15 Best Instagram Video Editing Apps for PC & Mobile

15 Best Instagram Video Editing Apps for PC & Mobile-feature image
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With Instagram’s growing focus on video-type content; creators, marketers, and businesses on the platform have also shifted to the same for their consistent growth. You can still post images, but videos, stories, and IGTV have taken a huge role in driving engagement.

However, just creating a highly engaging video is not enough. Editing it in a way to make it look more appealing while conveying information is also important. So, does this mean that you must spend tons of money on hiring someone else or doing an editing course yourself? Not really.

This blog covers some of the popular Instagram video editing apps that are easy to use for non-professional editors. These Instagram video maker apps can help you drive traffic and connect to your followers.

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What are Instagram Video Editing Apps?

Instagram video editing apps and software are Instagram-based or third-party editors that provide powerful editing options to video content creators for Instagram. You can edit stories, reels with music, and video clips easily as per your requirement. These apps let users have more control over their editing than the basic editing options built-in on Instagram.

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15 Free Instagram Video Editing Apps for Reels, Stories & More

There are several Instagram video editing apps that you can use for free. Some of them are:

Instagram Video EditorsPricingKey Features
KinemasterFree, in-app purchasesImport/ Export, Asset store, Color filters, Playback, Visual effects, Keyframe animation
AnimotoFree, paid plans starting at INR 210/monthMusic library, Aspect ratiooptions, Storyboard templates, Branding, Layouts & collages
Filmora GoFree, in-app purchases start at INR 45/ itemMusic styles, Timeline view, Templates, Playback speed, Aspect ratio options, HD Export, Keyframe animation
Apple ClipsFreeAspect ratio options, soundtracks, Pan & zoom, Background animations, Import songs
iMovieFreeStoryboards, Trailer templates, Themes & styles, Soundtracks
InshotFree, in-app purchases start at INR 75.35 per itemCustomized filters, Aspect ratio options, 4K video export, Text fonts, Transitions
EasyCutFree, in-app purchases start at INR 75.39 per item.Templates, Custom Backgrounds, Video speed control, Text styles, Color correction & grading, HD export
Movavi7-day free trial, pricing starts at INR 1899/ yearAspect ratio options, Snapshot, Video speed control, Keyframe animation, Multiple export formats
WaveFree, paid plans start at INR 1217.14/ monthTemplates, Multiple video formats with auto-resizing, Video filters, Aspect ratio options, Fonts
Vimeo CreateFree, In-app purchases starting at INR 532.73/ itemSoundtrack library, video templates, Aspect ratio options, Precision timeline editing, Branding, analytics
WeVideoFree, in-app purchases starting at INR 10/ itemTemplates, Text titles & captions, Speed control, Multiple video formats, Branding, Audio export, Cloud storage
MagistoFree, in-app purchases starting at 75.44/ itemTemplates, Song library, Branding, Analytics tracking, Password protected Video links
VideoShowFree, in-app purchases starting at INR 75.44/ itemSpeed control, Music library, 4K exports, Fonts & text styles, templates
Adobe Premiere RushFree, in-app purchases starting at INR 379.76/ itemTemplates, Speed control, Multitrack timeline, Preset & manual color correction, Aspect ratio options
MojoFree, in-app purchases starting at INR 249/ itemTemplates, Text overlays, Aspect ratio changes, Branding, Soundtrack

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Instagram Video Editing Apps for Reels (Best Instagram Reels Editing App)

  • Filmora Go

Filmora Go is one of the best video editing apps for Instagram reels that provides filters, animated text, audio, backgrounds, stickers, and more. You can add music from featured options or your own voiceovers in the background.

It also has options for special effects like blur, glitch, split screen, etc. You can save the reels to camera roll before posting. This reels editing app works for both beginners and professionals.

Filmora Go Key Features

  • 1000+ music styles
  • Timeline view for managing multiple timelines
  • Templates for quick video creation
  • 200+ emojis and stickers
  • Playback speed adjustment
  • Aspect ratio adjustment
  • HD Export
  • Keyframe animation tool


  • Royalty-free music library
  • Picture in picture

Cons: Ads in free version of this Instagram reels video editing app.

