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about_details_pp About eMsys AutoNet


AutoNet software is an automobile management System. It is a comprehensive solution that simplifies day-to-day operations and increases performance efficiency. It is a centralized application that captures customer, vehicle and inventory information to facilitate better inventory management and provide visibility on dealer operations across geographies. With multi-platform support, the solution allows multiple users and provides maximum Security with controlled access to the system. This Windows based solution is highly integrated supporting Tally Bridge, SMS, inventory and accounting operations from a single platform.

Product Features
AutoNet is fast, flexible, intelligent and centralized solution that empowers the auto and spare parts dealers with automated sales, services, spares, accounts and marketing tools all available on a single platform. This cutting edge solution provides quick and accurate information along with the unmatchable business administration. Acquainted with MIS (Management Information System), EIS (Executive Information System), DIS (Digital Image System), GIS (Geographic Information System) technology, AutoNet also supports distributed network system. Developed with Microsoft .NET frame work 3.5, Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 as database engine, the software maps to the advanced technology for complete automation. Due to the integrated and uniformed systems functioning the organization gets all the benefits with higher quantity output per man hour, satisfactory information Exchange, higher prompt margins, better quality output and effective cost control. The software also allows DMS connectivity and linking along with RTO linking over DMS. Forefront features of AutoNet include:

  • Sales: Overall sales operations can be effectively managed from within this interactive module. With distributed network system, this flexible solution allows management of sales operations from a centralized platform. Extensive enquiry management and follow-ups are enabled in the system allowing the businesses to walk an extra mile for improved profitability. This module captures all details pertaining to vehicle actual status on vehicle history, depending of gate pass viz. PDI, display showroom, sub dealer, delivery customer, etc. Online form 20, Form 21, CR-Temp, Form 19 and delivery certificate can also be issued here. The details of vehicle inventory unsold, vehicles on hold, allotted, PDI, display, branch wise, location wise, valuation wise can be obtained here. Vehicle unsold stock with interest valuation is also enabled and registered/ unregister vehicle statements can be printed.
  • Service: Businesses can focus on their services to provide enhanced customer experience with intuitive service features available in this module. The software administers each service activity, tracks the workforce involved in service delivery and controls the service quality as well. Service bills can be generated effortlessly. Status of all service orders can be readily tracked on the fly. Service redemption report can be generated for service analysis. With SMS integration, service reminders and appointments can be notified to the customers. Job wise in time and out time analysis can be effectively performed.
  • Spares:  The software facilitates perfect spares inventory management with this module. Spares can be categorised and barcoded for smooth functioning. Sales module is integrated so as to automatically update the inventory as a transaction takes place in the system. Spares stock can be evaluated with the pre-defined details and certain filters in the system. All spares purchases can also be well managed here. Along with supplier management, purchase orders can be raised, order status can be tracked and purchase returns can be recorded. MS / OMS stock can be accurately maintained in this module. Auto import of spares and vehicles dispatched through DMS company software is facilitated. Spare inventory linking with job card is facilitated and spares category wise discount structures can be defined.
  • Accounts: Overall accounting processes are allowed to be managed by this comprehensive module.  Day book , bank book, bank reconciliation( cheque submission / clearing), journal registers, account ledgers , account balances statements, trial balance , final accounts (balance sheet , p & l account), debtor’s / creditor’s summery , salesman wise outstanding, ageing wise outstanding, outstanding receipts / payments ageing wise amount wise sale / purchase vat registers daily, monthly and bill wise can be errorlessly managed with accounting tools. Voucher entry and conversion of transactions has been automated in accounts module.
  • Marketing: Various marketing plans can be defined and effortlessly executed in this module. The marketing module helps defining deals and offers and other campaigns to be run to cater to more business profitability. Comparison of all marketing activities can be efficiently be performed with analytical features that help in effective decision making and evaluation the marketing activities conducted in past.

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about_specification_ppeMsys AutoNet Specification

Organization Type :

  • SMEs

  • Mid Market

  • Enterprise

  • Startups
No. of Employees
  • 1-10
  • 11-15
  • 16-200
  • 201-500
Platform :
  • win Windows
Deployment :
  • PerpetualPerpetual
Suitable For :
  • Automobiles
  • English

about_features_ppeMsys AutoNet Features

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Get daily sales. Spares. Service etc and many more report. Also get consolidated (branch, location) report at one place. Discrepency Reports. Unsolt vehicle Reports. Insurance Detail. Report. Finance wise sale / outstanding/ late Payment / performance reports. Daily Status Reports.  

  • Vehicle Information

  • Supplier Management

  • Alert

  • Warrranty Management

  • Sales Management

  • Multi Branch

  • Billing and Invoicing

  • Stock Management

  • Job Card Management

  • Accounting & Taxation

  • Advance Order Booking

  • Data Security

  • Integrated Module

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