3 Marketing Strategies for Dealerships to Boost Efficiency and Save Money

| October 22, 2018
Marketing Strategies for Dealerships


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Marketing Strategies for DealershipsToday’s automotive dealerships have a lot of digital marketing tools available as compared to the past. Targeted Facebook ads, e-mailers, web push, etc. have proved their mettle as reliable marketing options. Platforms such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc. also come with a dashboard for reports, insights and analytics. With the sheer volume of options out there, digital marketing strategies for dealerships involve managing different platforms simultaneously and accomplishing a lot with limited resources.

But options can also lead to a lot of confusion and result in the investment of significant finances across multiple channels. The ROI generated in such cases does not justify the money spent on marketing strategies for dealerships and can cause a major dent in finances.

Best 3 Marketing Strategies for Dealerships to Boost Efficiency and Save Money:

  1. Use Website Engagement Tools

If you own a website, you must have got different conversion tools to analyse the engagement of customers and visitors. However, if your tools aren’t working in an integrated manner, you are likely to miss out on leads and opportunities.

If a customer visits your dealership & expresses a clear interest in a vehicle, a salesperson would perhaps offer a test drive or walk them through the buying process. However, when a shopper comes to your website, engages with your offerings and is willing to invest, you can’t convince him/ her in person about making the final investment.

Fortunately, website engagement tools like live chat, visitor recording software and A/B testing software can come as a saviour. These can play a significant role in moving the conversation forward & keeping customers engaged. This means helping customers with their requirements, developing trust and keeping the buying funnel moving. Without these follow-up interactions, you risk interrupting the buying process and making it stagnant.

Additionally, conversational tools can be integrated with each other, leading to efficient data storage. Customer details can be easily tracked, and the sales and marketing teams can use them to attract more leads and convert them into sales.

  1. Reduce Website Clutter

Have you ever been on a website that has both a live-chat and a “speak to a rep” option? Has it happened to you that multiple pop-ups appeared on your screen simultaneously, all competing for your attention? This is just clutter and noise, which distracts and irritates the user.

Take for instance, a person who wishes to speak with a car salesperson. If multiple pop-ups appear on the screen, he/ she will be confused about which engagement tool to use? This adds unnecessary confusion to the lead nurturing process. To a customer, it’s equivalent to interacting with three different salespeople, all of whom conversing at the same time.

This kind of redundancy in website design leads to overspending on tools and an annoying situation for website visitors.

  1. Use Your Sales Data to Identify Potential Customers

Your sales data is a repository of information that you can harness to target more leads. You can analyse the sales data to build customer personas - Who are your target customers, what are they buying/showing interest in and what’s their average budget. Once you know the nitty gritty of your customers, you can create effective marketing strategies for dealerships.

Cogxim DMS is a trusted dealership software that you can use to analyse sales data. It has a dedicated module for the same, through which you can extract correct customer information and build a persona. Additionally, the solution allows you to view reports based on different metrics like seasons with most/least sales, cars with most/least sales, customer conversion rates, so on and so forth. Besides the reporting module, the DMS also comes with modules for sales & lead management, inventory, accounting, billing, spare parts handling and more.

Wrapping Up

Along with these three strategies, you can also make the most of social media platforms like Instagram to boost your marketing efforts.


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