Filmora Go Free or Paid? This Instagram reels editing app is free to install. In-app purchases start at INR 45.00 per item.

  • Animoto

Animoto is an Instagram video editor that provides templates to help beginners get started easily. You can upload videos and images to the template of your choice through a simple drag and drop functionality.

The app also offers customization options for fonts, colors, music, transitions, text, etc. The video can be easily shared on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Animoto Key Features

  • Music library with 3000+ licensed songs
  • Aspect ratio adjustment (Landscape, square, portrait)
  • Storyboard templates
  • Branding with fonts, colors, logo
  • Layouts & collages
  • Logo-based watermark


  • Works on mobile, laptops, tablets
  • No limit on the number of videos
  • Stock footage library from Getty Images

Cons: Bugs reported

Animoto Free or Paid? There is a free plan with Animoto branding for non-professionals who want basic editing. In-app purchases are available on the iOS app. Pricing for the web version starts at INR 290/ month when billed annually.

Instagram Video Editing Apps for iPhone

Here are some of the apps that can be used for editing videos on iPhones:

  • Apple Clips
Apple Clips

Apple Clips is an Instagram video maker that offers filters, animated text, stickers, effects, speech bubbles, images, memojis, music, and more for making and editing Instagram videos.

You can arrange the order of the clips and trim them as per your needs. You can share the videos through messages, mails, or directly to Instagram with a single tap.

Apple Clips Key features

  • Aspect ratio adjustment
  • 100+ soundtracks that fit to video length
  • Pan & zoom animations
  • Background animations
  • Import songs from music apps like GarageBand


  • Live title captions for voiceovers in different languages
  • Import & edit ProRes videos
  • Augmented reality (AR) effects
  • Option to connect mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, and mouse for quick editing

Cons: Glitches reported in adding music, stickers, fonts, etc.

Apple Clips Free or Paid? This Instagram reels video editing app is free to install and use.

  • iMovie

iMovie is a great tool for creating beautiful IGTV videos quickly. Users simply have to select the images and video clips they want to include. Transitions, title, and music are added automatically.

Users have the option to add custom backgrounds, sound effects, voiceovers, etc. You can record, split, trim, or even delete the clips. It also supports split screen and green screen. The video can be saved at up to 4K 60FPS or exported to Instagram.

iMovie Key Features

  • 20 Storyboards for video types
  • 14 trailer templates with original scores and graphics
  • 8 themes with transitions, music, titles
  • 20 styles with fonts, title layouts, color palettes, music, filters
  • 130+ soundtracks that fit to video length


  • Video recording within the app
  • Clean user interface
  • Picture in picture

Cons: More editing options for clips needed

IMovie Free or Paid? iMovie software is free to download and use.

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Instagram Video Editing Apps for Android

  • InShot
Inshot instagram story video maker

InShot is a highly popular Instagram video editor that offers several tools for creating content. You can split, merge, cut, flip, and crop the clips to quickly create a video.

You can add featured music, music extracted from videos, or your voice to the video. Final videos can be converted to MP4 format and shared on Instagram with a single click.

InShot Key Features

  • Customized filters
  • Aspect ratio adjustment
  • 4K video export
  • Several text fonts
  • 55+ transitions like glitch, slice, fade in/out
  • 1000+ animated stickers/ emojis


  • Video speed control from 0.2x to 100x
  • No crop video maker
  • Collage layouts
  • Slideshow maker
  • Freeze moments

Cons: Lags reported with large files

InShot Free or Paid? The app is free to install. In-app purchases start at INR 75.35 per item.

  • EasyCut

EasyCut allows both beginners and professionals to edit and create videos for Instagram. It is one of the best video editing apps for reels and stories. You can add filters, effects, transitions, stickers, emojis, music, voiceovers, and more to the videos.

Video clips can be cropped, sliced, trimmed, rotated, blurred, flipped or merged with other clips without impacting the quality significantly.

EasyCut Key Features

  • Free templates
  • Background customization
  • Video speed control
  • Text styles for subtitles
  • Color correction & grading
  • HD export


  • Collage maker
  • Video compression
  • No limit on video length

Cons: Alignment of audio with video can be an issue

EasyCut Free or Paid? This Instagram video maker app is free to install. In-app purchases start at INR 75.39 per item.

