Top 10 Furniture Design Software That You Can Use for Free

| August 11, 2019

updated on June 17, 2021 at 12:09 pm

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The best furniture design software provides furniture designers with tools necessary to conceptualize and design professional-quality furniture. While big businesses generally go for paid software, it is not always a viable option for a small to medium business. Therefore, choosing a free furniture design software is the best option. But free doesn’t always mean compromising on features.

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List of 10 Best Free Furniture Design Software for Windows & Mac

There are some of the best furniture design software free of the hassles of getting subscriptions, available in the market. We have curated a list of top ten free furniture design software to meet your needs.

Furniture Design Software Platforms Supported
SolidWorks Windows
Google SketchUp Windows & Mac OS
Polyboard Cabinet Design Windows & Mac OS
CADPro Furniture Design Software Windows & Mac OS
PRO100 Furniture Design Software Microsoft Windows 10
Woodwork for Inventor Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & Windows 10
SketchList Windows & Mac OS
SweetHome 3D Windows 98 to Windows 10, Linux, Solaris, MacOS X 10.4 to 10.15
SmartDraw Cabinet Designer Windows Desktop
Master Design ART-SHOP X-Lite Windows
  • SolidWorks (For Custom Furniture Designs)

Platform Supported: Furniture Design Software forWindows

Solidworks Software Image

If we talk about 3d designing and modeling, SolidWorks comes at one of the top places. It comes with a variety of different features and tools. In addition, since it is uses the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology, one can create designs without design limitations.

It gives you the liberty to try a number of different materials, textures and 3D elements for your designs. The best part about SolidWorks is that it can easily be integrated with third-party software. In fact, it provides a catalog of partner software and woodworking libraries so that designers can make the best out of the furniture design software free.

However, with all its features, SolidWorks is only for seasoned designers. If we compare it with Google SketchUp, easing one’s hand on SolidWorks takes more time.

Features of SolidWorks

  • Create bill of materials with balloon note callouts
  • Eliminates collisions and interferences
  • Advanced creation of solid and surface geometry
  • Converts 3D parts to sheet metal
  • 3D solid modelling
  • Designs welded structures quickly

Pricing: Along with the free trail, there are different pricing plans of SolidWorks for Academia, Students, Research, Commercial, Startup & Entrepreneur purposes.

  • Google SketchUp (3D Furniture Design Software)

Platforms Supported: Windows & Mac OS

Google SketchUp Software Image

Google SketchUp is probably the most widely used free 3D modeling software in the market. Like SolidWorks, Google SketchUp supports a range of features for building projects like cabinets, bookshelves, and coffee tables.

One of the handiest features of Google SketchUp is that you can share your design online with other designers to receive creative feedback from them. With the help of the furniture design software, you can also look-up other’s work to get inspiration and also use them as a reference for your own design.

Features of Google SketchUp

  • Lighting Effects
  • 2D & 3D Models
  • Layer Manager
  • Animations
  • Textures

Pricing: There is a free version of Google SketchUp furniture design software. However, you can enjoy its enhanced features at ₹21,901 per user per year.

  • Polyboard Cabinet Design (For Cabinet & Cupboard Designs)

Supported Platforms: Furniture Design Software for Mac & Windows

Polyboard Cabinet Design Image

Polyboard Cabinet Design is specifically dedicated for designing shelves and cabinets. With the user-friendly interface of this 3D cabinet design software, you can customize your cabinet according to your requirements. The 3D furniture design software further offers a huge collection of handles, door textures and glasses. With the help of its 3D modeling interface, designers can observe, add and modify even the smallest of details.

Polyboard Cabinet Design Helps Design:

  • Cabinets
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Offices
  • Stairs
  • Bathrooms

Pricing: The price of this furniture design software varies based on the design you are working on.

