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SPG Technologies CRM software caters to small and standard sized businesses by providing flexible and easy customer relationship management opportunity that helps maintain accurate records of communication with the customers. It benefits businesses with an ideal solution for those who need to manage their customer and sales databases without any additional charge of purchasing firm CRM programming. SPG CRM has been designed to address the shortcomings in the CRM industry.
Product Features
Tele Marketing: This feature enables contacting and qualifying prospective customers using telecommunication system that helps market your goods and services to potential customers over the telephone.
  • Marketing: This feature comes with marketing automation that helps businesses to cherish every lead. With the help of marketing campaigns, more leads can be generated instantly. It is quite easy for businesses to capture leads and segment contacts automatically depending upon the email opens, web browsing activities, link clicks and custom tags.
  • Service and Support: This feature provides a powerful solution that helps improve customer satisfaction and productivity by automating customer support processes. It centralizes customer requests with adjacent channels to support and manage inbound emails, identifies bugs, sympathizes knowledge, and standardize customer issues.
About The Company
SPG Technologies is an IT service provider company founded in 2011. It is a fast emerging CRM software company and has received industry recognition as one of the foremost providers in this software field. The company is committed to deliver effective solutions with the best skilled and dedicated people integrated with latest tools and techniques to provide utmost customer satisfaction.

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