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About Podio

What is Podio?

Podio is a project management system, enabling its users to communicate, organize and complete tasks through a single platform.

The software offers an action-oriented overview, surfacing the information that is required by a team to facilitate effective project management. The advanced workflow feature of the project management software eliminates all task-based repetitions, helping employees to focus on core value-added services.

The activity stream offered by Podio on individual workspace displays the latest in-app activities within its user’s workspace along with status posts from individual members. Podio workflow management system can be integrated with major file-sharing services like Google Drive, ShareFile, OneDrive and more. Users can invite their clients within Podio project software, facilitating effective communication, eliminating hassles related to the sharing of long email threads.

How does Podio project software facilitate effective team communication?

Podio offers a wide variety of custom-fitted tools and clearly defined roles, bringing out the best within the members of a particular team. It also enhances the team’s delivery time and communication between team members.

  1. Fast Communication - Company admins can add their clients, freelancers, and other external parties within Podio, facilitating easy and simplified communication. This helps eliminate lengthy email threads and time-consuming file-sharing procedures.
  2. Easy Admin - With the granular admin capabilities provided by Podio, admins can assign user-based access rights to their employees along with the capability to make real-time adjustments whenever necessary.
  3. Custom Structure - Users can customize their processes to accommodate every step and stage that is unique to their team. Thus ensuring effectiveness and efficiency within a single platform.

Pricing of Podio Project Management Tool

Pricing of Podio is available on request. You can request a callback to connect with our experts. They will offer you a negotiable quote along with other necessary support.

Compatible Platforms for Podio Project Software

Podio is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any web browser such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer across multiple devices with a stable internet connection. It also has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android platforms.

Benefits of Podio Project Software

  1. Task Management - Team supervisors can assign tasks, discuss all the related details and attach relevant files to a particular task as per their business needs. The software when integrated with its user’s workflows shows the real-time status of a particular task, making it manageable for the supervisor.
  2. File Sharing - With Podio, users can organise, track, discuss and share files in a hassle-free manner. They can share presentations as a status post. The project software also features a clear history of all recent changes, which is visible to all members within a team. They can also revert unwanted changes.
  3. Podio API - Working with common API operations is simplified by Podio, as it offers a wide variety of wrappers for .NET, .PHP, Java, Ruby and Python. Users also get access to mobile SDKs for Android and Objective-C.
  4. Calendering - With Podio, users get access to customizable calendars, helping them view event-based deadlines that are directly related to them. They can upload their daily schedules and manage their tasks in a hassle-free manner.
  5. Reporting - Podio offers an intuitive filter and reporting option, enabling its users to automate their sales pipelines. They can keep track of all project-related budgets and various other business-related operations in an efficient manner. The software offers 20 types of charts including Donut, Spline, Column, Area and more.
  6. Customised Dashboards - Company admins can offer customized dashboards to individual employees or a specific department and assign access to them based on their security levels.

Sold By : Podio

Get Podio support 24 Chatting right now

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Podio Features

Podio focuses on sharing and collaboration to offer updated information on essential leads. It helps users determine the nature of individual leads and qualify them.
With the integrated webforms offered by Podio, users can capture the contact information of potential leads with ease and create a visual snapshot of their sales prospects. They can also assign a fixed number of deals and track the progress at regular intervals.

Get Podio support24 Chatting right now

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Podio Specifications


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Podio FAQs

A. Podio can be integrated with external calendar services like Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar using Exchange or iCal.
A. With Podio Chat, users can share their thoughts over instant messages or via video calls with another person, with whom they are connected via Podio.
A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Podio. In-house software experts from Techjockey will get back to you as per your mentioned time schedule.
A. Podio can be integrated with external platforms such as Google Drive, Box, ShareFile, OneDrive and HighTail. It also has further integrations with Campaign Monitor, Zendesk, FreshBooks, Evernote and more.
A. Yes, Podio app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

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