e-Mail Server for Windows
e-Mail Server for Windows
e-Mail Server for Windows
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MDaemon e-Mail Server for Windows

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About MDaemon e-Mail Server for Windows

MDaemon messaging server for Windows is easy to install email server system. The mail server offers the flexibility of SyncML, IMAP, POP, SMTP, and DomainPOP services and does not require a separate server operating system. It can directly deliver mail to ‘Recipients’ Mail Server to the users’ smart host. The email marketing system has tasked-based GUI, easy account database integration (via Active Directory, LDAP, ODBC, or MDaemon's Minger verification), multiple domain support, and simple back-up and restore (via flat file structure) for rapid failure recovery.

Sold By : Mdaemon

Get MDaemon e-Mail Server for Windows  support 16 Chatting right now

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MDaemon e-Mail Server for Windows Features

The MDaemon Email Server stores messages and groupware collaboration data on the email server, thus centralizing all business content. MDaemon Webmail, Outlook Connector for MDaemon, and ActiveSync for MDaemon allows you to share Email, Folders (including sub-folders), Calendars with free / busy scheduling, Contacts, Distribution Lists, Tasks, Notes, and Documents between users and devices.
Create and manage bulletins, discussions, and distribution lists easily to effectively communicate on multiple levels. Custom scheduling and mail queuing allow for more flexible outbound mail management. Mailing List membership can be stored within MDaemon or in an ODBC compliant database. Mailing Lists features include: Mailing List Subscription Reminders, Option to Replace FROM Header with List's Email Address, List-ID Support, Support for List-Post, List-Subscribe, List-Unsubscribe, List-Help, List-Owner, List-Archive Mailing List Headers, and Remove Duplicate Recipients when Message Sent to Multiple Mailing Lists.
Attachments can be added to Calendar items, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes via MDaemon Webmail, Outlook Connector, or your favorite CalDAV or CardDAV client. When scheduling a meeting, attachments added to calendar events will be sent to all meeting attendees.
MDaemon's Attachment Linking removes attachments from inbound / outbound email messages and stores them locally on the server. In place of the actual attachment, the mail server will insert a URL which the user can click on to retrieve the attachment(s) as needed. Storing the attachments on the server instead of attaching them to inbound / outbound messages lowers the amount of bandwith that is needed because less data is being transmitted, valuable disk space is freed on client machines and mobile devices, and there is no longer a need to worry about attachment file size restrictions. Inbound and outbound message attachments can be automatically compressed or extracted to save space and bandwidth.
On-Demand Mail Relay (ODMR) allows users to connect to an ISP or other external gateway or host via an authenticated session to retrieve mail. This is a preferred method of message retrieval when using a dynamic IP address.
When Smart Message Routing is enabled MDaemon will maintain single copies of messages destined for multiple recipients and use multiple RCPT commands to deliver the message whenever possible, thus saving on your disk space and bandwidth.
Administrators can restrict files uploaded to the Documents folder by size and type. These settings can be applied for specific domains or system-wide.
Domain Manager allows you to configure multiple mail domains. You can add, rename or remove domains via the Domain Manager. Each domain can be configured with its own host name, IP address, smart host, and domain signature. Account and mail pruning options and message size restriction can also be configured separately for each domain.
This feature is used to automatically create a Domain Gateway for a previously unknown domain when another source attempts to deliver that domain's messages to MDaemon, and a DNS query lists MDaemon's location as a valid MX record. This feature effectively enables you to become a backup server for another domain by simply configuring the DNS system to use your IP as an alternate MX host.

Get MDaemon e-Mail Server for Windows  support16 Chatting right now

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