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Spider IRIS

Sold by : Spider Software

Starting Price ₹41000

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About Spider IRIS

What is Spider IRIS?

Spider IRIS is one of the best solutions available in the market for doing technical analysis of the Indian stock market trading indices. It has a salient feature, which tracks the changes as well as developments in the market and alerts a user to make use of the best available opportunity in the market. Spider IRIS supports different types of charts and graphs to help end-users understand the wider market trends.

The stock market analysis solution further repsoroduces all the technical observation in the form of a trend line that is further vital for both identification and confirmation. This feature automatically draws the trend lines on the chart.

Spider IRIS provides every trader with live market data from the internet. The real-time stock market software provides highly advanced charting and comprehensive stock index analysis tools. Further, the software tracks the decisive market movement and analyzes them in real-time.

What are the benefits of using Spider IRIS software?

Here are some key benefits of using Spider IRIS stock market software:

  1. Spider IRIS is a pocket-friendly stock market solution out there.
  2. The software has a query function that allows users to check through any claim instantly.
  3. Zero coding requirement for data accessibility.
  4. The software is rife with shortcuts as almost every function or feature is accessible through the keyboard.
  5. The software offers detailed information regarding multiple aspects like bulk orders, open interests, volume, and other price action related information.
  6. Spider IRIS offers a handy guide for newcomers to enter the investment game.

What are the features offered by Spider IRIS stock market software?

Here are some common features offered by Spider IRIS:

  1. Automated trend line
  2. Gann Square of 9
  3. Derivative summary report
  4. Group analysis
  5. Candlestick scanner
  6. Delivery volume report
  7. Price based chart types

What is the Spider IRIS price?

The price of Spider IRIS is Rs. 41,000. For more, please request a call at TechJockey.

Sold By : Spider Software

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Spider IRIS Features

Spider IRIS works as a comprehensive stock analysis solution, which is capable of predicting market trends using the candlestick feature. Candlesticks such as Hammer, Dark Cloud Cover, Doji, etc. can be scanned with help of candlestick scanner.  
This stock market software allows users to customize how they want to view their stock, market data and reports.  
The stock analysis software allows users to analyze graphs and charts to for collecting crisp market details.
Users are provided with a detailed analysis of Indian Stock Market that helps interpret the data better for a more nuanced market understanding.
System tools is the in-built module for undertaking technical evaluation of stock market indices.
Spider IRIS is one of the best stock analysis software that encourages reporting for bringing transparency into the system.
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Spider IRIS Specifications


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Spider IRIS FAQs

A. Yes, you can get the demo scheduled for Spider IRIS before purchase. Please send us a call request for the demo.
System requirements for Spider IRIS stock market software are as follows:

1. OS: Windows 7 or higher

2. Processor: 2 GHz or faster

3. RAM: 2 GB

4. Hard Disk Space: 1000 MB minimum
A. No, Spider IRIS does not require any update at all. You only need to install it once and use it forever.
A. No, there are no extra charges for setting up of Spider IRIS.
A. No, Spider IRIS is not available for smartphones as of now.

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