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Sarv Audio Conferencing

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About Sarv Audio Conferencing

What is Sarv Audio Conferencing?

Sarv Audio Conferencing is a feature-rich conferencing platform for all types of business organisations. This audio conferencing software acts as a bridge between the conference moderator and other team members or the clients. The advanced tools and a wide variety of audio conferencing features offered by the software help its users in boosting up their company productivity. The best part of Sarv Audio Conferencing is that users get to organise an important meeting over a conference call from anywhere, as per their convenience. Most importantly, Sarv Audio Conferencing also allows its users to record their calls for training purposes. 

How does Sarv Audio Conferencing help its users to boost up their company productivity?

Sarv Audio Conferencing features a friendly user interface enabling its users to plan and execute an entire audio conference in a hassle-free manner. It is a web-based software that can be accessed from any compatible web browser across multiple devices. Thus, making it easy for users to carry on with their business even if they are far away from their office premises. The advanced audio conferencing tools provided by the software strengthen the bond between all the members within a team and increases their productivity as a whole. 

Further, Sarv Audio Conferencing ensures the data privacy and security during audio conferences. It offers a unique PIN that can be passed on to the team members or clients for login. The PIN acts as a passcode for them and allows them to be a part of the conference call. 

Pricing of Sarv Audio Conferencing

The pricing of Sarv Audio Conferencing is available on request and we offer customisations on the quotations to suit our clients’ needs. You are required to make a callback request to connect with our customer care executives for any kind of help.

Compatible Platforms of Sarv Audio Conferencing

Sarv Audio Conferencing is a web-based software that can be accessed from any web browser or device.

What are the benefits of Using Sarv Audio Conferencing?

  1. Outbound Audio Conference: Company admins get to connect with their clients by simply calling the clients on their personal numbers, from the admin panel offered by the software. This whole process does not require any passcode.
  2. Inbound Audio Conference: Users can assign a phone number to their clients along with a passcode or PIN. The client needs to enter the PIN in order to join the conference. Thus, ensuring that the information shared during the conference is secure from hackers.
  3. Create a Contact List: Sarv Audio Conferencing allows its users to add their own contact list before making a conference call. They can edit the list or directly add a number while making calls to their clients.
  4. Live Report: Users get to view a detailed report about any conference call at the intuitive dashboard of the software.
  5. Different Conferencing Modes: Sarv Audio Conferencing allows its users to choose between private and public conferencing modes as per their business needs. 
  6. Personalized Greetings: Users can record a customized greeting and play it to their caller at any point of time using the advanced IVR technology of the software.

Sold By : Sarv

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Sarv Audio Conferencing Features

Sarv Audio Conferencing features a wide variety of tools and resources, enabling its users to conduct audio conferences with ease.
Call recording feature of the software enables its users to record live conference calls and use them in the future.
Users can organise important business meetings over conference calls, provide unique phone numbers to individual participants and check their presence in real-time.
The inbound and outbound call feature of the software helps its users organise important meetings on conference calls in a safe and secure manner without any intrusion from trespassers.
With Sarv Audio Conferencing, users can conduct conference calls in a secure manner by sending a passcode or PIN to their clients. That enables them to join a conference call quickly.
Users get to strengthen their bond with clients and facilitate healthy communication among team members by communicating with them over crystal-clear audio conference calls.
Users can design Interactive Voice Response scripts as per their business requirements. They can even use the text-to-speech convertor of the software to upload their own voice.
With Sarv Audio Conferencing software’s missed call alert feature, users can generate potential leads for their business and get back to the customers in real-time.

Get Sarv Audio Conferencing support24 Chatting right now

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Sarv Audio Conferencing Specifications


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Sarv Audio Conferencing FAQs

A. As a moderator, you will have the sole right to mute or unmute a participant. This will facilitate a healthy conversation among all the participants, as everyone will get to vocalise the ideas in their mind.
A. The listen-only mode of the software enables the moderators to mute all the participants while the host is presenting his/her ideas. They can cancel the mode after they are done with the speech.
A. Yes, Techjockey provides an online demo for Sarv Audio Conferencing. You can send in a request mentioning the time and date that you prefer.
A. Yes, you can keep a check on the number of participants that have joined your conference call in real-time. This feature also ensures that your call is protected from unauthorized access.
A. Sarv Audio Conferencing does not have a mobile app of its own.

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