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by : Evenforce GetAFix

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Brand: Evenforce GetAFix

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, IOS, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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GetAFix Software Overview

With our customer app and ratings framework your business will gain visibility translating into new customers. Expand your business based on your location and ratings advantage.

GetAFix Features

  • checkbox Quotation & Estimates
  • checkbox Repair Management Calculates estimated amount & time. Records car condition, services offered & complaints. Takes pictures & visually
  • checkbox Invoices Manage the job card workflow, spare part request, Supply, Take before & after pictures of spare parts replace, barcode
  • checkbox Notification Generate invoices with various tax methods across the globe. Incorporate discounts in percentage or amount. Send Invoice PDF copy
  • checkbox Service History SMS/Whatsapp/Email notifications can be sent when a customer report is available for viewing on the progress of job status.
  • checkbox Customer data View automobile service record history, you can view across different garages with in your network.  
  • checkbox Customer Report Customer data across a group of franchises/workshops need to be maintained only once.
  • checkbox Customer Retention Estimate report and invoice can be sent to the client’s email ID or customer app automatically.  
  • checkbox Inventory Management Bulk SMS/Whatsapp/Email facility helps communicate offers and discounts to existing customers.  
  • checkbox Procurement Management Manage inventory of all your spare parts, Provide alerts when stock hitting the pre-defined reorder level, danger level. ABC
  • checkbox Accounting State-of-the-art procurement management instantly tell you who is your best vendor. Tells you instant margin , You can create
  • checkbox Appointment Management GetAFix has complete single entry accounting system best fit for AUTOMOTIVE WORKSHOP. You can enter petty cash expenses, voucher
  • checkbox Multi Language Support As we all know that bringing back customer regularly is the most challenging aspects of any workshop. Considering this pain point
  • checkbox Multi -Location We provide a simple Excel-based template for you to provide the data from your existing system. We upload the same @ free of

GetAFix Plans & Pricing

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GetAFix Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows, IOS, Android
  • Desktop, Mobile
  • Web-Based
  • Automobiles
  • Automobile
  • English

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Q. What is GetAFix? arrow

A. GetAFix is a Technologically advanced SaaS (Cloud based solution), that uses an Android OS along with a web based application. GetAFix is a total ERP, CRM and Financial Accounting application. GetAFix transforms the vehicle service experience by leveraging technology to provide a robust process, gain optimal efficiency, enhance productivity and hence improve both the bottom line and top line revenues for four and two wheeler workshops

Q. What are the advantages of using GetAFix? arrow

A. GetAFix will save your time on routine activities that take your time away from what you do best…repair cars. It is guaranteed to improve your revenues, profits, cashflow, and improve ROI.

Q. Can I manage the entire workshop operations using GetAFix? arrow

A. Yes, you can manage every thing from the vehicle on-boarding, estimation, opening a job card, assigning bay and technicians, work execution, Vendor, Inventory and Procurement management, Insurance process and claims, quality check, invoicing and customer

Q. Can GetAFix be used by Two wheeler Servicing workshops? arrow

A. YES, We support for both four and two wheeler workshops. Infact it can work for any automobile servicing industry ????

Q. How it is implemented for my workshop? arrow

A. GetAFix is a cloud based solution, Hence we create the environment for your organisation. We provide the Web URL for your organisation and set of default login ids. You also need to download our mobile APP GetAFix from androd play store from following URL https://goo.gl/5hKs21 or simply search for GetAFix.

Q. Where is GetAFix hosted? arrow

A. GetAFix is hosted on most trusted and highly secured Google infrastructure.

Q. What is my infrastructure cost? What's the server configuration and how many PC? arrow

A. The good news is you don’t have to buy any server! All you need to have is the Android tablet for onboarding customer which should have 3G / 4G / WiFi connection. You can use android mobile as well, but it wont bring WOW Factor to customer. Internet connected PC’s which can run browser. That’s it!!

Q. How long it takes to implement for my Workshop? arrow

A. It is very easy, we create the environment in just 4 hrs. Which means your entire operation is up and running. You can create the customer, estimates, job card, invoice and send invoices to customers; all on the first day itself.

Q. How my organisation employees uses GetAFix? arrow

A. Security and ability to use the software based on roles is a key aspect of GetAFix. GetAFix is a multi-user application that uses various levels of access control like Roles and Groups as well as Permissions and Privileges. GetAFix access is configurable and can be provided based on the requirements of the workshop as well as the management. By Default GetAFix comes with following groups with predefined roles, permissions and privileges: and responsibility: Service Advisors Floor Manager Senior Mechanics Mechanics Spare Part department Procurement Department Front Desk Customer relationship Insurance processing Cashier Finance control Managers SystemAdministrator Top Management

Q. Can I add new services or change in the price when we revisit our scheduling? arrow

A. Ofcourse Yes. GetAFix has a Business template which allows your administrator to add/change services,types of vehicle you serve, vehicle condition check, vehicle inventory, different job types , feedback questionnaire, Customer common complaints etc.

Q. How procurement management is done at GetAFix? arrow

A. GetAFix workflow for Procurement Management is generic enough that you can start using it out-of-the-box, at the same time is customizable to meet the organization requirements based on the existing workflow.

Q. How stock management is done at GetAFix? arrow

A. GetAFix Inventory Management module helps in providing a real-time, up-to-date information on stock availability. GetAFix provides the ability to configure re-order and danger levels for stocks. GetAFix has a reporting facility to provide an opening balance statement as well as a closing balance statement that has details of stock inward, issue to job card, counter sales, return to stores, purchase returns etc.,

Q. How do I get my existing customer information from earlier system? arrow

A. GetAFix provides the ability to import existing customer information from the earlier application/system thru an excel import utility.

Q. What happens to the current stock levels that are already existing in the organization? How is this data captured in GetAFix? arrow

A. GetAFix provides the ability to import existing stock details using an excel import option for the first time when the organization is setup.

Q. How the insurance workflow works? arrow

A. The workflow for insurance is geared to meet the expectations of the Insurer, the Surveyor and the Customer. As part of this workflow, an estimate is created along with photographs of the damaged vehicle. Once the Surveyor verifies and accepts the claim, depending on the approved insurance claim, the job card will be split into 2 with one part that is for the insurance claim and the other part being the customer liability.

Q. Does GetAFix supports Counter sales? arrow

A. Yes, GetAFix supports counter sales and Sales returns if any with debit note.

Q. What options do you have to get feedback from customers? arrow

A. GetAFix has option of collecting 2 feedbacks. 1. Service experience feedback which is collected while delivering the vehicle 2. Performance feedback which is collected thru an email that can be published to the customer based on the process of no. of days post service it needs to be pushed. By default, it comes with the industry standard questionnaire. However, you can configure your own questionnaire for the feedback.

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