Instagram Video Editing Apps for PC

  • Movavi

Movavi Instagram video editor lets users create engaging videos that can be shared easily. You can add filters, voiceovers, titles, transitions, pre-made intros, special effects, and the like. Multiple video clips can be organized in any order with easy drag and drop.

You can also modify the sound and length of clips. The editor provides a favorite list option for filters, transitions, etc. so that you can re-use them without wasting your time in search.

Movavi Key Features

  • Aspect ratio adjustment
  • Snapshot capture
  • Video speed adjustment
  • Keyframe animation
  • Multiple export formats including MP4


  • Simple user interface
  • Picture in picture
  • Works offline
  • Royalty free music collection
  • Chroma Key for backgrounds

Cons: Cannot save entire audio length in free version

Movavi Free or Paid? This Instagram video maker app has a 7-day free trial period. The windows version is available at a starting price of INR 1899/ year.

  • Wave

Wave video editor is one of the best video editing apps for reels, Instagram stories, and other videos. You can choose from the available media or add your own images, music, stickers, animated text, GIFs, and more. The content created on this Reels editing app can be shared on social media, emails, or embedded on websites.

Wave Key Features:

  • 1000+ templates
  • 30+ video formats with auto-resizing
  • Color video filters
  • Aspect ratio adjustment (horizontal, vertical, square)
  • 350 fonts


  • Thumbnail maker
  • Royalty free audio library with 300,000+ tracks
  • Stock library of templates & assets
  • Live streaming
  • No limit on the number of videos

Cons: Issues with audio and video alignment

Wave Free or Paid? This Instagram video maker app has a free plan for basic editing of videos with duration up to 15s. Pricing starts at INR 1217.14/ month.

Instagram Story Video Editing Apps

  • Vimeo Create
Vimeo Create instagram video maker

Vimeo Create is an AI-powered IG stories editor that enables users to create customized videos with different stickers, styles, layouts, soundtracks, filters, text animations, and more. It also has editing options like trimming, cropping, and snap-to-grid to create an Instagram story.

You can organize the assets in folders to keep track of them. Further, videos can be downloaded, embedded on websites, or posted directly to Instagram.

Vimeo Create Key Features

  • Licensed soundtrack library & stock assets
  • 3000+ video templates for ads, reels, stories, posts, etc.
  • Aspect ratio adjustment (landscape/ square/ portrait)
  • Precision timeline editing
  • Custom logos and brand colors for branding
  • Analytics dashboard for monitoring video performance


  • Easy navigation
  • Works on laptops, PCs, tablets, mobiles
  • Mailchimp integration

Cons: No stock media in the free version of this IG stories editor

Vimeo Create Free or Paid? It is available for free download. In-app purchases start at INR 532.73 per item.

  • WeVideo

WeVideo instagram video editing app can be used for Instagram ads, stories, and other types of videos. You can add images and videos with a simple drag and drop. Also, you can trim, flip, split, crop, merge, or resize video clips.

Customization choices are available for text, filters, animations, voiceovers, music, logo, etc. You can publish the content on multiple social media platforms including Instagram at once.

WeVideo Key features

  • Video templates
  • Text titles & captions
  • Speed control
  • 600+ audio, graphics media, video formats
  • Branding with colors, logo, fonts
  • Audio export
  • Cloud storage


  • Royalty free images and illustrations
  • Royalty free music tracks
  • Works on laptops and mobiles

Cons: More font options should be available.

WeVideo Free or Paid? It has a free plan that offers publishing time of 5 minutes/ month. Paid plans for the web version of this IG stories editor start at INR 379.58 per month when billed annually. In-app purchases start at INR 10 per item.

Instagram Video Editing Apps with Music

  • Magisto

Magisto is one of the best video editing apps for Instagram reels that lets you upload images and videos for editing. You have the option to choose your editing style. This AI powered tool also provides features for cutting, merging, trimming, and rearranging video clips.

