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About Strawberry POS Restaurant Bar Software

Strawberry POS is a restaurant and bar management software that helps earn customer loyalty. This software is cost-effective and offers multitudes of benefits. It has an array of functionalities such as point of sale, inventory management, customer relationship management module, and finance management that offers unparalleled productivity to the hospitality business.



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About Strawberry POS

Nikola Tech Private Limited was conceptualized in 2015. The company offer a host of services to restaurants. It is a one stop shop whereby restaurant owners and managers can get all the solutions they need to operate their restaurant. The company has designed solutions such as strawberry Point of Sale that helps managers and owners seamlessly track their business operations and equip them with the necessary tools to succeed in a competitive environment. It also keeps the data safe and updated. The software can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. The company also offers a wide range of POS software for retail sectors such as super markets, multi chain warehouse and stores.
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Plans and Pricing



Rs. 30000.00 ( Per Year )

  • Manage your Inventory with Cost Details- This software solution helps you to track kitchen supplies
  • other ingredients and inventory level in real time basis with their respective prices. This helps you to keep a check on the prices of the vegetables and other ingredients required in the kitchen. This is one of the exclusive features of this software. 2. Cloud-Based Interface- With cloud-based interface this restaurant management software allows you to work smoothly. The data automatically gets sync into the cloud and can be remotely accessed anywhere through internet. 3. Mobile Ordering- Now your guest can simply order food through this mobile application. Instead of waiting in the queue for hours
  • your guest can order from their seat or wherever they are in the restaurant. 4. Table Ordering - A tablet is available on every table through which your guest can select their meal and directly send their order to the kitchen staff as it is integrated with point of sale. It also allows guests to track the status of their food order The same device enables the guest to make their payment through card from their seat only. This quickens the service
  • delivery and payment process. 5. Works Offline – Work seamlessly in times of poor internet connectivity or power failure. This software synchronizes your data when the internet connectivity is restored. 6. SMS marketing and Loyalty programs – Analyzing our visitors’ information and their food order pattern is a sly of cake with this software. This software helps you to plan special privileges or loyalty program for your loyal customers.


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