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Prol'IFIC is an integrated back office accounting software solution for hotels, restaurants, catering companies, membership clubs, etc. that spans the functions of materials management, food & beverage costing and back office accounting. Developed specifically for the hospitality segment, Prol’IFIC conforms to the uniform system of hospitality accounting.



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About Prologic First

Prologic First is an employee-owned software development and marketing company based in India. It was formed in 1997 by a group of highly experienced hospitality IT professionals. it's the earliest project was to develop new technology hospitality software products for Prologic SA, France. It has, since, evolved into a leading provider of integrated software solutions for the hospitality and related verticals.
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Prol'IFIC is a single integrated back office software solution for hospitality businesses that covers:
  • Materials requisitions
  • Purchase
  • Receiving
  • Stock Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Recipe Management
  • F&B Cost Analysis
  • Debtors Accounting
  • Payables Management
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Reporting
The Uniform System of Hospitality Accounting is the most widely used standard for accounting in the lodging, food service and leisure industries. Prol'IFIC conforms with this standard. It is a rare (possibly, the only) hospitality accounting software that prepares the monthly P&L statements recommended by the standard with site specific data without manual intervention. Improving reliability of information while reducing manual effort.
The materials management modules of Prol'IFIC offer powerful cost control features.
  • Control purchases requisitions by making them subject to approvals & budget review.
  • Review purchases orders against purchase history & quotations on hand.
  • Analyze purchases by item or vendor.
  • Monitor consumption by cost centre, item type and consumption trends.
  • Compare actual consumption with potential consumption based on sales & recipes.
  • Analyze inventory by age, consumption volume, stock on hand and more.
Use of Prol'IFIC results in tangible cost savings that offer a measurable and quick return on your investment.
Data flows electronically across Prol'IFIC modules, reducing errors and human effort in posting 'Transfer Journals' to the General Ledger. Back Office operations are virtually paperless yet subject to all usual reviews and controls. Transactions, once posted, cannot be edited. They can be corrected leaving a clear auditable trail. No matter how large or how remote your operations, you can be confident that the reports you see from Prol'IFIC truly reflect the status of your inventory, cost and accounts. Many functions may be automated to save manual effort. Example:
  • Initiate purchase based on stock levels & re-order policy. Revise re-order policy. Re-order based on most recent purchase.
  • Replenish current assets in rooms, public areas and F&B outlets based on par stocking policies.
  • Allocate costs to Departments based on pre-set formulae.
  • Write-down pre-paid expenses over a period.
  • Compute and post transfer journals with clear supporting audit trail.
Prol'IFIC is interfaced with
  • Prologic First's WISH .NET Front Office PMS
  • Fidelio / Opera front office PMS from Micros, Inc USA
  • Protel front office PMS from Protel, Hotel Software GmbH
  • OnQ PMS of Hilton Hotels
  • Hilton Front Office Statistics Data Ttransfer (U.A.E.)
  • Micros POS from Micros, Inc. USA
  • Sage (U.K.) payroll systems
  • PayPac India payroll systems
  • Market Boomer (U.A.E.)
  • Fidelio Inventory
  • eTds by Fast Facts India
Generic interfaces allow import of 3rd party Journals into the Prol'IFIC General Ledger and export of purchase and consumption Journals into 3rd party accounting systems.
Prol'IFIC exports data to Corporate Prol'IFIC for chain wide consolidation of : Debtors
  • Financial Reports
  • Purchases
  • Consumption
  • Stocks
For a truly hospitality specific back office software that delivers tangible benefits, choose Prol'IFIC today.

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  • Enterprise Configuration
  • Central Purchase
  • Multi-unit Materials Analytics
  • Inter-unit Stocks Accounting
  • Enterprise F&B Costing
  • Consolidated Debtors & Creditors Ledger
  • Consolidated General Ledger & Financial
  • Multi-currency Operations


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