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by : Spytech Software

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Brand: Spytech Software

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, MacOS

Free Trial Available: No

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SpyAnywhere Software Overview

What is SpyAnywhere

SpyAnywhere is a comprehensive desktop monitoring software that enables users to view activity logs and reports of their SpyAgent in real-time across remote locations. Users can access the activity logs and reports through any web-browser by logging into the secure online account provided by the monitoring software. Further, they also manage settings and perform remote uninstalls in a hassle-free manner.

Companies can install SpyAnywhere remote desktop monitoring software to keep a track of their employee’s activities. HRs get to view the words typed by each employee, sites visited and emails received or sent during working hours. Admins can also change monitoring related settings, clear logs and perform on-demand email deliveries as per their requirements. The employee desktop monitoring software sends real-time activity alerts in case it detects any unwanted behaviour within the connected systems.

What are the uses of SpyAnywhere Desktop Monitoring Software?

SpyAnywhere spy software for PC can be used for both employee desktop monitoring and personal uses. Below mentioned are a few of such possible uses:

  1. Remote Administration - The PC monitoring software enables company admins or departmental managers to remotely control all their workstations across any location, view computer file systems, desktop screenshots, running applications, conduct security audits and more.
  2. Spouse Monitoring - SpyAnywhere can help keep a check on your spouse’s activities.
  3. Parental Control - Parents can monitor and restrict the activities of their children on the computer. With SpyAnywhere, parents can set time schedules when their children will not be able to log in their system. Further, the software also sends in activity log related emails and abuse alerts to the parents.
  4. Employee Monitoring - Companies can keep track of their employees activities during working hours with SpyAnywhere, as the software records all words being typed, documents opened, sent and received emails and sites visited. Admins can also prevent their employees from visiting certain sites, copying files and running certain applications during working hours.

Pricing of SpyAnywhere Spy Software

The price of SpyAnywhere hidden spy software is available on request. You can send us a callback request, and our experts will get back to you.

Compatible platforms for SpyAnywhere

The spy software is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10, XP, NT, and 200x.

Benefits of SpyAnywhere Desktop Monitoring Software

  1. Real-time Remote Desktop and Webcam Viewing - Users can remotely view the screens of all connected computers and webcam in real-time using the monitoring software.
  2. Visual Overview - With SpyAnywhere, admins can view all connected desktops within a titled gallery along with their most recent screenshots. They can easily monitor all the happenings within a single screen.
  3. Detailed Graphical Reports - SpyAnywhere offers detailed graphical reports, enabling the admins to determine which users are most active, most visited websites, most used programs, popular internet connections, files and more.
  4. Computer Management - Admins of an organisation get to monitor the activities on all connected systems at once or they can also opt for individual views, using the centralized visual interface of SpyAnywhere.
  5. Instant Alerts - Users can specify certain keywords within SpyAnywhere, it will keep a watch on those keywords being used within websites and applications. Further, SpyAnywhere will send instant notifications to its users when it detects that a certain keyword is being used within its user’s system.

SpyAnywhere Features

  • Keystroke Logging With SpyAnywhere, users can view the keystrokes of other users in real-time through any web browser.
  • Remote Desktop Sharing Users can monitor all connected computers and webcams across any location in real-time through the software.
  • User Activity Logs Admins get to view the updated activity logs of their SpyAgents in real-time without any complication.
  • SpyAgent Management With SpyAnywhere, users can manage features and settings of their SpyAgent from remote locations.
  • Graphical reports for better analysis The detailed graphical reports offered by SpyAnywhere, helps the admins in keeping track of the most popular user activities in
  • Remote Uninstall Users can remotely uninstall their SpyAgent from any computer that is monitored by SpyAnywhere.
  • Control Monitoring Admins can start or stop the monitoring process assigned to a particular SpyAgent from their individual user accounts.
  • Remote Administration SpyAnywhere enables users to track the usage of websites and applications on monitored computers. They can manage files and even
  • File Transfer Tracking The software allows users to view and track all the files and folders shared and received by users along with the source and

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SpyAnywhere Specifications

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  • Windows MacOS
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based, Perpetual
  • ITES
  • All Businesses
  • English

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SpyAnywhere FAQ

Q. Q.1. What type of SpyAgent Settings are offered by SpyAnywhere? arrow

A. You can manage startup preferences, email log delivery settings, stealth options, captured screenshots and more.

Q. Q.2. How many screenshots can be stored within my SpyAnywhere Cloud account? arrow

A. Your cloud account can save up to 500 screenshots at a time. Once the limit is reached, the newer ones replace the older ones.

Q. Q.3.Can I get a demo of SpyAnywhere? arrow

A. Yes, Techjockey offers an online demo for SpyAnywhere. You just need to mention a preferable time schedule with your demo request.

Q. Q.4. How is the invisible remote administration feature offered by SpyAnywhere useful for its users? arrow

A. Users get full control of the connected desktop, they can manage stored files, open-closed windows and even lock the system as per their choice.

Q. Q.5.Does SpyAnywhere have a mobile app? arrow

A. No, SpyAnywhere does not have a dedicated mobile application.

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