Top 7 Dealership Management Software Companies in India

dealership management software

Have you been using different systems for each of your multiple car dealership showrooms instead of a standardized one? Well, perhaps it’s time to switch to another dealership management software which facilitates centralised management.

Top 7 Dealership Management Software in India

In addition to this, it will help you render quicker and more reliable services by automating & integrating various functions of your business.

dealership management software

7 Best Auto Dealership Management Software List:

Look at these 7 automobile dealership software to streamline your dealership business.

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To get a fully integrated dealership management software that will streamline your dealership business, read further:

  • eMsys Autonet

eMsys Autonet serves the automobile industry by offering an upgraded automobile dealership management software. It helps dealership owners get a deep insight of their business and broaden their professional horizons. It is a flexible and scalable system, promoting automation and integration of various processes. In addition to it, it allows integration with third-party software smoothly.

  • AutoBooom

AutoBooom is a dealership management software system which helps in automobile sale and service management. It has some interesting modules, which can help you in managing both the showroom and workshop with ease.

Bar code module is one of them which allows code scanning while parts are issued. SMS module is another important feature that lets both workshop owners send bulk SMS to their customers for servicing reminders. Accounting, inventory, finance, stock report generation, sales report generation, purchase and warranty are the other key features of AutoBooom.

  • Cogxim

Cogxim DMS is a complete accounting and inventory management software for showroom and workshops. It is a dealership management system with a lot of useful features. At the time of issuing material, it defines those parts that are taxable. It not only helps you prepare the bill but define it under cash or credit. ‘Free service coupon submission’ and ‘warranty submission’ can also be done easily. Its clientele includes some big brands such as Hero, Honda, Mahindra 2 Wheelers, TVS, Hyundai, etc.

  • RAMP

RAMP is both, a web based and an on-premise car workshop management software. It has been specially designed to meet the growing demands of automotive repairs. This auto repair shop software cuts down on admin time and lets you focus on car services. Booking diary, CRM, vendor management, inventory management are some of its other important features.

RAMP’s installation is easy and it provides automatic backup. Further, you can generate multiple reports on as the basis of category, products, vendor, date, and more.

  • Axpert DMS

It is a cloud-based automobile ERP software, which is mainly suitable for dealers with wide networks and multiple showrooms. Axpert facilitates centralized management. It helps dealers in automating major functions including pre-sales inquiries, sales, parts’ procurement, costing, report generation, analytics, etc.

  • MargERP 9+

Marg ERP 9+ is a full-fledged accounting and inventory software. It is fit not only for a dealership manager but anyone seeking help with functions like accounting, taxation, sales, challan management, report & analysis, etc. It is easy to use, flexible, customizable, and lets you take 100% control of your dealership business.

  • TruckSuvidha

TruckSuvidha online dealership management is a leading platform which connects truck drivers, transporters, and customers. It helps in making material transportation easier, quicker and efficient. It improves the productivity by reducing the time spent in searching for loads or trucks. It helps every connected entity to enhance profitability in their own business.

Don’t you think, with such features and utility, dealership management software is worth every penny?


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