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100 /user/month

Below are the various available versions:
  • INR 150/user/month for Standard version
  • INR 200/user/month for Professional versions (minimum 20 users)
  • Implementation cost of INR 10,000 will be additional (irrespective of version)

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EssentialSFA is a robust mobility solution specially designed for phrama companies. Available in both online and offline versions, the solution help companies manage the sales team(s) effectively. For most of the companies, the sales person are on field face certain challenges pertaining to network connectivity and the system like unavailability of seamless mobile and internet connectivity and hence it impacts their productivity. To meet this need, the solution offers a mobile app which is designed to work in offline or online (2G or 3G ) mode which can take care of the reporting needs. In case a user is offline, they can submit their daily report, order booking, tour program, customer view, E-detailing, and more. Once the user is back online, they can upload all of their pending actions to the server. The actual location and actual time of customer visit can also be captured in local storage & synced to server when internet is available.

Product Features
EssentialSFA is a holistic solution which caters to all the needs of managing a sales team (especially for pharma companies). Since the business requires distribution to remote areas for better reach, at times the field force deployed doesn't get good internet and mobile network and hence the entire reporting and supply chain gets a hit. For this, the solution has been designed in a way that it can be accessed both in online mode and offline mode as well. This helps the company keep a track of activities being undertaken by the field force team(s). Other than this, below are certain features that the solution pertains:
  • Daily call report - Through the solution, the salesperson can create report(s) of the calls that they make to prospects, create monthly plans, a submit plans for approval, create tour programs, etc.
  • Expense Management - Using the solution, expense process can be configured manually or fully automatically, executives can claim their expenses after the completion of DCR Entry, submit the monthly expense to serior management for approval along with attachments .
  • Target VS. Sales - Targets can be set HQ wise, month wise or brand wise, etc. and sales can be captured through the ERP to determine the gap (if any).
  • Sample/Gift inventory - With the software, users can issue and track gifts and samples to field force and their further distribution to doctors and chemists. Companies can determine the available balance of Gifts and Samples left with MRs. Companies can also track distributed sample & gift product to doctors & chemist in a specific period of time.
  • Enterprise modules - Users can schedule online training for medical reps, create auto reminders for doctor's birthday/anniversary to send SMS
  • Data entry - The users can punch in data for the activities on offline mode or even when they are not connected to internet. Also, customer entries can be punched in with physical presence.
  • GPS location tracking - One of the most important needs of Pharma companies is to track the MRs location and the solution empowers them for the same. Admin can track any MR as per the need even when the sales rep is offline/not connected to internet
  • User friendly - The solution is quite user friendly for all user types, eg: sales reps, admin, etc.
  • Integration - The solution can be easily integrated with other applications running in the system like ERP, accounting, etc.

About The Comapny
Essentialsoft is a leading software services provider within and outside India with a huge clientele across healthcare, FMCG and sports goods industries with more than 150 clients, including some of the India's reputed exporters in pharmaceutical Industry. EssentialSoft products and services help companies in various sectors effectively meet their business challenges. In the past ten years, the company has been one of the best software and web solution providers thus giving new dimensions to the customization of the latest software technology according to the needs of the client(s). The company understands client's business needs and works towards creating ultimate solutions to meet the same. The company specializes in working on Microsoft Technologies, Sun Technologies and ERPs. Whether it is ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning, SCM - Supply Chain Management, CRM - Customer Relationship Management, SFA- Sales Force Automation, BI - Business Intelligence, e-Commerce, any applications, systems and technology integration, the company has excelled development of solutions on the same.

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