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About Pro Rank Tracker

What is Pro Rank Tracker?

Pro Rank Tracker is a search engine optimization software that allows users to increase web traffic to their website. The software is widely trusted internationally by SEO team to improve the way they operate. It offers exquisite features to generate the rank of the website along with insightful details such as the number of visitors and their patterns, among many others.  

Pro Rank Tracker also performs localized SEO evaluation. Users can set the location and check accordingly. It helps small and medium-sized business owners to game the search engine algorithm to boost their businesses. It also offers mobile SEO, i.e., search engine optimization that focuses solely on maximizing search result viewability on smartphones.  Pro Rank Tracker is a highly professional software for search engine optimization available in Indian market. 

What features does Pro Rank Tracker Offer? 

Here are a few features listed below for interested buyers to get a quick overview of the software: 

  1. Rank Tracking
  2. Local and Mobile Tracking
  3. Analysis & Research 
  4. Full Search Engine Research Page (Top 100s) 
  5. Sub-Accounts
  6. API Access 
  7. Reporting
  8. Extreme Support
  9. Multi-User Management

Pro Rank Tracker Pricing 

Pro Rank Tracker is available in five different plans on a monthly and yearly subscription basis. The prices are listed below: 

  1. Basic – Rs. 1784/- per month 
  2. Basic – Rs. 1605/- per month (yearly)
  3. Starter – Rs. 3496/- per month 
  4. Starter – Rs. 3139/- per month (yearly)
  5. Standard – Rs. 6350/- per month
  6. Standard – Rs. 5707/- per month (yearly)
  7.  Advanced – Rs. 9204/- per month 
  8.  Advanced – Rs. 8276/- per month (yearly)
  9. Business – Rs. 12843/- per month
  10. Business – Rs. 11558/- per month (yearly)

For further inquiries please request a call. Or sales will connect with you at the earliest.

Sold By : Pro Rank Tracker

Get Pro Rank Tracker support 37 Chatting right now

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Pro Rank Tracker Features

The software enables SEO teams to perform several audits on the website to check its rank and performance on keyword searches. 
Managers and Admins can create user portals for employees to work accordingly. 
 The dashboard provides details to the performance of the website on key metrics. It gives a broad view of the website’s performance. 
This software enables SEO teams to track the websites viewability and performance based on keyword and offers solutions to improve them. 
 SEO teams can access detailed information about their market competitors and one-up them with improved strategies from Pro Rank Tracker. 
The SEO software also tracks for the mobile search analytics to understand the visitor pattern of the smartphone user. 
Pro Rank Tracker’s main purpose is to improve the search ranking of the website and make it more visible. 
Pro Rank Tracker offers professional interface and reporting in various languages like Spanish, German, etc. 
Organizations can integrate Pro Rank Tracker with their systems and tools to share data and work appropriately. 
Pro Rank Tracker offers mobile applications for both Android and iPhone users.  

Get Pro Rank Tracker support37 Chatting right now

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Pro Rank Tracker Specifications


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Pro Rank Tracker FAQs

A. Once the purchase process is complete, you will receive a set of tutorial videos for pro rank tutorials to get started easily.
A. Yes, Pro Rank Tracker allows users to insert their company’s logo and design the outlook of the welcome page of the software.
A. All the data is saved on cloud storage service.
A. Yes, Pro Rank Tracker offers a very scalable system that works for any size of business. Whether it is a small business for groceries or large-scale digital marketing enterprise.
A. Pro Rank Tracker is available for demo for interested buyers. To avail the demo, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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