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AutoBooom (Dealership Management Software)

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About AutoBooom (Dealership Management Software)

What is AutoBooom DMS? 

AutoBooom DMS is  software for automobile dealers. Auto retailers can provide all types of pre and post-sales services and manage it from this automobile workshop software. It keeps a comprehensive record of all the clients and tracks their progress in terms of sales cycle individually. AutoBooom DMS is developed by a team of experienced automobile industry consultants and software engineers to provide first-class features to users. 

Modules of AutoBooom DMS

This dealership management software offers four individual modules to manage their storefront efficiently. Here is a short introduction of the modules it offers: 

  1. Vehicle Sales: This module offers an innovative inquiry system that includes both pre-sales and follow-up communications. Dealership owners with multiple branches of automobile showroom or those involved in the regular stock transfer can work seamlessly through this module.  
  2. Vehicle Spares & Service: Dealerships can make use of this feature for managing all the legal documentation related work and spare part purchases. It also assists in the management of client history. 
  3. Accounts: Accounts module generates comprehensive tax reports with respect to different GST forms. Plus, it also helps in the creation of balance sheets, credit limit alerts, automated bank reconciliation statements, etc. 
  4. Extra Features: This incorporates various minute functions such as the import system of a vehicle, maintenance of all the spares in excel or text file, etc. This module also enables SMS and email integrations. 

Features of AutoBooom DMS 

Here is a quick rundown of features offered by AutoBooom DMS: 

  1. Powerful security module
  2. Available in both online and offline version
  3. Pre-Sales enquiry
  4. CRM Management 
  5. Vehicle sales, post-sale service and spares management
  6. Complete accounting with GST module 
  7. Multi-location/Multi-branch modules 
  8. Cloud backup 

Price of AutoBooom DMS: 

The price of AutoBooom DMS is Rs. 22,000/- for the first year, after that there is an annual maintenance charge of Rs. 5,900/- pa. 

Benefits of AutoBooom DMS: 

Here are a few benefits of AutoBooom DMS listed below: 

  1. All data is transferred to Tally with a single click. 
  2. On cloud storage facility 
  3. Customer referral program through a loyalty program. 
  4. The dealership management software integrates a barcode scanner. 

Sold By : Innojar Tech Pvt. Ltd

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AutoBooom (Dealership Management Software) Features

The software offers comprehensive insights into daily operations through business analytics. Business owners can identify their operational pain points and work on it appropriately. 
This dealership management software saves all the important details of a vehicle, such as engine number, registration number, purchaser details, etc for quick reconciliation. 
Users can maintain a comprehensive list of all the inventory items such as spares, vehicles, etc. in AutoBooom DMS. It automatically manages the inventory on checkout of any item. 
Automobile showrooms can create a thorough list of vendors along with tracking payments. 
 This feature allows users to manage the workforce and asses their performance on multiple attributes. 
A job card is generated whenever a lead is generated, and it is closed when the sales process is completed. The software allows users to track failed sales cases individually for review process. 
AutoBooom DMS generates system alerts through SMS for sales, credit rate, etc. in real-time. 
The software performs complicated tax and accounts-related calculation. It automatically congregates all the bills and expenses for computational process. 
Users can track and supervise warranty on all the vehicles after sales to customers. 
AutoBooom DBS can be integrated with the online portals to take advance orders. 
Business owners can track their sales and performance of every sales personnel through AutoBooom dealership management software. 
Business owners can initiate discount offers and manage it through this dealership management software. E.g., it automatically considers the discount rates for orders. 
The security feature of AutoBooom DBS generates visitor passes for non-customer visitors who come for business meetings. 
This dealership management software offers features that allow business owners to manage the insurance of all the vehicles, spare parts, etc. in their showroom. 
The software allows showroom owners to provide online enquiry portal for their customers.
Automobile dealers who operate in multiple locations can use AutoBooom DMS for managing all their chains in different locations with a single license effortlessly. 
This software uses cloud-based storage system which automatically synchronizes data from different departments automatically.
Business owners can track their finances intelligently with AutoBooom DMS. The dealership management software offers calculation of ROI in expenses and generation of cash flow statement. 
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AutoBooom (Dealership Management Software) FAQs

AutoBooom DMS is not available for smartphones as of now.
AutoBooom DMS is a web-based software that can be accessed through a web browser. Hence, there are no mandatory system requirements.
All updates for AutoBooom DMS are covered under your annual maintenance charges.
Yes, Techjockey provides demo for AutoBooom DMS. Please request a call to avail the demo.
AutoBooom DMS offers an offline mode when there is no internet connection. It automatically uploads data on the cloud when the internet connection is restored.

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