card is more than just a source of contact information, it becomes a modern social tool, giving you the opportunity to interact with your colleagues in a variety of ways.

Q. How do I chat with people important to me?

IBM Verse gives you intuitive, integrated access to IBM Connections Chat in a way you've never had before. You can message colleagues all with the click of a button from the Verse interface.

Q. How do I find what I'm looking for?

One of the most powerful and useful features of IBM Verse is its dynamic and analytics-driven search capacity. Search through every piece of mail with precision and ease of use.


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