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True Sales Tracker from Truelogics is a cloud based sales and customer relationship management tool that enable businesses to track overall sales activities of the sales staff and provide comprehensive customer service for utmost customer satisfaction. This online solution is a quick fix for the effective management of the sales activities and enhances customer relationships at the same time. The software allows the employees to create and manage calendars and events to keep a track of scheduled customer services and to-do lists. Efficient management of employees and customers is also facilitated in this software.

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About Truelogics Infotech Private Limited

Truelogics Infotech Private Limited is a established and growing IT Company with a vision to provide extensive IT solutions and services. Truelogics provides wide range of services including software development, website maintenance, web design, web application development, online and offline database management, e- commerce solutions, search engine optimization, site promotion, customized application development for B2B and B2C along with offshore outsourcing services.

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 Remote Access

Being a cloud based solution Sales Tracker facilitates remote access thereby allowing access anytime from anywhere. This in turn allows the users to take effective decisions well in-time based on the anywhere anytime information availability.

 Lead Management

Easy Tracking of leads allows the business to explore better opportunities contributing to improve business sales and profitability.


Customize look and feel of the software provides user friendly interface that is simple and easy to use and quickly accessible by the sales team.

 Customer Support

Easy communication with customers through social media (Facebook, twitter, linked in) has been integrated with this software so as to keep the customers and sales team updated and bonded.

Employee Database

Details of all the employees including leads assigned can be managed here. This module allows to trace the status of the leads as well so as to administer the sales services provided to the leads

Plans and Pricing


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₹ 300.00

  • Remote Access
  • Quick View Reports
  • Track Leads
  • Customization and Flexibility: Connect With Customers
  • Maintain Employee Database.
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