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Trigent Counter Sale Software

Sold by : Trigent Infotech


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About Trigent Counter Sale Software

What is Trigent Counter Sale Software? 

Trigent Counter Sales Software is a top of the line fully integrated retail billing software. The software offers a robust and scalable solution for retailers to manage their retail stores, distribution channels, and dealers. This retail billing software has a one size fit for all design which makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Business owners can use this software to manage processes related to sales, inventory, purchases, financial accounting, billing and invoicing

Trigent Counter Sales Software has pre-integrated modules for GST ready features, which ensure high profit for retail businesses. The billing software offers retailers with modern business management features, along with Barcode enablement for effective billing. In addition to that, the software also provides a robust SQL server database, a location wise stock management database, and much more. 

Why should you use Trigent Counter Sale Retail Software? 

Trigent Counter Sales Software provides numerous advantages and guidance for business owners to ensure their business stays up and running. The software offers a 24 X 7 functional and technical support to make sure that they deliver appropriate solutions to user’s queries. Another important reason to use this retail billing is software is the strong database and the graphical user interface (GUI) it provides. 

Trigent Counter Sales Software uses a robust Microsoft SQL server equipped with advanced data security, in-memory performance, and in-database analytics. This helps the user to get in-depth information regarding their activities. Further, Microsoft Visual Studio for GUI facilitates the next-gen user interface design to boost the user confidence while using the software and help them work faster.

What are the features offered by Trigent Counter Sales retail and billing software? 

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Trigent Counter Sales Software: 

  1. Stock and inventory management
  2. Quick and easy billing
  3. Daily reports
  4. Barcode management
  5. Wastage or expiry stoppage
  6. Re-order management
  7. GST filing and E-way bill
  8. Credit Limit management

What is the price Trigent Counter Sales Retail Billing Software? 

The price of Trigent Counter Sales Software depends on various factors such as the type of operations, size of operations, number of employees, etc. For more information regarding the price of Trigent Counter Sales Software, please request a call.

Sold By : Trigent Infotech

Get Trigent Counter Sale Software support 22 Chatting right now

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Trigent Counter Sale Software Features

Business owners can maintain and monitor their stock in a suitable way. It allows them to set minimum level reminders and adjust the stock facing replacement.
The software generates over 100 daily reports as per the business needs to get information regarding material issue, receival report, stock ledger, stock below minimum level, and many more.
Trigent Counter Sales Software helps manage all the product’s information in a barcode for easy tracking.
The software helps in keeping track of expiry date of the materials and ensures that it is returned to the supplier before expiry.
This retail billing software offers a touch screen ready interface to access and use the system at a faster pace.
Business owners can easily reallocate the materials through re-order management. It results in the automation of the complete reorder process.
The retail billing software allows users to make GST compliant E-way bills for bulk orders and directly uploads them on the server.
Users can set credit limit for their customers and keep systematic track record of outstanding amount, reminders, etc.
The software offers a basic accounting module which helps in managing billing and payments with features such as, debtor reports, creditor reports, journal voucher entry, customer ledger, supplier ledger, etc.
This retail billing software identifies printing device attached to the PC to print out a variety of business-related documents.
Trigent Counter Sales Software generates a wide range of MIS reports on numerous business activities, such as, purchase, sales, pending Pos, cash flow, gross profit analysis, etc.

Get Trigent Counter Sale Software support22 Chatting right now

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Trigent Counter Sale Software Specifications


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Trigent Counter Sale Software FAQs

A. Yes, Trigent Counter Sales Software allows users to tag their products through RFID or QR codes.
A. This retail billing software performs detailed analysis on all items to generate double percentage discounts.
A. No, Trigent Counter Sales Software offers a one-time purchase license for which updates have to be purchased separately.
A. Trigent Counter Sales Software save all the user information on premise through Microsoft SQL server.
A. Trigent Counter Sale Software does not have a mobile app as of now.

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