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About Sumopayroll

What is Sumopayroll?

Sumopayroll is a payroll and HR Management software that is deployed via means of cloud-based accounting network. The platform looks after payroll calculations, settlement reports and all the other necessary instruments for business. It helps in the efficient management of a given organization as it also generates reports and enables expense tracking in any given organization. 

Sumopayroll allows paying slip access to the employees anytime and anywhere, notifying them of their payroll processes online. Additionally, it helps manage leave requests, tax computation, and other requirements. With the increase in efficiency of productivity by quick uploading of data with accurate results, the time management feature of the app ensures minimal wastage of resources.

Pricing of Sumopayroll

The price of Sumopayroll is divided into two different categories. The plans are listed below -

  1. Monthly: Sumopayroll charges Rs.49 per employee per month.
  2. Yearly: The yearly pricing of the platform is Rs.39 per employee per month for a year.

Request for a callback and get more customized price options as we have deals and offers throughout the year. 

How Sumopayroll Works?

Sumopayroll requires some information on the employees of the company to begin its work. It effectively looks after the salary-based calculations and information apart from allowing access to the past payment records that were made to the employees. It comes with a timesheet that generates the salary slip based on the attendance of the employees, apart from providing them with the option of updating their information over the platform. This platform aims to eliminate the complexities of the HR function, increasing the efficiency of the business.

Sold By : Sumopayroll

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Sumopayroll Features

Manage everything about your employees in one central location. Our employee’s screen captures information such as personal info, contact details, bank information for payroll, compensation information, documents related to the employees for employees, such as driver license information and much more all available in one central location.
Create, Edit and Track changes in compensation. Employee compensation can be created by choosing pre-configured compensation types. Compensation history can be tracked at any point in time.
Process arrears for exiting employees with ease.
Track advances or employee data & loans with ease.
From address change to insurance change, an employee can access all the information they are entitled to and modify them if necessary
Define roles and their access levels at ease using the role designer
Use leave management module to manage employee requests for leave/vacation. Requests could be submitted to department supervisors/managers for approval.
Track your employee expense of different categories such as airfare, car rental, travel, and hotel etc. Expense reporting is simple as reporting time. Just pick the type of expense, date, and cost incurred, attach a file and you are done.
Running final settlements of the terminated employees is as simple as running payroll. It is easy to calculate the numbers based on the termination date
This payroll management application manages the attendance, overtime, and leaves of the employees, keeping the management away from the struggles of calculating attendance at the time of payroll.
Sumopayroll manages the payroll of the employees and keeps a detailed account of their working hours in the organization.
The major problem that any organization faces is in evaluating the given taxes in the form of TDS from employees. The platform looks after this issue as well.
 Employees are now empowered to know the status of their payroll through this application as it helps them to gain access to the past pay slips and notifies them of the online payroll processing.
This platform manages new employees joining the business and processes their payroll.
Sumopayroll enhances performance management by giving the users an insight into the actual reports and analysis of the real-time data.
This platform manages the shift of employees to keep a note of their pay while counting the payroll.
Sumopayroll oversees the management’s information system report, and provides a detailed view on the revenue, HR indices, etc.  
The timesheet feature maintains the employees total working time in a day.  
The platform enables API integration with other applications that provide efficiency in running the business.  
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Sumopayroll FAQs

From service providers to manufacturing shops to non-profits, our payroll software is designed to fit the payroll management needs of any most of companies.
Yes, we can sign up in the middle of the financial year. The existing payrolls can be moved, with the help of the option import file or it can be done manually.
Our payroll software is designed for business owners, not payroll experts. We’ve designed the screens to be straightforward and user-friendly, guiding you through each step of the payroll process.
Yes, it is.

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