You can also customize the videos with filters, stickers, orientation, effects, fonts, graphics, text, colors, music, etc. The content created on this reels editing app works well for all brands and can be shared on email, messaging apps, or Instagram.

Magisto Key Features

  • Ready-made templates based on occasion
  • Licensed library of songs
  • Custom branding
  • Object detection
  • Analytics tracking
  • Password protected links for private videos


  • Can be accessed on laptops, PCs, and mobiles
  • Upload your own thumbnail
  • Upload media from Google Photos or iStock
  • Collage & Slideshow maker
  • Cloud storage for videos

Cons: No watermark removal in free version of this Instagram reels video editing app

Free or Paid (Pricing): After a 7-day free trial, annual pricing for the web version starts at INR 380.23/ month. In-app purchases of this Instagram reels editing app start at INR 75.44 per item.

  • Kinemaster

Kinemaster is an easy-to-use video editing app for creating professional Instagram videos. It enables users to trim or merge clips, choose backgrounds, add images, insert text, and more.

You can even record voiceovers and add voice changers. The video can be saved as a .kine file in 4K at up to 60FPS or shared directly on Instagram.

Key Features of Kinemaster

  • Import/ Export option
  • Asset store with 2,500+ videos, fonts, transitions, etc.
  • Color filters and adjustment tools
  • Playback for multiple videos at once
  • 8 blending modes for visual effects
  • Keyframe animation tool


  • Works for both iOS and Android
  • Custom font installation
  • Chroma key option


  • Ads in free version
  • Users have reported freezing of phone screen occasionally

Kinemaster Free or Paid?:It is free to download. In-app purchases start at INR 151.52.

Instagram Fan Account Video Editing Apps

  • VideoShow

VideoShow editor enables beginners to easily create and edit videos for posting on fan accounts. It supports video reversal, splicing, playback, doodling, and compression. You can add stickers, filters, GIFs, animations, music, sound effects, live dubbing, and much more to each clip.

With its no crop mode and square theme, posting on Instagram becomes easy. Apart from Instagram, you can repurpose content to suit other audio or video-based apps.

Key Features

  • Speed adjustment
  • Licensed music with volume control
  • 4K exports
  • Fonts & text styles for subtitles
  • Ready-made Video templates


  • Low learning curve
  • Audio extractor from videos
  • No duration limits
  • Support for 30 languages

Cons: No watermark removal in free version

VideoShow Free or Paid? The app is free to install. In-app purchases start at INR 75.44. Pro IOS version can be purchased at INR 4568.47.

  • Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is an AI-powered video editor that allows users to choose from freeform and automatic editing styles. In the case of automatic editing, this tool uses AI to include the best moments from the footage and create a fan account video.

Freeform style lets you customize videos with transitions, filters, text, etc. The final video can be exported to social media platforms like Instagram.

Adobe Premiere Rush Key Features

  • In-built templates
  • Speed adjustment
  • Multitrack timeline
  • Preset & manual color correction
  • Aspect ratio adjustment


  • Works on laptops and mobiles
  • Cloud sync
  • Picture in picture


  • Bugs reported
  • Ability to add more layers of audio/ video tracks for fan accounts needed

Adobe Premiere Rush Free or Paid? The app is free to install. In-app purchases start at INR 379.76 per item. It is also available as a part of Creative Cloud with a starting price of INR 797.68 per month.

Best IG Stories Editor

  • Mojo

Mojo is an easy-to-use app for small businesses and content creators who want to make Instagram stories, reels, and social media posts. You can add various text styles, special effects, background music, animated stickers, filters, and even your own images and videos. The edited videos can be saved to the photo library or shared directly to Instagram.

Mojo Key Features

  • 500+ animated templates
  • Text overlays
  • Aspect ratio adjustment (portrait, square, landscape)
  • Branding with logos, fonts, and colors
  • Soundtrack for stories with several pages


  • Collage maker
  • Royalty free audio library
  • Stock photo collection

Cons: Single click background removal not in free version

Mojo Free or Paid? It is free to install. In-app purchases begin at INR 249 per item.


Depending on your purpose and the device you use, you can try any of these apps for creating Instagram content and growing your account. Most of them have a free plan and are easy to use.

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Published On: April 20, 2022

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