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IEV is a technically robust ERP solution that is user friendly, very rich in functionality and customizable as per client’s requirements. The solution gives user the power to leverage information technology and take Industrial Corporation to new heights of productivity, efficiency and quality control. The solution has various integrated modules like Finance, Accounts, Production, MRP I & II, Distribution inter-relate seamlessly and provide real-time information to one another.

Product Features
IEV is one of the oldest ERP solutions and has been deployed over 700 sites. The solution has tried to cater to almost all important business verticals like production planning, finance & accounts, sales and distribution, purchases and inventory, quality and support, etc. Below are certain specific modules of the solution:
Finance and accounts –
• Inventory (Item) - Sale + Purchase: Account
• Active/Non Active Master items/parties
• Budget Accounting (On-line/Off-line)
• Built - in Audit controls
• Multi-Currency Support, Foreign Exchange Variance
• Funds Flow/Cash Flow
• Bill-Passing Advice/Audit - Report Generation
• Bank Advice & Cheque Printing Module
• Post-Dated Cheque (Payments/Receipts)
• Loan Accounting (Fixed Deposits/Investments)
• Bank Reconciliation, Interest, Bank-Limit Utilization
• Provision Accounting (On-line/Off-line)
• Fixed-Assets Accounting with Depreciation
• Division (Cost Center/Profit - Center) - A/C
• Sales - Tax/VAT Set - Off/Return
• Foreign Exchange Purchase/Sales
• Multiple Audit Closure
• Inter cost center Secondary Allocation
• WIP Shop/sub-Contractor Value Added Accounting
• Dealer Security deposit and Incentive schemes
• Flexible Finance Allocation
• Supplementary Invoice of Retrospective Rate Changes
• Captive capitalization
• SBU Accounting with self-balancing J.V. Multiple Trial Balancing
• Sale Bill (Invoice) Discounting
• Purchase - Bill Discounting Realization and Crystallization of Discounted Bills
• Agent Accounting
• Transporter Bill Passing W.R.T. Invoicing Lorry Receipt (LR) Module
• Joint Venture Parallel Accounting
• Insurance - Transit and Fixed Assets
• Depot/Branch/C&F/Consignment Agent
• Interface for EFT (Electronically Fund Transfer)
• Letter of Credit - Purchase/Sales
• GAAP and IFRS Compliance
• Bank Guarantee, Earnest Money, Security Deposit etc.
Purchase –
• Pre-P.O. Cycle (Indent/Enquiry/Quotation)
• Purchase Order Preparation/Amendments
• Supplier Bill Passing
• Vendor Registration
• Vendor Rating
Inventory –
• Inventory (Item) - Order + GIN + Delivery Challan Multiple Warehouses/Shops
• Multiple Inventory Valuation Methods (- FIFO, Weighted Average, LIFO,
• Standard Rate, Last Purchase Rate, COGS)
• Item wise Inventory valuation method
• Physical Stock Adjustments
• PO/GIN, SO/Invoice: Many to Many Relationships
• Alternate Bill of Material (up to n’ levels)
• Bye-Product Quantity/Valuation Automation
• Customer-GIN (Inspection) Report Generation
• Inventory Lot/Batch Tracking
• Drum Tracking/Container tracking
• Auxiliary unit of measurement FIFO transaction Control
• Rejection Quantity Module
• Finished Goods Production
• Inventory items organized by Size or by Units
• Export - Packing Hierarchy Documentation Containers (Bottles/Cylinders) Accounting
• Import Accounts (Bill of Entry, C/A, Bond/De-bond)
• Import/Export Benefit Schemes
• (Advance License/Authorization EPCG/DEPB/DBK/Ct1/CT3/Bond/LUT)
• Automatic Item Code generation
• Works Order Tracking
• Bin Placement & Picking Automation
• In Process - Line, Rejection and Salvaging (ATR, RTA)
• Rework - Machine Log + Quantity + Value addition
Quality Modules –
• Parameterize Quality Check
• Definition of Quality plans for each item
• Quality check interlock
• Generation of Test Certificate
• Pre Dispatch inspection (PDI)
• In-Process Quality checks
• Statistical Quality controls based on sample plan
• Line Rejection (Accepted to Rejected)
