How To Make Your Employees The Brand Ambassadors?

employee engagement


employee engagement

Are you looking for methods outside your organization to promote your brand whereas one of the biggest sources is right there, in front of you?


Your company’s employees are the most trusted brand ambassadors of your organizational policies.

You won’t deny the fact that whenever you are amidst people, you do end up mentioning (if not discussing) about our company. We all have come across situations, such as, we are at a friend’s place for dinner or Sunday brunch, and some of our friends start criticizing their company for bad leave policies, remuneration policies and a lot more. However, we boost about ours.

In fact, not only the company. If we are (genuinely) proud of the product or service our company is dealing in, we bring that too on the table.

employee engagement

In other words, whether a company practices hostile policies or follow employee-friendly guidelines, those will get publicity via its employees.

With ever trending social media, marketing by employees is no longer restricted to the word of mouth. They put their views on various social media platforms. And earlier where only five to ten people could be reached, that number has multiplied many times.

As per a study, at least 50% of employees actually talk about their employers and company on social media.

Now imagine, if your organization has 200 employees and each one has 300 friends on the social media page. The positive words about your organization has the potential to reach 3000 people, and that too organically.

Above figures are the proof of the power employees hold in terms of marketing about a company. Now, let’s find out how these figures will hold true for your organization as well. So, here are a few points on how you can turn your employees into brand ambassadors:-

Improve Employee Engagement

Nothing facilitates better employees engagement like proper communication about their roles, responsibilities. When employees are clear about their individual contributions to the company’s growth, they are likely to feel valued and work more responsibly.

But, doing this task manually would be a major challenge, as your business grows and more people come onboard. Fortunately, HRMS software can help in setting key responsibility areas of every employee, and communicating the same through a single platform. Both, employees and employers can be on the same page with easy access to data related to roles and responsibilities. Cilfi HRM Solution, a popular HRMS software by Focus Infosoft further helps in better performance management, with proper task allocation and performance tracking. This HRMS software ensures 360 degree performance management where managers and subordinates can have two-way feedback on a regular basis, and incorporate chances immediately.

Additionally, the work culture has to be positive that ensures individual learning and career growth, while serving the company’s mission and goals. Positive work culture also helps in sustaining the enthusiasm of employees. When employees are getting proper training at every stage and are finding opportunities to grow in their career, they are likely to speak about it among their acquaintances.

employee engagement

Communicate Company’s Mission and Vision

If you wish to promote your company with the help of your employees, communicate company’s vision, mission and goals clearly. You must ensure that every employee receives the same message. They should be on the same page for ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’? Even if senior members of the company have to constantly communicate with the employees regarding this, make sure they do that.

As per a research by IBM, when employees find out that their work is more consistent with core values and organizational vision, they feel more engaged.

Allow Sharing

An employee may not hesitate to discuss the company or its product/service over a cup of tea or coffee. However, so is not the case when it comes to social media. They might be afraid that it will get them in trouble despite talking good about the company. Therefore, companies can make flexible policy in such cases to ensure higher employee engagement. Employees should be allowed to tweet, post or snap about the organization.

Give Guidelines

With authority comes responsibility. If employees are authorized to share things about their company or its product/service, that doesn’t mean that they can post anything. They have to be responsible for their tweets and posts. To ensure that employees don’t go astray or put anything that ends up embarrassing the company, provide them with guidelines.

Guidelines do not have to be in the size of an encyclopedia. Something as short as like that of Adidas would be good for employee engagement.

Impeccable & Interesting Content

Here is the statement you must have heard plenty of times, ‘Content is the king’. The statement holds true in this case as well. The content, that a company asks its employees to share on its social media pages, should be relevant and compelling. If content is interesting, employees will share it on their own.

If you follow a page and there is some post which you like a lot, don’t you share it on your profile? Yes, you do.

Moreover, apart from articles and blogs, it is better if the content includes infographic and videos as well. Human mind finds it easier to grasp knowledge via pictures and videos than text. Also, majority find charts, numbers more interesting to go through over large paragraphs. As per Demand Metric report, 70% respondents claim that video brings more engagement than any other form of content.

Permit Contribution

Employees’ contribution to company’s blog and other form of content should always be valued. If their contribution will be valued, chances are high that they will share the content to be in the public spotlight.

Take for instance, If people from marketing department has some points to contribute to a blog topic ‘5 Ways You Can Use Psychographics in Marketing’, it should be acknowledged. In such cases, the employees will be happy and motivated. They will certainly share it among their acquaintances without any push from employers.

Social Sales Training

Your employees might have a modest number of followers on their social media profile. However, that doesn’t mean they have social media marketing skills to make the most of their noteworthy social media presence. The company can provide them with requisite social sales training and education. In such a case, the company will get benefit of employees’ followers and employees will be benefited by the training. It will be a win-win situation for both.

Take for instance, there’s an employee with a decent number of Instagram followers but all he or she does is put photos of food, beverages and tourist destinations. What if the company educates her regarding certain marketing tools which will help in promoting her Instagram page and get more followers? Do you think anyone would like to miss that opportunity, especially when you are getting it for free? And, the company will get a trusted influencer to promote its brand!


Making your employees company’s brand ambassador, isn’t easy. However, if you are able to successfully do this, you will be able to do promotion without incurring any additional cost in the name of marketing. So, adopt all possible steps to enhance employee engagement, and get ready for positive results.


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