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about_details_pp About Agile Labs Axpert DMS

Agile Labs Axpert DMS is a comprehensive web-based Automobile management system and Dealer Management System (DMS). The Agile Labs Axpert DMS is designed to work in tandem with existing ERP at the dealership, integrated online over FTP. Agile Labs Axpert DMS  is suitable for large dealer networks, whether captive or third-party, the software supports multi-site dealerships, with site-specific fine-grained access control. Agile Labs Axpert DMS helps automate all major functions of dealers across a network, like Pre-sales: tracking enquiries, scheduling test drives, sales, service, reports & MIS.

Product Features
Dealer management system is a complete ERP system for automobile agencies. The software integrates the various activities and functions like sales & service, MIS & reporting, procurement & inventory, etc.
Below are certain modules and features of the software:

  • Pre-Sales
    • Setting up lost reasons, vehicle price, sales team, consumer schemes, events
    • Managing leads, assigning leads to sales executives, lead follow-ups
    • Requesting for demo to leads, tracking demo vehicles, capturing demo feedback
    • Creating and maintaining Performa invoices
    • Generating reports - lead list, follow-up list, lead lost analysis, demos, demo feedback analysis, model wise and sales executive wise conversion ratio
  • Sales
    • Setting up likely purchase, vehicle exceptions, checklist for vehicle delivery and receipt
    • Setting up branch and sales executive wise targets
    • Booking sales orders
    • Managing inventory through purchase orders, vehicle delivery receipts, vehicle goods receipt notes, vehicle returns, vehicle stock transfer within a branch
    • Vehicle invoicing, vehicle delivery note
    • Handing direct customers at OEM level
    • Allotting/un-allotting vehicles
    • Managing commission claims
    • Generating reports on order booking, commission claim, vehicle receipt, vehicle history, event activity, stock transfer, retail target vs. achievement, stock status, sales, area wise sales, financier wise sales
  • Parts
    • Setting up inventory classification, purchase order types, unit of measure, reasons, part categories, parts targets, kits, stores
    • Managing parts at OEM and dealership levels
    • Generating purchase orders, purchase returns
    • Generating goods receipts notes for parts received from OEM and local vendors
    • Claims related to parts
    • Part requisition, issue and returns for workshops
  • Parts sales
    • Performa invoice, customer orders, counter sales, counter sales return, delivery challan issue, delivery challan return, delivery challan bill
    • Stock transfers - indents, issue between branches, issue between stores, receipts, bin to bin stock transfer
    • Stock adjustments - increasing and decreasing
    • Processing suggested order quantity
    • Kitting and de-kitting
    • Physical inventory
    • Generating various reports on purchase order, receipt, issue, claim, etc.
  • Service
    • Setting up service types, mapping service types with model
    • Configuring vehicle maintenance schedule and activity checklist
    • Setting up aggregates, labor/job codes, flat rate manual, OEM labor rates, culprit, defect
    • Maintaining recall campaigns, annual maintenance contracts, chassis monitoring
    • Setting up claim types, warranty policy, free service policy, PDI checklist, reasons,
    • Billable types, revisits, cost heads
    • Setting up dealer branch bays, labor rates, labor master, technician team, dealer
    • AMC
    • Registering campaigns and inviting customers
    • Managing appointments
    • Pre delivery inspections
    • Creating and maintaining quotations
    • Managing job orders, bill, repeat/revisit job analysis
    • Recording product complaint reports
    • Generating warranty and AMC claims, dispatching defective parts, receiving o defective parts, miscellaneous claims
    • Generating reports on service appointment status, service appointment hit rate, etc.
  • CRM
    • Configuring follow - up settings, service schedule, feedback attributes, feedback questionnaire, vehicle performance feedback characteristics, customer concern category
    • Generating and printing service reminder letters
    • Managing post sales and service follow – ups
    • Recording customer complaints
    • Capturing customer feedback and lost customer feedback
    • Capturing current vehicle performance feedback
    • Generating greeting list, customer contact calendar, follow - up checklist, follow - up customer complaint status
  • Finance
    • Configuring chart of accounts, currency, tax/charge types, document types, financial year, tax/charges, account category, tax/charge category, miscellaneous charges, mapping model and account
    • Posting various receipts to finance automatically
    • Managing exchange rates
    • Processing receipt voucher, payment voucher, journal, debit note, credit note
    • Generating reports on exchange rate history, ledger, voucher query, receivable/payable
    • Integration of financial transactions with accounting packages
  • HR
    • Setting up departments, designations, employee skill
    • Maintaining employee information
    • Maintaining dealer holiday and employee leave calendars

Sold By : Agile Labs

about_specification_ppAgile Labs Axpert DMS Specification

Organization Type :

  • SMEs

  • Mid Market

  • Enterprise
No. of Employees
  • 1-10
  • 11-15
  • 16-200
  • 201-500
Platform :
  • win Windows
Deployment :
  • Web-BasedWeb-Based
Suitable For :
  • Automobiles
  • English

about_features_ppAgile Labs Axpert DMS Features

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Supplier Management

  • Accounting & Taxation

  • Sales Management

  • Dashboard

  • Stock Management

  • Job Card Management

  • Warrranty Management

  • Schemes & Offers

  • Scheduling

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