• Salvage (Rejected to Accepted)
• Recording of reasons for rejection and analysis
• Facility to Hold the items for quality check and its subsequent disposal
• Interim QC
Production Planning & Control –
• Standard BOM/Project BOM definition
• Alternate Bill of Materials (upto n’ levels)
• Auto Item code and Auto BOM generation
• MRP based on MPS, Forecast or Sales Order
• MRP (Auto Indent Generation/Bought - Out Schedule)
• MRP based: Auto Works Order Generation + Machine loading
• MRP based Auto Purchase Order Generation
• Multi Stage Production Process Definition
• Historic trend based Material Requirement Generation
• Production - Account Bill-of-Material
• Tool/Gauges/Fixture Calibration & Monitoring
Production & Maintenance –
• Machine - Operation Logging, Monitoring and Costing
• Die - Fabrication, Maintenance, Tracking, Costing
• Tools (dies/moulds) Amortization
• Apportion (Excise, Fixed Asset, Life)
• Multi Stage Production Process - Yield Calculation Scrap Accounting (Production)
• Sub-Contractor IN (Job-Work) & TDS Accounting
• Sub-Contractor OUT and related tracking
• Loan Licensee
• Quality Control at all stages
• Repair/Frequency/Checkpoint and Sequence
• Machine Maintenance - Preventive, Scheduled, Breakdown
• Machine enhancements/upgrades
Sales & Dispatch –
• Pre-Sales Order (S.O.) Cycle (Enquiry/Quotation)
• Depot/C&F/C.A. &. Interface with Head Office + Works
• Field Management System closely interfaces with Head office
• Sales Budget Calculation
• (Product x Customer x Month x Quantity x Price)
• User Defined Sales Organization Structure
• Sales Price List Control Module
• Sales/Marketing Scheme
• Dispatch Order
• Period slab-wise Discount (Trade/Cash) for Purchase & Sales transactions
Supporting Modules –
• Material Inspection * & Q/C Module (Interlocking)
• Dashboard - Graphical Analysis for Finance
• Audit Trail of Modified/Deleted Transaction
• User defined On-Line Printing of Masters/Transactions
• Transaction Authorization before Posting
• Essential functionality monitored by Drill Down Queries
• Bar Code interface for Material Handling Transaction
• Human Resource Development modules
• User wise Rights/Security Transaction level
• Functional Rights - Role based
• Activity Alerts - SMS or Email
• Built - in Audit controls
• Multiple Company Functionality Inter-Group Company’s Funds/Goods Transfer
• Trial Balance Group Consolidation
• Intranet Portal - Web Interface for users
• Warranty Claims Management and Automation
• Route/Mobile Van Sales System
• Extranet Portal (customer/vendor/sub-contractor) Intranet (Enterprise users)
• Browser based system
• STN Automation - Transfer OUT/Transfer IN
• Transit Tracking
• EDI Interface per transaction type
• Query Engine for Extracting/Exporting Data to Excel
• Remote Transfer: To and Fro to remote Server
• Report Generation (Modify Existing Reports)
• User Defined reports
• Screen Hooks (Development tool)
• Mail/Date - Reminder/Transaction – Memo
• Automated workflow

About The Company

PCSOFT is an IT solutions development company engaged in the business of providing Integrated ERP Software for Manufacturers since 1988. PCSOFT currently has a dynamic team of 100 highly qualified executives, possessing unmatched proficiency in all facets of ERP software, including technology procreation, development, implementation and support. The company has great exposure to real life ERP implementation spanning over a Million Man Days and includes in excess of 700 site deployments. The company believes that the upshot of their narrow focus and dedication to a singular craft has helped gain superior domain knowledge and core-competence as compared to other Indian IT players who prefer to chase hundreds of unrelated markets (like BPO, bespoke software development and others). The company has single focus and commitment to ERP technology and have been a single product/single market company from the start.

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