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About MorphRetail

What is MorphRetail? 

MorphRetail is one of the most well-regarded and user-friendly retail POS solution available for Indian and international businesses. This retail POS software is currently providing services to over thirty-five thousand business owners in over forty countries. It is a fully integrated POS software for retail shops, which helps in other activities such as financial accounting, payroll for staff, etc. This retail POS software can be used for any type of retail chain or store. 

MorphRetail helps business owners boost their sales by improving the workforce efficiency and reducing the inventory holding costs. The POS software for retail stores in India helps business owners plan their investments smartly to maximize their profit margins over a period. This retail POS software also provides a loyalty program feature. Your operators can ask the contact details of the customer upon checkout and inform them regarding new campaigns and product launches. 

Where MorphRetail Retail POS solutions can be used? 

MorphRetail can be configured and used for different types of retail stores, such as: 

  1. Footwear and apparels 
  2. Departmental stores 
  3. Super and Hypermarkets 
  4. Vegetables and fruits 
  5. Salon and spa
  6. Luggage stores 
  7. Home décor and furniture 
  8. Specialty shops 
  9. Mobile and electronics 

Why Use MorphRetail POS Billing Software for Retail Stores? 

MorphRetail offers unparalleled quality of retail management experience for users with minimal IT experience. All the complex tasks are streamlined to a single platform. Instead of using multiple solutions for different purposes, MorphRetail retail POS software covers all of it – Billing, stock, sales, staff, suppliers, expenses, and so on. 

What is the price for MorphRetail Retail POS software?

MorphRetail POS price depends upon the type and size of your retail operations. Please request a call and state your requirements so that our sales team can provide the appropriate price estimate.

Sold By : MorphRetail

Get MorphRetail support 22 Chatting right now

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MorphRetail Features

The software offers a sales management module to monitor the sales performance of your retail store.
This retail POS software offers inventory management feature to supervise the stock and read supply-demand cycle to optimize the re-shelving of goods over time.
Busines owners can enlist all their staff members with their designation in the software and manage them seamlessly.
This retail POS system allows employees to cater to customer needs and help them instantly. E.g., stock related queries, price inquiries, checkouts, etc.
The retail POS software helps retail owners by providing the best price control tactics without losing the profit margin.
Track all the expenses such as electricity bill, water bill, asset management, etc. with MorphRetail and record it for accurate financial reporting.
This retail POS solution allows retail owners to establish communication with their suppliers and schedule goods purchase effectively.
The administration feature generates real-time reports about the performance of your retail store. It has powerful tools that enables the retailers to plan their future marketing and sales approach.

Get MorphRetail support22 Chatting right now

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MorphRetail Specifications


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MorphRetail FAQs

MorphRetail POS is a web application which can be accessed through an internet browser.
No, MorphRetail POS software is not in the form of a mobile application till now.
Yes, MorphRetail can support up to 10 different languages for better customer support at your retail store.
MorphRetail POS for retail stores ensures GST compliance for tax calculation.
Techjockey offers a demo before purchase for MorphRetail POS software for retail shops. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled for yourself.

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