  • CADPro Furniture Design Software (Drafting Software to Design Wood Furniture)

Supported Platforms: Furniture Design Software for Mac & Windows

CADPro Software Image

The drafting software for designing wood furniture as well as doing interior designing. Designers can trust the software not just for visualizing, designing, ideating and sharing all work but also creating all sorts of designs from simple to the most complicated ones.

The most convenient aspect of CADPro is that you can directly export and send your design via email, as it provides the option of sending your design or save your blueprint in the PDF format. It is compatible with various other software.

Additionally, it can also be integrated in such a manner where one can sketch, scan and upload designs and continue their work on CADPro. The furniture software provides additional features which can be used to communicate with clients as well as teammates.

Features of CADPro Furniture Design Software:

  • Draw and Edit
  • CAD Symbol Library
  • Auto Shape Tools
  • PaintPro Plus
  • Readouts & Ruler Options
  • Architectural Tools

Pricing: CADPro provides CAD Pro provides free symbols and clip arts.

  • PRO100 Furniture Design Software (For Custom Cabinetry & Furniture Designs)

Supported Platforms: 3D Furniture Design Software for Windows 10

PRO100 Software Image

PRO100 is quite similar to CADPro, but some designers argue that one is better than the other. This software allows designers to design interiors as well, but faster. One of the biggest advantages of PRO100 furniture software is its GUI which produces superior quality images and renders with keeping minutest of details intact.

Its most recent version provides state-of-the-art features such as design export format to 3d Panorama for mobile devices, VR glasses, and websites (360° view) and export to image file formats such as .jpg

Features of PRO100 Furniture Design Software:

  • Custom closets & cabinets
  • Garage cabinets
  • 3D renderings
  • Shape editor
  • Cust lists & door lists
  • Job costing & shape editor
  • Crown moldings and custom trims
  • Importing 3D objects from CAD

Pricing: Its cabinet solutions are available at ₹40,172 annually.

  • Woodwork for Inventor (For Residential Kitchens Designers, Commercial Shopfront Fitters, etc.)

Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & Windows 10

Best furniture design software

Woodwork for Inventor is a furniture design software, which follows the skeletal modelling design approach. Using this software, you can create rapid prototype design for panels. It helps with the generation of industry specific BOMs, automated component placement and the automatic sculpt.

All types of furniture designers can use this software for residential kitchen designs, boutique furniture designs and shopfront designs for commercial purposes. Woodworks for Inventor helps create furniture designs from scratch and reduces the total order lead time significantly.

Features of Woodwork for Inventor:

  • Material assignment
  • Mortises and tenons are generated automatically
  • Defining the hardware position for components, axes, etc.
  • Size calculator for parts and blank
  • Bill of Material (BoM) generator

Pricing: The trial version of this furniture design software is available at free of cost and once this forty-five day trial period ends, you can continue using this application though with limited features.

  • SketchList (A Complete Home Design 3D Software for 3D Sketching)

Platforms Supported: Windows & Mac

Best 3D furniture design software

Woodworking professionals uses SketchList furniture software to create 3D plans for kitchen, cabinet and all other furniture designs. All you need to do is enter dimensions and wood material options to get reports generated automatically. It plays an important role in planning, purchase and production of contemporary furniture designs.

Features of SketchList Software:

  • Dynamic resizing
  • Helps insert photorealistic backgrounds
  • One-click contours & joints
  • Unlimited options for colors and grains
  • You can cut shapes and drill holes in minutes

Pricing: This is not a free furniture design software. However, you can get it at a reasonable price of around ₹7000.

  • Sweet Home 3D (Free Architectural Design Software)

Platforms Supported: Windows 98 to Windows 10, Linux, Solaris, MacOS X 10.4 to 10.15

Best wood furniture design software

It’s a free 3D furniture design software that can be used for planning the placement of furniture as well as residential designs. Developing and personalizing furniture/house plans can thus be quickly done with support from this furniture design software. It’s an open-source furniture design software, which you can use online or install on your computer. Plus, this furniture software supports multiple languages including French and English.

