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About Invoay Spa Salon Management Software

What is Invoay Spa Salon Management Software?

Invoay is a spa and salon management software that is entirely cloud-based and offers a POS solution. It integrates with enterprise back-end technologies like Microsoft Dynamics, Tally, and SAP to provide better results. Users can integrate the software’s front-end system with the ERP back-ends already present. Its easy-to-learn UI minimizes employee training time. With Invoay, you can build a brand, gain visibility, and retain your clients. Customers can book an appointment, users can manage inventory, and one can maximize profit with accurate billing data.

Unique Features of Invoay Spa Salon Management Software


  1. Spa Room Booking Module
  2. Automatic tracking of pre-book appointments
  3. Checks for the availability of rooms and resources
  4. Appointment confirmation via SMS
  5. Track check-in and check-out.

Marketing Management:

  1. Automated notifications to clients/customers on due service and refill
  2. Plan marketing strategies based on client segment and profile
  3. Auto recommendation on services and products to clients
  4. Reward your clients and customers upon sharing feedback
  5. Promote new services and salon products to customers.

Customer Management:

  1. Know Your Customer (KYC)
  2. Record the history of customer visits and payment history
  3. Instant gratification and rewards on every customer visit
  4. Management of customer balances and advances
  5. Automated reminders on product, service, and expiring membership.

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Pricing of Invoay Spa Salon Management Software

There are 3 pricing plans available for Invoay Spa Salon Management Software. These are:

  1. Start: The Start plan costs Rs. 19,999/- per year.
  2. Grow: This plan comes for Rs. 26,999/- on a yearly basis.
  3. Expand: The plan comes for Rs. 39,999/- per year.

You can reach out to us via the “request a callback” option on our website. Our support team will provide all the help that you need such as activation and license key, renewal, etc.

How does Invoay Spa Salon Management Software help with POS, Inventory, and Chain Outlet Management?


  1. GST Invoice
  2. Online and Offline Billing
  3. Automatic balance of your cash drawer
  4. Instant calculation of every sales transaction.

Inventory Management:

  1. Sends alerts to reorder inventory only when the time is ripe
  2. Maintain accurate product counts
  3. Analyze all sales for generating the best profit potential
  4. Management of product lines by manufacturer

Chain Outlets:

  1. Common/Independent customer
  2. Rates associated with specific regions and stores
  3. Warehouse and distribution management
  4. Separate returns counter
  5. Blind session closure

Supported Platforms for Invoay

The software is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android OS.

Alternatives of Invoay

If you don’t find the software suitable for you, you can go for any one of the following alternatives:

  1. Salonist
  2. eSalon Spa Software
  3. Experts IN Xperts Salon
  4. Easy Salon Software

Sold By : Invoay Software

Get Invoay Spa Salon Management Software support 17 Chatting right now

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Invoay Spa Salon Management Software Features

The software takes effective care of your hair salon/spa business by managing all operations efficiently.
 Invoay gives you detailed and clear billing and CRM data and helps generate real-time reports that can be accessed from any place.
The software provides the appointment management feature so that you can easily book or change customer appointments. Customers can book appointment 24*7 through the online booking option provided.
You may select from thousands of combinations for custom marketing or connect with your customers by using the automated marketing feature of the software.
The CRM module enables one to keep detailed and comprehensive customer information like contact details and service history. Invoay runs loyalty programs, tracks customer points and also analyzes customer-buying behaviour.
Users can easily track the sales for each product in their inventory. You can also maintain accurate product counts, simplify the re-ordering process or perform other operations.
 Invoay comes with a custom and centralized dashboard that keeps a track of every detail of your salon business, such as, understanding customer preferences.
Invoay provides both Incremental and full auto backup for your chain stores or franchise outlets so that you can access them whenever you want as per your needs.
This is a part of loyalty management of the software. It provides both SMS as well as email integration to schedule transaction base and event base activity.
The software offers real-time loyalty points across all POS and allows you to offer discount cards and Gift Vouchers to customers. You can create a range of membership schemes, real-time redemption and view customer purchase history in detail.
Invoay has a special employee management module, which helps you to track the performance and attendance of your employees in various chains of your business. The salary is calculated based on their attendance.
With this software, you can boost your social media reach and drive more traffic, thereby increasing conversions and sales.
The software has an inbuilt employee management module that takes care of the employee attendance and calculates salary accordingly. It is also equipped to print payroll checks.
Invoay’s appointment module supports 24/7 online booking, and effectively reduces the hassle of double-booking. Also, online bookings populate on your calendar through the spa software.
The Customizable Stores feature of the software gives you better visibility of your business and allows your customers and clients to reach your business more easily. You can also use the inbuilt Billed Manager App to track billing and CRM.
You can convert your desktop into a fully functional sales register where you can itemize all the sales tickets, generate GST invoice, handle online and offline billing and obtain sales reports.
Whenever your customer calls for an appointment in your hair salon, you simply need to add them to your schedule. You may also let your customers book online to reduce redundancy. Appointment alerts and confirmation can be communicated through SMS integration.
The appointment module of the software allows your customers to book online, which gets automatically populated on the inbuilt calendar of Invoay. Users can automatically find open times of the salon over the internet and book accordingly.

Get Invoay Spa Salon Management Software support17 Chatting right now

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Invoay Spa Salon Management Software Specifications

Invoay Spa Salon Management Software Reviews

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They refused to provide my salon database .



Jul 31 2020

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Invoay Spa Salon Management Software FAQs

Invoay allows you to generate data and graphs from the entire summary. You can also generate reports on productivity, service and occupancy of your business. You may choose from over 100 inbuilt reports.
Yes, there is a mobile app version for Invoay for both Android and iOS devices.
You can set a pin or password for your salon documents or customize the level of security as per your business needs. Users can back up their data and store it safely over the cloud server of Invoay.
Yes,Techjockey provides an online demo of Invoay software. Please drop in a demo request for the same.
The software allows you to toggle between multiple locations quickly and efficiently. You can switch between locations of your business with ease, and thereby maintain complete control over your chain outlets at different business locations.

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