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True Restaurant Management

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12,000 /year

  • The above price is for basic module with limited features
  • Price for Professional edition is INR50,000/year

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True Restaurant Management from Truelogics Infotech is an ultimate restaurant automation solution facilitating the restaurants to manage all operations and activities effectively. The automation implies to various departments including banquet, wine and dine, recipe, KOT, payroll, inventory, accounts and employee among others. The software is a complete solution catering to the needs of effective management of resources and processes in a restaurant or hotel.

Product Features
True Restaurant Management software enhances the performance of restaurants in customer service, orders, stock management, items management, payroll management and reduces the time, effort and cost(s) to manage overall operations in the restaurants. Highly integrated and user friendly solution provides various operations categorized and specific modules for flawless functions. True Restaurant Management is a reliable and secure software solution with the following features:
  • Banquet Management: This module help businesses manage billing, catering, booking and reservation, menu packages, item consumption and many more.
  • Food and Beverage Management: Using this module, restaurants can create recipes, administer KOT (food consumption), food costs, item consumption against KOT, etc.
  • Report Management: Empowered with the customizable reports, the software facilitates generation of reports including sales analysis report, monthly reports, daily sales, KOT reports, discount report, void item/complimentary, sales register, and POS.
  • Inventory Management: Purchase order, issue (department wise), direct purchases/issues, vendors, stock transactions along with the opening and closing stock can be well managed with this interactive module.
  • Payroll Management: This module contributes to the efficient management and monitoring attendance, ESI/PF, leave salary calculation, employee data management and staff assignment.
  • KOT Management: This module helps to add/edit KOT, void KOT, table KOT transfer, KOT print (direct kitchen), NC KOT/ complimentary KOT along with packing/home delivery KOT management.
  • Restaurant Billing Management (Touch screen/Normal Billing): Restaurants can enhance the performance in billing, KOT management, table transfers, guest CRM, home delivery/packing, take away, discount and offers, coupons and card management, etc.
  • Centralized Report Management: Various useful reports including sales, payments, guest ledger, inventory etc. can be generated effortlessly with the centralized report management module.
  • Accounts Management: All daily transactions, debit and credit notes, journal entries, balance sheet and other crucial accounting operations can be easily and well managed with this module.
  • Employee Management: Employee details with vital information, salary structure, leaves etc. for each employee can be recoded and accessed from within this module.
About The Company
Truelogics Infotech Private Limited is a established and growing IT Company with a vision to provide extensive IT solutions and services. Truelogics provides wide range of services including software development, website maintenance, web design, web application development, online and offline database management, e- commerce solutions, search engine optimization, site promotion, customized application development for B2B and B2C along with offshore outsourcing services.

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