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About Sketch

What is Sketch? 

Sketch is a vector graphics editor for art illustration and designing work. The design software is also useful for UI and UX design for websites and mobile apps. Marketing teams worldwide utilize exemplary illustration features of Sketch for creating fliers and images for campaigns. This vector graphics designing software assists in creating life-like images, which results in saving a huge amount of money from physical modeling. 

Sketch vector designing software facilitates team collaboration for better output; various artists can come together and work on projects without interference. It also offers high-quality plugins such as Felipe, Runner, Zeplin, Anima, React, et cetera, for better output and project maintenance. 

What features does Sketch have? 

Sketch offers numerous beneficial features; they are: 

  1. Non-Destructive Image Editing
  2. Code Export 
  3. Grid Alignment
  4. Symbol Module
  5. Personalized Project Library
  6. Vector Editing 
  7. Export Pre-sets
  8. Plug-ins 

What is the price of Sketch? 

The sketch is available in two different licenses; these are: 

  1. Personal Licence – Rs. 7100/- 
  2. Volume License – Rs. 6400/- (for 2-9 users)
  3. Volume License – Rs. 5700/- (for 10-19 users)
  4. Volume License – Rs. 5000/- (for 19-49 users)
  5. Volume License – Rs. 4220/- (for 50+ users) 

You can renew your licenses anytime you want. The personal license will cost Rs. 5000/-, while the price of renewal varies for Volume License based on the number of users. For more information about the software, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you shortly. 

Sold By : Sketch

Get Sketch support 21 Chatting right now

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Sketch Features

The software quickly renders all the illustrations and allows a preview for all the illustrations beforehand. 
Sketch enables creative teams to work with each other seamlessly without any interruption or inconvenience. 
This vector designing software offers a wide variety of visualization techniques to incorporate into illustrations.
Teams can collaborate and work on projects simultaneously.
The software facilitates classification of projects based on different attributes for quick working. 

Get Sketch support21 Chatting right now

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Sketch Specifications


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Sketch FAQs

A. Sketch vector designing software requires macOS High Sierra (10.13.4) or a newer version. It also requires a working internet connection for installation and renewal.
A. No, due to the technological requirements and Mac exclusive system design, Sketch is and will not be released on Windows or Linux.
A. Sketch vector designing software’s latest version is Sketch 60.1 that is available in the market.
A. Yes, Sketch allows personal license users to use it for monetary gains.
A. Sketch uses a cloud-based system for storage. The software saves all projects related details on the cloud and makes it easily accessible anytime and from anywhere.

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