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Inventory Management software is one stop shop for all automated features to handle the inventory operations including stock quantity, transactions, transfers, sales, purchases, products, suppliers and many more. The software can also be effectively used to track the product status and location while transported from a vendor to a warehouse, between warehouses, and finally to a retail location or directly to a customer.  The software is one of its kinds enabling the business to achieve the utmost control on the stock and inventory.

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Since 1994 Prime Software Solution has been creating landmarks in the field of application development and customized solutions with enriched expertise. With changing technology trends and business needs, Prime Software endeavours to upgrade their services and products to suit the customer requirements. With highly professional and expert teams, company’s competency lies in outsourcing custom software development for Windows platforms and Internet development. 

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₹ 24000.00

  • "Inventory Management software is leading edge software solution that enables the businesses to administer each and every process pertaining to inventory effortlessly on a single platform. The software incorporates all vital processes automated and bundled into a single solution. Empowered with useful reports
  • the solution provides variety of analytical data such as part number and batch stock report
  • brand and category wise stock report
  • barcode wise stock inward/outward
  • multiple godown stock transfer
  • dead stock analysis and stock valuation
  • goods expiry report etc. The primary features of the software include: • Inventory list: Businesses can view all the products as a complete list or organize by custom filters. Every product on the list displays its stock on hand (for each location)
  • committed stock (for each location)
  • and cost
  • moving average cost (MAC)
  • reorder point
  • and stock history. • Product details: Each product can be edited to include information such as image
  • variants
  • SKU code
  • bar code
  • supplier code
  • color
  • size
  • weight
  • buy price
  • wholesale price
  • retail price
  • sellable option
  • taxable option
  • description
  • notes. • Bar code scanning: Bar code scanners can be used to search products by bar code
  • immediately entering item information into sales and purchase. PFA works with all standard bar code scanners
  • from expensive blue tooth scanners to simple scanners plugged in via USB. • Location report: Users can track a warehouse or stock location and check its stock on hand
  • committed stock
  • last ordered stock
  • last purchased stock
  • inventory value
  • profit value
  • profit margin etc. on the fly. • Inventory details report: The solution allows checking the overall (filtered by location or product type) total stock on hand
  • total stock available
  • and total units committed. The details can also be split by each product and variant "
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