ERP Automating and Integrating Business Processes

| April 26, 2017

updated on September 16, 2021 at 11:04 am


ERP software

An ERP or an enterprise resource planning software automates the entire functioning of an organization and integrates all processes including inventory, accounting, procurement, sales etc. under one software solution.

It helps organizations to take quick decisions through its reporting system and get a competitive advantage. There’s a database which allows access of information to everyone in the organization as per their authorizations.

ERP solutions streamline the workflow of an organization and help in deriving long term benefits and maximizing ROI. Have a look at how an Enterprise Resource Planning software automates and integrates business processes and benefits businesses.

Cost Saving

ERP software helps businesses in reducing the operational costs by eliminating the need of procuring and maintaining multiple systems as well as integrating them together, ensuring cost saving.

Increased Efficiency

An ERP solution ensures increased efficiency of business by automating all the organization’s processes and integrating them to streamline the daily tasks.

Instead of hiring different people to manage different processes, an ERP software manages these processes. It eliminates repetitive processes and reduces the need of manually entering information thus reducing the chances of errors.

Improved Decision Making

An ERP software improves the decision making of an organization by giving real-time access to critical business information. Information can be accessed from anywhere if it is a Cloud-based ERP solution. Various reports are available on fingertips to take informed and faster decisions.

With the integrated business functions, there is no need to extract data from various software and then compile them to get the key decision making information.

Employees’ Productivity

ERP ensures efficient and integrated processes, reducing the chances of errors and time of employees in entering the data manually. Your staff will not be required to manually make invoices, create purchase orders or extract data from a CRM system to fulfill order. All their labor intensive and manual tasks are eliminated, which increases business agility.

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Enhanced Customer Service

ERP software makes it easier to provide high-quality customer service. Sales and customer service staff can interact with customers in a better way and improve relationships with them, through faster and more accurate access to customers’ information and history.

Accelerated Growth

With an ERP solution in place, expansion to multiple locations and addition of sales channels can happen faster because of the integrated processes and data.

Companies can also enhance their sales and cross sell more efficiently to their existing clients by gaining an improved visibility of their data.

Mobile Accessibility

The increasing mobile trend has influenced ERP vendors, and they are offering mobile applications for the ERP software to businesses. You can get information while on-the-move which ensures quick decision making.

This helps in increasing sales, revenues and promises better customer acquisitions and web traffic. An ERP solution can thus integrate the applications and their capabilities on a smartphone.

Mobile accessibility also encourages BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in companies, where employees can work and collaborate from anywhere.

Your sales people can have quick access to critical information from the field and warehousing staff can enter data and maintain records easily from the work stations.


An ERP solution with real-time capabilities thus enables businesses to function promptly, improve order fulfillment and reduce costs. It streamlines processes and workflows via a single integrated system. It reduces redundant data entry and improves workflow and efficiency.

ERP software thus results in optimized productivity and improved business automation and integration. Business automation and integration leads to transformation and enables companies to take their business to the next level of profitable growth.


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