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Sales Transformation and Enhancement Program (STEP) is a mobile CRM which allow users access to real time information, manage tasks, monitor key analytics and collaborate while on the move. The software enable users achieve optimum sales output and analysis of results and empower the frontend sales workforce. The software is one stop shop for building, running, managing and optimizing the business. With the software, users can track real time data interaction, enhance market coverage, track orders instantly, salesforce route optimization and a lot more
Product Features
  • Precise tracking of resource’s location using Geo Tagging
  • Users can have assisted sales using knowledge base data pushing
  • Develop strategic customizations to meet business goals
  • Real time feedback mechanism
  • Simple and effective mobile interface
  • Leverages CRM Customer segmentation
  • Real time data interaction
  • Enhanced market coverage
  • Instant sales order tracking
  • Sales force route optimization
  • Better reporting of location specific events through time and location stamping
  • Building transparency thereby motivating sales team
  • Saving time, cost and effort in overall sales communications
About The Company
InfoDart Technologies Ltd is a global information technology, system integrator and consulting company incepted in 2007. The company is a trusted partner of many organizations across the Asian continent and are diversifying across the globe. 

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