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Prol'IFIC is an integrated back office accounting software solution for hotels, restaurants, catering companies, membership clubs, etc. that spans the functions of materials management, food & beverage costing and back office accounting. Developed specifically for the hospitality segment, Prol’IFIC conforms to the uniform system of hospitality accounting.

Product Features:

Shared IT Infrastructure
Multiple hotels can be hosted on a single shared server reducing investment and the skilled IT resources required to administer the system while improving server availability (through high-availability back-ups) and data security. Users access the system using a web browser, connected to the shared server, over a commercially available broadband Internet. 
Anywhere, Anytime Computing
Unlike traditional systems, web based applications and data can be accessed from anywhere, any me. So, departmental heads can initiate or approve purchases even from home, purchase managers can look up history data while in the marketplace and financial managers can access reports even when away on business travel.
Standardized Information & Processes
Parameters and codes can be set-up centrally and can be enforced. Forms and processes can be made uniform across the chain. Reports can be formatted consistently for easy readability and comparison. Web Prol’IFIC assist in standardizing back office information.
Better Decision Making
As all reports can be accessed from anywhere, materials and financial managers have the freedom to take decisions based on up-to-the-minute information. Corporate managers can view consolidated and comparative information, across the chain, at will. 
Improved Inter-unit Workflow
Where inter-unit transactions are common, considerable effort and expertise are expended on reconciliation. Unit collects payment from customers on behalf of other units, where one hotel makes supplier payments on behalf of other units, stock items are transferred from one unit to another, the chain head office orders materials centrally or where one unit loans funds to another. Web Prol’IFIC includes a workflow for all these cases.
Business Intelligence
Web Prol’IFIC is programed with a variety of reports that conform to the uniform system of hospitality accounting. Data may be exported to office software, like excel, for adhoc analysis.
Partial List of Property Features:
Multiunit debtor’s collection
Consolidated debtors reporting
Interunit supplier payments
Consolidated creditors reporting
Interunit stock transfers
Consolidated stock status
Comparative purchase rates
Consolidated financial reports
Comparative financial reports

About the Company:
Prologic First is an employee owned software development and marketing company based in India. The company was formed in 1997 by a group of highly experienced hospitality IT professionals. Company’s earliest project was to develop new technology hospitality software products for Prologic SA, France. It has, since, evolved into a leading provider of integrated software solutions for hospitality and related verticals.

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