How Microsoft’s Azure is revolutionizing the cloud computing platform

By leveraging the ever-expanding network of data centers globally, Microsoft has created Azure. It’s a cloud platform, which assists in building, deploying, and managing apps and services anytime and from anywhere. Microsoft Azure Image   Features and adaptability of Azure are not confined to any particular location. Companies that rely on centralized datacenters often struggle with global expansion. In the modern business world, most companies require that their data has global reach.

Explore How Azure can be your Best Bet:

Thinking about taking the leap to this new sphere can seem daunting at first, but the potential benefits make it well worth a look.

  • Introducing Azure Dedicated Host

This new service will let you operate your organization’s Linux and Windows virtual machines on single-tenant physical servers. This will provide you with visibility and control over corporate compliance and regulatory requirements. Enterprises, with an Azure Dedicated Host, will not have to worry about losing control over proprietary and confidential information. They can enjoy Azure hybrid benefits for SQL server and Windows server on dedicated hosts for Azure. Azure dedicated hosts prove to be a cost-effective option.
  • Disaster Recovery

With persistent threats of cybersecurity, disaster recovery has become the key for keeping cloud services secure. Along with prioritizing disaster recovery with unprecedented regional coverage and global fail-over options, it also makes risk management more effective. Microsoft Azure utilizes hot and cold standby models and rolling reboot capabilities to achieve the maximum level of disaster recovery.
  • Why you should migrate to Azure?

Microsoft Azure - the only hybrid cloud that helps migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure with a cost-effective and flexible path. Azure can help you by offering unmatched value during your cloud migration journey – be it pre, or post migration phase. Why move to cloud? With cloud you will be able to decrease costs, streamline tasks, and enhance accessibility and security. What distinguishes Azure from the rest is its interchangeable nature of services. Because of its attribute for elasticity, Azure helps modern enterprises migrate to the cloud more easily. Financial service providers can benefit the most from the modular approach to analytics in areas like risk and performance analytics, investment management technology and regulatory compliance automation.


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