Features of Sweet Home 3D Furniture Design Software:

  • Allows changing colours, size, thickness, texture and orientation
  • You can also insert windows and doors
  • Allows adding furniture from an extensive catalogue
  • You can also annotate the plan using a compass rose
  • Helps create photorealistic videos and images

Pricing: It’s a free and open source 3D furniture design software.

  • SmartDraw Cabinet Designer (Popular Floor Plan Designer & Floor Chart Software)

Supported Platforms: Windows Desktop

furniture design

SmartDraw Cabinet Designer is ideal for both beginners and professional furniture designers. It helps them create custom shapes and designs of shelfs, drawers, racks, etc. Using the best 3D furniture design software, you can move, add, stack or delete multiple units conveniently.

It further ensures effortless collaboration among your team members who can work on the same cabinet design. Moreover, this wood furniture design software works seamlessly on web browsers and mobile apps.

Features of SmartDraw Cabinet Designer:

  • Breadth of content with thousands of diagram types and symbols
  • Helps draw engineering designs with precision
  • You can import and export diagrams in Vision format
  • Helps create designs without asking you to draw anything
  • Integrates with tools like MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint & Excel

Pricing: You can get this furniture design software for single user at ₹21,638. You can also opt for the license for 5 users, depending upon your team size.

  • Master Design ART-SHOP X-Lite (Try Furniture Design Software Free Download)

Platforms Supported: Windows

Master Design ART-SHOP X-Lite

Master Design ART-SHOP X-Lite is critical for furniture design professionals, as it provides programmable and flexible features. It has user-friendly functions to export and import images and select plans. This furniture design software comes with several tutorials and guides to help designers create lifelike furniture designs with ease.

Features of Master Design ART-SHOP X-Lite:

  • IT provides 3D glasses, showrooms and virtual 3D viewer.
  • Advanced functionalities for plotter printing
  • Helps create 2D/3D designs with ease
  • Assist with modifying database articles and changing textures
  • There is no pixel limit and allows applying different graphic filters.

Pricing: It’s a free furniture design software that provides support on Skype.


While you buy some of the most advanced woodworking furniture design software free, they provide options that can only be used to modify your design slightly. Therefore, if your organization or firm is at its initial stages, we would recommend getting 3D furniture design software free, which will not only save money but will also be convenient to use.

  1. What is the best woodworking software?

    Woodworking software that is best for you varies according to your budget and purpose. Some of the best options you can go for include CADPro Furniture Design Software, SketchList, SweetHome 3D, and Google SketchUp.

  2. Is Sketchup for woodworking a good option?

    Yes, Sketchup enables woodworkers to plan and visualize a project on the system before working in the shop, thereby decreasing the chances of error. It is easy to use and ideally suited for 3D modeling and rendering of objects.

  3. What is the easiest kitchen design software?

    Woodwork for Inventor (Windows) allows woodworking professionals to create kitchen designs from scratch easily. The easiest kitchen design software supported on both Windows and Mac are SketchList and Polyboard Cabinet Design.

  4. Which is the best free kitchen design software with cutting list?

    Google SketchUp helps with the creation of a cut list in 3D. Some of the other paid options for kitchen software with cutting list include Polyboard, PRO100 Furniture Design Software and SketchList.

    You get a list of all the parts required for a woodworking project along with their quantity, thickness, width, and length before shopping for supplies.

  5. Which is the best cabinet design software?

    Choosing the best cabinet design software depends on your budget, operating system, and requirements. SketchUp is ideal if you want to try a free version of cabinet design software. SmartDraw Cabinet Designer is great for beginners. PRO100 Furniture Design Software is best for custom designs.

  6. Is there any woodworking design software for free download?

    Yes, Google SketchUp, Master Design ART-SHOP X-Lite, and SweetHome 3D offer free download. Software like SolidWorks and Woodwork for Inventor offer free trial.


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